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Shannon H.
8 months ago — Lexington, KY

We enlisted Kendra's help when we adopted our 3rd dog and couldn't be more pleased with the entire experience. While I have done dog training classes at facilities before, nothing can compare to having someone in your home, seeing the dynamic of your dog/dogs, triggers they might have, the behaviors you want to address, it was really perfect for us. Kendra really has a wonderful presence that our dogs picked up on right away, they actually all laid at her feet while we discussed our issues and what we wanted to accomplish, thus making me look like a liar about their jumping and bad behavior ;). Honestly though, it really showed me how effective her methods could be for us, she totally changed our view on interacting with our dogs and establishing the correct hierarchy in our home, it just made so much sense and the dogs pretty instantly got on board with the program. Kendra is just so calm and patient and in tune with all the dogs and offered great solutions when other issues arose during our training. She is also wonderful at communication, I could email her a novel and she responded to every single question clearly and concisely. Our most recent addition is a larger dog, which we have never had before, so it was imperative to learn manners when guest come over and it really has been so much more enjoyable to entertain now that we have implemented Kendra's methods. My husband and I enjoy fostering/foster failing and I feel so much more confident in continuing to do that knowing what we have learned, it just makes so much sense and we are really super happy with our decision to enlist Kendra's help, we can't recommend her enough!

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