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Lynn S.
13 months ago — Littleton, CO

We were blessed with a rescue dog with high energy and in high need of training. We were told he was six years old, but our guess he was about three when we started fostering him. He is a rescue and we have no knowledge of his previous life before coming to us. He had two surgeries to treat his hip dysplasia followed by physical therapy sessions. Ruben has been a part of our family for two years now. During the time we fostered him, the animal rescue did provide a trainer to help us with Ruben’s behavior, but we knew we needed much more. Our daughter found Bark Busters and we met with Adrienne at our home about a year ago. Adrienne knows how to get a dog’s attention so the dog will follow through with her commands. Adrienne may be identified as a ‘dog trainer’ but actually she is training us as the ‘dog parents’. She is teaching us the tools that will help Ruben to become happier and less fearful of the people he meets. Ruben is a ‘work in progress’. At our first meeting, Adrienne did a fabulous job teaching us how to be our dog’s leader. We have worked on ‘claiming’ the front door when guests arrive. Some of our dog’s issues (baggage) include separation anxiety, trust issues, and biting. Adrienne does not think Ruben is vicious. He just needs to know we are the leaders in his ‘pack’. Adrienne helps us with current needs at the time and she has noticed how much Ruben has improved from the first day we met. Adrienne knows Ruben is a work in progress. He is getting better as we work on the tools she has provided. Please consider Adrienne as your dog trainer. She is awesome.

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