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Greta J.
10 months ago — Inver Grove Heights, MN

Photo of Dudley & Margo Absolutely life changing!! Being able to understand why are dogs were barking so much and behaving they way they did, and then be able to communicate in an effective manner to them was incredible. We didn’t realize how stressed our dogs were until Ryanne, and the BarkBusters curriculum, showed us that happy dogs are mellow and submissive… not barking and jumping. It’s like we have completely different animals. We were at the point of shock collars and locking them away, which was not effective in anyway in stopping the behavior it just gave us a break from it, and now we see a whole new side of our dogs and love them even more!! Knowing we have the Barkbuster team for our dogs whole life is so reassuring for the well being of my animals and family.

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Trainer Note:
Thanks for the kind review! Hearing your feedback makes my day!! Keep me posted on how the pups are doing and when you would like additional support:)