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Robin V.
17 months ago — Spring Lake, NJ

Photo of Trooper I didn’t have any confidence in myself as far as training Trooper goes. However, after the 2nd session I decided to buckle down and do our homework.
What a wonderful dog I have. It was money well spent not only for me but for Trooper! Nicholas Pagano was very patient and encouraging with us (mostly me)!
Trooper is my 5-year-old rescue Boston Terrier. My fourth! I love the breed. But since Trooper came to me from Texas I knew nothing about him, not even his birthday. Nicholas suggested that trooper may even been younger than 5.
Trooper’s issues were: PULLING, barking and rushing to the door, at people walking back & forth, squirrels, rabbits, birds, chipmunks, fear of the car, aggression towards the vacuum and grabbing tool.
Pulling was resolved with the proper harness (who knew?), now it is a pleasure to walk him. I have learned that terriers want to attack ALL little things so I just learn to be ready and offer a correction when I see a rodent presenting a problem. Of all my BTs, I never had one that actually treed squirrels!
Nicholas told me 'your dog is bored'!!! Who knew again! So puzzles were suggested. I love to watch him solve them. I really did learn a lot about having a dog! Even though I had 3 previous Bostons, this one is by far the most entertaining...he makes me laugh :)
We are still working on the fear of the car. I think the long ride from Texas to NJ may have traumatized him a bit. Also I have the tools to address the vacuum problem, so that’s a work in progress.
Trooper and I are buddies now…best friends and I am so grateful to Nicholas and Bark Busters for being there for us.

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