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What Breed Is Best For Seniors

October 23 2013

We know that senior citizens can benefit from having a dog, both emotionally and physically. Besides providing companionship, pets reduce depression and stress, lower blood pressure... read more…

Advantages of Adopting A Senior Pet

October 3 2013

October is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, so I want to encourage everyone to consider adopting a mature dog. Although puppies are cute, they are high maintenance! read more…

Dogs are more than loving companions

September 17 2013

At Bark Busters Home Dog Training, we have long known that dogs are remarkable creatures. For many years, they have been trained as Seeing Eye dogs... read more…

Dogs Are The Best Caregivers

August 26 2013

As dog owners and dog trainers with Bark Busters, we have long known the comforting nature of dogs. When you're sick or depressed, they can sense your mood. read more…

A Dog's Life Just Got More Colorful

August 20 2013

The eyes of both people and dogs contain special light catching cells called cones that respond to color. read more…

Hand Over the Remote To Your Dog - They Have Their Own TV Channel

August 1 2013

Beginning next month you can tune into DirecTV, where music, animations and visuals specifically designed to ease a dog's boredom, anxiety and loneliness will be aired. read more…

Are Some Dogs Born Mean?

July 25 2013

As Bark Busters dog trainers, we are often asked if certain dogs are born mean. Or if certain breeds just have a pre-disposition to be aggressive or vicious? read more…

Why Won't My Dog Listen?

July 15 2013

If your dog misbehaves, you've probably tried screaming at your dog to the point where he thinks his name is "bad dog." read more…

Technology and Your Dog

May 23 2013

There is no doubt that we humans are into technology ... if we forget our cell phones, we feel naked. And where would we be without our computers, iPads and laptops? In fact, I read an interesting statistic the other day ... there are more than 7 billion people on the planet today -- 5.1 billion of them own a cell phone, but only 4.2 billion own a toothbrush. Crazy! read more…

Cosmetic Surgery For Dogs

March 17 2013

Just when I thought I had heard of everything as a Bark Busters Home Dog Trainer, I just read an article in The Baltimore Insider about cosmetic surgery for dogs. Before you totally discredit the idea as I did, some of the dog surgeries have a medical benefit. read more…

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