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Ti S.
24 months ago — Denver, CO

Scott helped save my relationship with my puppy and made me into a dog lover!!
I never had a dog and finally decided to get a puppy because my sister did. I hated being a dog mom! I didn’t understand my dog, he brought stress and anxiety to my already chaotic life. Where was this “man’s best friend” and “dogs will comfort you” stuff people talked about?! I didn’t get it and I had 3 back up plans of people who said they would take him….enter Scott
I literally called Scott crying one morning and said I hated the puppy and I was going to give him up. Scott responded instantly and was at my house that day!!! His purpose was to save my relationship with my puppy and to train me.
It worked! It took a few visits and phone calls (and yes, I cried a few more times), but I still have my gorgeous pup. I learned how to communicate with my dog and how to create a positive relationship with him. Scott and Bark Busters really know what they are doing.

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