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Al and Sharon D.
7 years ago — Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Photo of Max and Rocky I was a little worried to have a trainer work with Max. I thought Janie would be super critical that we hadn't worked with our dogs. But Janie is great!!
I can't say enough good about her. She really, really understands dogs and people. She recognized what our problem was with our dogs almost immediately. And taught us what we needed to do. The flip chart info was good. I learned a lot of new things.
Thank you, Janie!

  • #Aggression
  • #Barking
  • #Jumping up
  • #Recall
  • #Separation anxiety
Trainer Note:
Al and Sharon, you were ready to learn and ready to take charge of the safety and security of your pack. I think Max and Rocky were relieved to have that burden removed from their shoulders. You were all so much fun to work with!
Don't forget. If you need further assistance, I'm just a phone call, email or text away.
And thank you so much for your kind remarks.