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Inka M.
51 days ago — Research Triangle

Photo of Bobby Bobby is an energetic 6 year old rough coat Jack Russell Terrier who is deeply loved. In his first year, I had hired 2 different dog trainers because Bobby was a lively, stubborn, head strong, know-it-all puppy. Absolutely adorable, but difficult to train. The last I wanted is to break his exuberant spirit and just went on with the training he received. As it turned out, Bobby thought he is the alpa in the house and wanted to run the show. Finally I googled and stumbled over "Bark Buster" which had excellent reviews. One week after contacting Bark Buster, Jerry arrived at our house for home training. The first session was long, thorough and I learned a lot! Bobby responded excellently to the new training methods which are applied in "dog language" and are absolutely non-violent. Three weeks later, we had the second session with outside walking training. Here too, Jerry took his time and explained thoroughly what to do walking Bobby outside. As it turned out, Bobby needed to know that he is protected by me and does not need to bark so ferociously outside thinking he had to protect himself. Again, Bobby responded excellently. Of course, the most work lays in the hand of the owner to continue showing the dog that the owner is "the alpha", in charge, and lets the dog know that he is protected. I will continue the training and hope the promise of life-time coverage will be kept by Bark Buster. I highly recommend Jerry. He is an excellent trainer for both, owner and dog.

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