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Diane H.
9 months ago — Saint Paul, MN

Photo of Rutabaga We rescued our dog, Rutabaga, when she was about 1 year old, and she's now 7.5. We've always had issues with barking, and now that we are expecting a baby, we decided we needed to do more than just correcting/treats. Omar came out for our first appointment, and we learned about the psychology behind a lot of her behavior. It has been 4 days, and we've already noticed a difference. Obviously we still have plenty of work to do, but we can't get over the changes we've already seen! We love that these results aren't based on any kind of physical punishment, and Rutabaga genuinely seems calmer. We're so excited to continue working with her, and are just thrilled with the progress so far.

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Trainer Note:
Hi Diane! Thanks for sharing your experience w/ Bark Busters and others! This truly makes my day and I look forward to carry on working with you guys.