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Frank H.
2 years ago — Southampton, PA

I've been recommending Pete Marciano and his Bark Busters for some time now, based on what friends have told me about his services and the success they've had with their pets, so when we got a puppy who had been tearing the house apart, I knew just who to call.
Pete was prompt for our appointment and right when he walked in the door the instruction began, when a jumping dog was corrected with seemingly minimal effort. This was just the beginning of the many things Milo would learn through-out the evening.
The entire time with Pete was an eye opening experience in how dogs and puppies think and act, and how easy it is to train them with a common sense approach that is still paying dividends daily.
I must say the best part of the night was witnessing how passionate Pete is in his work, you can hear it in his voice and Milo was actually having fun doing tasks such as sitting, staying, and coming when called.
I will continue to recommend Bark Busters and Pete Marciano because the program is not only common sense based and easy to practice, but the lessons are also tailored to suit the pets needs.
Keep up the good work Pete!

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