Keep Thanksgiving Safe for You and Your Dog

Choose your dog's treats wisely to keep your pet healthy this Thanksgiving.
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Before you know it, households across America will be getting ready for Thanksgiving ... gone is the Halloween candy that posed a danger to your dog, but equally important is that Thanksgiving can be hazardous to your dog as well.

Stuff Your Turkey - Not Yourself or Your Dog!
Think of all the fatty foods that are consumed at Thanksgiving - turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing. Many humans end up overstuffing themselves and have stomach aches, because most people are not used to eating such rich foods on a regular basis. If you want to give your dog a small amount of turkey, make sure it is well cooked and skinless and boneless.

Remember that turkey can lead to an upset stomach and can cause diarrhea. Additionally, turkey bones can be dangerous - don't leave the carcass lying around! Instead, if you can't resist the 'begging eyes', make a little go a long way by putting a small amount in the dog's Kong - and filling it with other special treats he likes.

Many people season their turkey or stuffing with sage. This seasoning can cause tummy upset and central nervous system depression if a dog eats them in large quantities. Putting onions in your stuffing? This can be toxic as well, leading to a dangerous form of anemia that may not be detected for days.

Serving rolls? Make sure your dog stays away from the uncooked bread dough. Raw dough can actually heat up in your dog's stomach causing discomfort or an even more serious emergency. And those yummy potatoes? Potatoes are a great, filling vegetable to share with your pet. However even though the potatoes themselves are not harmful to pets, be aware of additional ingredients used to make mashed potatoes. Cheese, sour cream, butter, onions, and gravies are no-no's in a pet's diet.

And for dessert? Chocolate is off limits. Try a dog treat instead!

Walk It Off
Both you and your dog could benefit from a walk before and after the big feast. He/she may get excited by all the company and this will help wear him down and calm him. Additionally, it will help work those additional calories off!

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