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Bark Busters Collar Helps Find Lost Dog

May 1 2014

If your dog has ever run away, you know the panic. Here is a success story about how the Bark Buster collar saved the day! read more…

The Best "Bah" Story From Bark Busters

April 27 2014

As many dog owners may or may not know, Bark Busters use a combination of vocal commands and body language to successfully train your dog. We have achieved worldwide popularity for our use of the command "Bah". See it in action! read more…

National Pet ID Week

April 11 2014

If your dog has ever run away, your heart begins to pound as you wonder if you can find him or he can find his way home. Hopefully he has a collar with your name, address and telephone number. However, 33% of pet owners admit that their dog does not have current identification. If you move, you have to remember to update your information! read more…

What Each of Us Can Do to Prevent Cruelty to Animals

April 1 2014

April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month. Bark Busters is extremely passionate about rescuing dogs who have been abandoned or have behavioral problems that some dog owners can't overcome on their own. Animal abuse can happen to virtually any pets; cats, dogs, horses and livestock just to name a few. read more…

Protecting Your Puppy

March 23 2014

Who can resist a puppy? They are cute, adorable and full of boundless energy! However, with a puppy comes a lot of responsibility, particularly if you want him to remain healthy... read more…

Poison Proof Your Home

March 3 2014

Just like babies, dogs, particularly puppies, are curious creatures and can sneak into places you never thought conceivable. That is why it is so important you poison proof your home. The ASPCA reported 167,000 calls related to pet poisonings in 2010... read more…

How Dogs Help With Stress

January 29 2014

We have long known about the therapeutic value of dogs. They have been known to help the handicapped, bring companionship to the lonely, help lower blood pressure and even help socialize criminal offenders. Therapy dogs have been recruited to alert those suffering from diabetes, epilepsy and more. They provide aid to children with autism and cerebral palsy. Now, a study at Michigan State University has found they are a key ingredient to helping college students ace their finals. read more…

Could Dogs Prevent Allergies Versus Cause Them?

January 23 2014

Many people are allergic to dogs and can suffer reactions ranging from itchy eyes to severe wheezing and sneezing. However, new studies report that having a dog in your home may actually prevent babies from getting allergies and asthma later in childhood versus causing them. read more…

Helping Your Dog to Lose Weight

January 13 2014

Unfortunately 45% of all U.S. dogs are either overweight or obese. This equates to 35 million dogs! Just like humans, these extra pounds can make them more prone to certain illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and lung disorders. On the flip side, studies have shown that dogs who are at their ideal weight live at least two years longer than their overweight counterparts. read more…

Getting Your Dog off on the Right Paw

January 2 2014

At Bark Busters, we train and help virtually any dog - old or young, little or big and any breed. We believe that there is no behavior that can't be changed. However, starting your training when a dog is a puppy can help prevent nuisance behaviors before they begin! Here are some tips that can help if you are welcoming a puppy to his/her new home. read more…

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