Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Dog

Keep your dog and your guests safe this holiday season with these dog Thanksgiving tips from Bark Busters.
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The holidays are almost upon us with all the fun and chaos they bring. Unfortunately, your dog can get caught in the fray and your fun holiday dinners can become a trip to the emergency room. The rich scents of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and rolls appeals to the dog’s inner nature: foraging.

One of the most dangerous aspects is the turkey carcass. Cooked bones easily splinter, and the bone shards can cause choking, get stuck in your dog’s gums or possibly damage his intestines.  Too many dogs have rooted around in the garbage can, so your safest bet is to put it in a bag and a sealed garbage can outside. Many holiday foods can be harmful to a canine, causing symptoms as mild as an upset stomach or as severe as vomiting and diarrhea. Harmful other foods your dog should not eat are:

·         Stuffing

·         Artificial sweeteners like xylitol

·         Grapes and raisins

·         Cranberry sauce

·         Bread dough

·         Gravy (too fatty)

·         Alcohol

·         Chocolate

·         Caffeine

·         Garlics, onions, leeks and chives

·         Nuts

·         Cheese, sour crème, and butter that go into the mashed potatoes

It is inevitable that your pet will come begging. When polled, 56 percent of readers admitted to sharing Thanksgiving table scraps with their pets. White meat turkey without the skin or fat can be fed to your dog in moderation and plain green beans (not the delicious casserole) are good too. If you want your dog to have a treat, prepare a small helping of the giblets, including the gizzard, liver and heart.

Educate your guests because they may want to slip your dog some scraps from the table.

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