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Paul and Carolyn H.
5 months ago — Space Coast, Florida

We’ve had pets all our lives and this was the first time we ever reached out for professional help. In less than 30 days, Cooper has become an out of control puppy, with extreme fear issues, to a well behaved pet, who no longer has the fear of walking on leash. Not only is he a happier dog, our family no longer has the stress we were experiencing with a puppy and older dog in the house.

Cooper responds to our commands….no yelling, newspaper, etc. His intelligence was there all the time, we just didn’t know how to channel it. It started with channeling us.

We benefitted as much from Pam’s training as Cooper did. And, it was much easier than expected. Just using the right methods consistently is the best investment we’ve ever made for one of our pets.

He is extremely well behaved for a seven month old BIG pup.

We highly recommend Pam and Bark Busters to get you and your pet on the road to success.

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