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Cheryl F.
2 years ago — Denver, CO

After doing some online research, we decided to work with Scott on some behavioral issues for both our 14 year old dog and 7 month old puppy. They were barking aggressively at the door and visitors, lunging at other dogs on walks, begging at the table, licking dishes in the dishwasher, and the pup had begun to dig and chew sticks in the yard. Scott came over for about 1.5 hours last Saturday for our first session, and it has already made a WORLD of difference! They wait for us to let them approach guests, respect us and our commands regarding food and barking, and we even were able to start walking training with them that first day! I cannot recommend Scott and Bark Busters enough. It is more training for you, the owners, than it is for the dogs. Scott also made some dietary recommendations that we are looking forward to trying. If you are considering making the investment in Bark Busters -- DO IT!

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