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Does Your Dog Get Car Sick?

July 21 2016

Did you know that 1 in 5 dogs suffer from car or motion sickness? read more…

WaggTagg Introduced In Time For Lost Pet Prevention Month

July 10 2016

With July being Lost Pet Prevention Month, it's important to have a pet identification tag in case your dog runs off. The WaggTagg uses easily accessible technology and is affordable. read more…

Three No No's of Pet Communication

June 25 2016

If you're tackling dog training on your own, here are 3 dog training tips you want to embrace. read more…

Do's and Dont's Of Taking Your Dog To Work

May 25 2016

12% of companies now allow employees to bring their dogs to work. Does your dog have what it takes to be well behaved? read more…

Does Your Dog Make Mistakes?

May 25 2016

Does Your Dog Make Mistakes?

The bottom line is even the best behaved dog will make mistakes occasionally. read more…

Changing Your Dog's Behavior

April 30 2016

How long does it take to change your dog's behavior? Read the factors to consider ... read more…

Establishing a Loving and Authoritative Relationship With Your Dog

April 30 2016

Establishing a Loving and Authoritative Relationship With Your Dog

Who is in charge ... you or your dog? Are the the "leader of the pack"? Here's how to have the relationship you want with your dog read more…

How do you introduce your NEW DOG to your other Dogs?

March 24 2016

Before you add another dog to your pack, make sure you and your other dog(s) are prepared. read more…

Do You Teach Your Dog Using Routines?

March 24 2016

We know that dogs are creatures of habit but did you know your dog thrives on consistency and routines? read more…

Can Your Dog and Cat Get Along?

March 1 2016

Is your dog and cat BFFs or bitter enemies? See how to bring peace back to your household. read more…

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