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Iztel A.
23 months ago — Denver, CO

OMG Scott is AMAZING! I initially sought out a trainer as my elderly dog who is 14 years old, who was used as a bait dog before I adopted her, is aggressive when she sees other dogs. Like seriously, she can spot them from a mile away and will even growl, jump, and lunge when she sees them on TV. I contacted Bark Busters-Scott, as I was DESPERATE. We could not go on one normal walk EVER, without her growling at other dogs and wanting to lunge, jump and pull on the leash every time she spotted one from far away. While on walks I can only describe it as her walking me, instead of the other way around. When I called to set up an appointment for her, I was told Scott could take me but not until the end of July, and admittedly I was disappointed as I was just SO DESPERATE for help with her. When he was told of our situation he was able to move his schedule and booked me for the 3rd of June instead. Within the first 10 minutes I noticed a huge improvement, not only with my dog Jaz, but mainly with me as I am not usually a very authoritative person. He helped me SO QUICKLY after starting our session. I liked that we practiced in doors before even heading outside to try to attempt to go on a walk. I was FLOORED once we walked outside and she didn't even bat an eye at other dogs while walking at the lake. My jaw dropped and i'm pretty sure its still on the floor, because my dog has never EVER been as attentive and in sync with me throughout the four years I've had her. I am excited to work on homework with her, because if she was able to listen, stand by my side, and not lunge, growl, pull on the leash within 20 minutes of the session, I cannot imagine what consistent practice will do. I have nothing but great things to say about Scott. I am floored!!! If you are on the fence about it, it is worth EVERY PENNY and you should call immediately to book their services!

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