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Helle G.
4 years ago — New Hope, PA

Our pooches were adopted from a shelter in the South and were young, energetic, and strong. We needed trading so commands would be consistent and understood. Peter was a marvel at helping us control the dogs. One pup pulled a lot and he had a head collar that allowed me to walk her. He outlined clear commands and did a follow up. When I needed a new collar he came late at night after his training session. What a trooper! It was amazing what he did and we practice daily, we were the problem. We couldn’t have managed the pups without his help!

  • #Hyperactivity
  • #Jumping up
  • #Pulling
  • #Puppy management
  • #Recall
  • #Separation anxiety
  • #Other
Trainer Note:
You are very welcome Helle. One puppy is tough enough and two can be overwhelming. Our goal to keep both pups and your sanity worked!