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Charlotte G.
16 months ago — Parrish, FL

Photo of Jerry We brought Jerry home this fall and he has a lot of aggression issues after years of trauma before he came into our care. When Susan worked with him (and us) we saw immediate results that day. It was pretty incredible. With follow up practice, he has retained his new good behaviors and has been able to take on more. I also learned a great deal from Susan about how dogs think, interact, and the leadership they want and need from their owners so that they can be their best. We are just getting started on our journey with Jerry, but Susan has given us the tools, the guidance, and the plan to make sure Jerry is successful for life. She is so knowledgable about dog behaviors, it is amazing to watch. I realized why all of the methods and tactics I have used over the years with our dogs were not working. I cannot say enough good things about Susan! I recommend her to everyone I know. The training is worth every penny.

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Trainer Note:
Thank you Charlotte! You are a delightful client who works hard with Jerry. Jerry is so lucky to be a part of your family!