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Karina E.
9 months ago — Naples, FL

Photo of Leo and Niko Highly Effective Dog Training Experience with John Corr

I recently had the pleasure of working with John Corr, a remarkable and experienced dog trainer, who provided training for my two Yorkies in the comfort of my own home. I cannot express enough how impressed I am with the results and the positive impact it has had on my dogs' behavior.

Prior to John's intervention, my Yorkies were struggling with excessive barking and anxiety when they saw our neighbors or encountered unfamiliar dogs. It was a constant source of stress for both my dogs and myself. However, after just one session with John, I witnessed incredible transformations.

John's expertise and unique approach to dog training were truly remarkable. He not only addressed the specific issues we were facing but also taught us effective communication techniques that resonated with our dogs. His ability to literally speak to our dogs in a way they understood was awe-inspiring.

The results were immediate and astounding. My Yorkies no longer bark incessantly at passing bicycles or larger dogs. Their anxiety has significantly reduced, allowing them to remain calm and composed in situations that previously triggered distress.

What impressed me most about John's training style was his ability to tailor the session to meet our specific needs. He took the time to understand the root causes of the barking and anxiety and provided us with practical techniques and strategies to address them effectively. His patience, knowledge, and genuine passion for helping dogs and their owners create a harmonious bond were evident throughout the session.

I wholeheartedly recommend John Corr as a dog trainer. His expertise, professionalism, and exceptional results speak for themselves. If you're seeking a skilled trainer who can transform your dog's behavior and provide valuable guidance, John is the person to turn to. I am incredibly grateful for his expertise and the positive impact he has made on the lives of my beloved Yorkies.

Thank you, John, for your exceptional training skills and for empowering us with the tools to create a peaceful and harmonious environment for our furry companions.

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