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Donna H.
10 months ago — Goodhue, MN

Photo of Charlee I'm so glad we chose Bark Busters! After taking my now 1 yr old GSD to basic training at 4 months at 7 months he started not following commands any more etc! Plus barking at every one.
We love working with Ryanne & having her teach us in our own home how to teach a dog how they should act & us being the pack leader. It's been roughly 3 weeks & our GSD is making so much progress! Still working on his separation anxiety, but I know we'll get there! Here's Charlee after some long lead excerizes today. :)
If there's anything I can say is chose Bark Busters before anything else, they're life savers!

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Trainer Note:
Thank you Donna! The 3 of you are great to work with! I see the effort going in to Charlee's training and am very impressed:D Reach out anytime for additional support! -Ryanne