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Amber B.
7 months ago — Burnsville, MN

Our dog Henry is a great dog (yellow lab, 5 years old) and he listened so well when we first got him (1 1/2 year old) Over time he started ignoring us more. Or did things on his time, when he wanted too. He was definitely running our home! (he was alfa!)
Soon he became more and more aggressive!
To the point we all (dog included) didn’t trust each other anymore!
We love our dog so much, We ignored all the signs! (frankly, we just didn’t know what our next steps should be or how he would react if we continued this way!)
We made the decision to write to Bark Busters!
They were very attentive, answer back quickly, very friendly and understanding!!
They treat every family/dog in their home (where it’s comfortable!) even in unique situations! (like ours!)
Ryanne (who came to our home) has set us in the right direction to building back our trust with our dog!
It was awkward at first but we trusted and followed the process!!
AND after 6 weeks we have seen such amazing progress! (dog and us included!)
Sometimes having a loving, healthy relationship with your dog looks a little different then what we expect. (or from our previous dogs)
We are learning our dog needs a little more attention BUT in the right direction by his trusted owners!
We are learning to trust him and for him to trust us back!
This was a change made for the better!!
We highly recommend!!
We would do this all over again!!
We are all happier because of Ryanne and Bark Busters!! ?

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Trainer Note:
Thanks for sharing your story Amber! Its been a pleasure to work w/ you, your family and Henry! I love seeing my clients have success and I especially love knowing that I have given you the tools you need to keep building a better relationship with your dog. The success you see is due to your time & effort working w/ Henry! YOU are doing an excellent job! Reach out anytime you need more support! Thank you! Br, Ryanne