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Dog Training & Behavioral Therapist

Spring has Sprung
Richard and Vicki Horowitz on Good Morning Connecticut – WTNH 8 giving some tips on preparing your dog for Spring activities

Learning to Communicate Has Its Challenges - The Bulletin
Richard & Vicki Horowitz help a child with Asperger’s Syndrome in his relationship with his Airedale terrier.

Pets less pampered - an interview by Quinnipiac University
An article on business opportiunity within the pet industry

No bark, no bite, no problem - MIlford Weekly
Richard & Vicki Horowitz aid a family with a barking golden retriever

WPKN Radio Show - "Sit, Stay, Listen"
Richard & Vicki Horowitz join Xxx on the local radio show Sit, Stay, Listen.

Are You a Responsible Dog Owner?
This week is National Dog Week and having a dog can be a huge responsibility. Dogs need order and leadership from their "pack leader," which means that good canine manners start with you! Good Morning Connecticut - WTNH News 8

Dog park safety tips
Richard and Vicki Horowitz with Bark Busters of Southern Connecticut have some tips for how to keep your dog safe and happy at the park. Good Morning Connecticut - WTNH News 8

Taming Your Dog's Halloween Fears
Keep dogs safe during Halloween, the most dangerous holiday for dogs, with tips from Bark Busters, the world's largest dog training company.

Bark Busters - A better way to a better dog
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