Frequently asked questions

Why Home Dog Training?

Bark Busters conduct the lessons in your home as this is typically where the problems occur. The home environment is where your dog feels most comfortable and less stressed. In the home environment, dog's listen better when they are not stressed and the training is more productive. Of course if you are experiencing problems outside the home your trainer will address these too. Your dog needs to listen to you in the home before moving onto outside where there are far more distractions.

Will I see a lasting change in my dog's behaviour?

Most owners see a change from the very first lesson. With more complex behaviour issues, you may see a gradual change over a period of days / weeks. With consistency and practicing the training for 10 minutes each day, you can expect to see a lasting result.

What actually is the Bark Buster Guarantee?

The service guarantee was established to give owners peace of mind so they can continue to receive support at no extra cost. Our therapists will return, free of charge, if the behaviour problem recurs or if a new one develops. The guarantee covers you for behaviour problems that develop in later life that were not there at the time of taking out the guarantee. You have the peace of mind that your dog's behaviour will be cared for throughout its life. The guarantee also enables you to receive training if you move home (international transfer fee may apply). Bark Busters have a network of trainers around the country and around the world. If there is a Bark Busters therapist in your new area, continues support will be provided under the guarantee.

How often will my trainer return free of charge?

Your trainer will return free of charge under the support guarantee, for as long as the guarantee is in place. Your trainer will leave you with a training programme at the first lesson to follow for a period of time. The trainer will ask that you update them on progress of training / behaviour, at an agreed timeframe in the lesson. Having then updated the trainer on progress between you, you will decide if and when the next training lesson should take place. Bark Busters do not arrange a weekly visit under the support guarantee.

What if I decide to rehomed my dog?

In the unfortunate event you decide to rehomed your dog your guarantee passes to the new owner. If we have a trainer in the new owner's area we will continue to work with the new owner and your dog for the term of the guarantee. You have the peace of mind that your dog will be well looked after when it comes to his behaviour problems.

What if my dog dies or is euthanized?

In the unfortunate event that your dog dies or is euthanized the guarantee is terminated. Unfortunately the guarantee does not pass to another dog or household.

What happens if I decide to cancel the training?

In line with legislation owners have the right to cancel a contract within seven days prior to the service commencing. If the service has commenced and you're thinking about cancelling then please discuss the situation with your trainer. A reasonable charge may be due for the service that has been carried out.

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