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Holly (Lee) M.
2 months ago — Dakota County, Lakeville & Woodbury

Photo of Maddie Bark Busters training was some of the best money I've ever spent. I recently took in my mothers cat after her passing and needed to take my daughters dog (Maddie) as she is soon to have her first baby. We were having numerous problems getting cat and dog to live peacefully together in our home, as well as issues on walks due to her reactivity to cars and people. Maddie lacked confidence and was a very fearful and over-protective dog. Upon Omar's (bark busters) arrival she was extremely agitated and barked and snarled pretty severely. Within less than 20 minutes, Omar had taught US to 'speak dog' and we had Maddie calmly laying at our feet under the kitchen table. AMAZING!! The tension in our household dropped enormously after the training Omar did with us and I finally had hope that we could really make this work. The cat and dog are still learning to live together, but as we practice the techniques we learned the incidents have dropped to very few. As we continue to work with Bark Busters I am highly confident we can have a peaceful home and many good years together. So glad I called them.

  • #Aggression
  • #Barking
  • #Hyperactivity
  • #Jumping up
  • #Pulling
  • #Separation anxiety
Trainer Note:
Hi Holly! Thank you for your 5-star review. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and look forward to our continued work.

Yours truly,
Omar Rubio
Bark Busters Twin Cities