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Ricky J.
2 years ago — Naples, FL

John is an exceptional dog trainer. He really knows what he’s doing. I have had only one training session so far, it’s day two and I’ve continued doing my at home training and have already seen a HUGE improvement with my dog. John doesn’t just teach you what to do, he teaches the background and fundamentals of WHY you need to do what you need to do and like with most dog training, the main issue was with how I was interacting with my dog more so than how my dog is behaving. I can’t wait to finish the program to see how well behaved Gunner is at the end of all of this!

  • #Aggression
  • #Barking
  • #Jumping up
  • #Pulling
Trainer Note:
Thank you Ricky. We've had to seek help from the very top, getting advice from Sylvia Wilson, the Lady herself, who with her husband Danny started Bark Busters in Australia, back in 1989. I should also mention Michael Konstantaras, a guy who is not only one of BB's top trainers in the USA but also took time to help me as I was learning. I say all this just to point out that if your dog has an issue, as Gunner did, we'll search the planet for the correct, gentle solution for your dogs needs.