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David D.
3 months ago — Denver, Colorado

Our dog, Mojo, is for the most part a good and well behaved dog, but he has had issues with aggression toward other dogs and barking at anyone outside the house (from inside the house) among other bad behaviors. Basically, he is very territorial and protective of his space and "things". We introduced another dog to our home and things have been very stressful, with us trying to manage space and location of the dogs 24/7. Scott came earlier this week and a miracle happened. I don't want to exaggerate, but it seems like that to us. Using the techniques and training Scott taught us, we have already seen a significant difference in just a couple of days.

As an example, one of his favorite things in the world is to sit at the edge of our backyard, which is adjacent to a hiking trail up to Green Mountain. Any time a person (with or without a dog) is walking on the trail, he barks incessantly. We have tried to get him to stop for years and often walk down to him from the house, but nothing worked. Yesterday morning he was barking, from his spot, at a couple of dogs being walked on the trail. Our deck is at least 30 yards away and 2 stories up from where he sits. I used the techniques Scott showed us and Mojo instantly stopped barking, sat down, looked at me and waited until I "released" him, but did not start barking again. I was shocked. I know it will take a lot of repetition and time to completely retrain him, but we know we did the right thing bringing in Scott to help us.

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