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Dave & Ronda D.
3 years ago — Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Just finished our 2'nd session with Nancy Turnage. We have a 5 yr. old Boxer we recently inherited that was a out of control wound up bundle of energy. We had no control over his barking and jumping on everyone he came in contact with. When the doorbell rang we would great people through the garage to keep them from getting ran over and also to make shure he would not escape and run blocks away. Walking him was impossible, didn't even try because when we put a harness on him he would constantly pull and escape from the harness. Nancy showed us how to control and communicate with him. We can't believe that in such a short time this is still the same dog. We never thought he could become such a good pet and companion. If we could give Nancy 10 stars we would. Defiantly recommend her to all dog owners. Thank you Nancy!

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