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Nadine D.
15 months ago — Fort Collins, CO

We're really happy with the program and the incredibly fast learning we and our dog have been able to do. We have a Dachshund mix who is overall a good boy but he gets super anxious when left alone at the house. Holly took a lot of time to get to know us and address these issues on a wholesome and global level, taking the entire situation into account, and not just the problematic behavior. We were really attracted to a training method that can easily be built into our daily routine, not emphasizing treats or employing punishment. Another attractive point for us was that the training sessions would be held at home, where we and the dog would be at our most natural behavior. As we expected, it's really more about retraining us humans and getting rid of ingrained behavior that confuses dogs. We are now able to communicate with our dog more clearly and get him to behave as we want him to. Already after the first training lesson, our dog was walking on the leash like a champ (not that he was bad before but it's a dream now, with just subtle but huge improvements), and we've learned how to reclaim our leadership role. We still have some work to do on dealing with his separation anxiety, but it's worlds apart than from when we started. Of course a certain amount of continuous practice and discipline is necessary to not slide back into old behavioral patterns but it's been quite easy to do and Holly has been so responsive and helpful with our questions. It's a bit funny as it's also been so great for communication among us as a couple, as we're now really on the same page on what the right thing to do is in a certain situation, and we joke as we remind each other on how to claim and maintain our leadership roles towards the do. The gains have been immense, and we are very happy with the result so far. We're glad we chose Bark Busters and have learned so much!

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