Virtual Training

Revolutionizing Dog Training with Virtual Support

Since our inception, technology has allowed us to support our clients from afar. From phone calls to modern video conferencing, we have embraced technology to answer questions, resolve issues, and be there for pet parents and their pups.

It’s foundational to our unique-to-the-industry Life of Dog Support Guarantee and born out in a 30-plus year track record of ongoing assistance, positive results, and happier dogs and humans, no matter where in the world they live.

Our trainers solve problems by teaching pet parents natural, dog-friendly communication techniques to put into practice with their pups. This is our essence – and why we are well prepared to help clients from anywhere, by any available means.

So How Does Virtual Training Work?

We're So Glad You Asked!

Live Interactive Virtual Dog Training

Here are some frequently asked questions – and answers – about remote training the Bark Busters way.

How can you train my dog remotely?

We show you how to communicate with your dog in ways they understand, so you can establish yourself as pack leader. Video conferencing tools like Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom allow us to observe your interactions with your pup and offer feedback, but we are working most closely with you.

What tools do I need?

Not much: just a free video conferencing program, like Google Meet, Skype, or Zoom, and a camera connected to a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer.

How are the lessons structured?

First, we’ll work with you to clarify your challenges, goals, and expectations. Next, we’ll share some information about how we train, then teach you some exercises that you can learn and put into practice immediately.

Can I ask questions?

Of course! Our trainers love to listen and let you ask questions. Your needs will shape our lessons, so don’t be shy. We’ll also check in throughout the lesson for questions or clarification.

Should I take notes?

We recommend writing down exercise names and some brief information about how to do them. But don’t worry: we’ll share handouts, lesson notes, training aids, next steps, and even a bit of homework (if applicable!)

What if I have questions in between lessons?

We’re always here for you – contact us at any time for clarification if new needs arise, or whatever else may pop up.

After over 30 years and 1 million-plus happy dogs and family members, we wholeheartedly believe in our virtual training methods and their ability to get the results you seek.

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Virtual Training Client Reviews

See what our clients have to say

My trainer is Karen Deepe and we have been doing our sessions over live video. She has been completely amazing helping me fix my dog issues such as lease pulling, jumping, personal space, and door/people greeting. I have had these issues for a while and with what I have been learning and implementing from this program I have already seen a huge improvement. Do not feel deterred about it being over a video call, it is just as affective as in person training because at the end of the day it’s up to you and your dog(s) to continue the training to get the results you want. I have found a glimmer of success and only time will tell but I am very satisfied and I hope whoever else decides to go through this program is as well.
(Here’s some cute pics of my fur babies)
Our virtual training was roughly 1 week ago and we are thrilled with the improvement in our dogs behavior! We have seen better behavior in all aspects covered. We were amazed at the response to the doorbell ring training during the virtual. It worked!!! Great success in rug digging, pulling on walks and barking in yard.
Simply put, Michael’s training is awesome. I am absolutely amazed by the progress we saw during our first virtual session and after just one week of practice. Our 1-year old golden, Yeti, definitely has a mind of his own and Michael really went in depth explaining the psychology and underlying causes of the behavior and the psychology of creating new behaviors. This was so interesting and very helpful. And his techniques worked so well and so fast! We are well on our way to a perfectly well-behaved dog. And I’m loving working with Yeti at home and growing our bond <3 Thank you!!!
Blue is a rescue I got just over two weeks ago who had been living in a single bedroom for 2 years and had never been outside before. I knew he was gonna need a lot of work. I wasn't sure how much progress to expect through a virtual lesson, but Jean somehow helped us progress SO MUCH in just one lesson! It was very clear that she knew what she was talking about and answered all my questions. She helped me develop a strong base to give Blue the training he needs and in a very nice and professional manner!
The virtual experience we had today was great! Karen was very engaging for all of the family members and dogs. We definitely saw a difference in behavior by the end of the session!
I have been working with Karen virtually to help train my puppy and I have been so thrilled with the results. I was a little apprehensive to do virtual sessions, but it ended up being the perfect solution for us. I know that my dog is responding to me instead of Karen and being the one to do the exercises during sessions has allowed me to be a more confident leader with my dog. We saw an almost immediate improvement in our puppy after our first virtual session with Karen. We have been working on jumping on furniture, counter surfing, separation anxiety, etc and have seen huge improvements and success. The leash training exercises have even allowed me to take more peaceful walks with my dog, which is something both me and my dog appreciate. With Karen's guidance and consistency, we cannot believe our puppy is the same dog we took home a few months ago! Thank you, Karen!
Michelle with Bark Busters did more for me and my dog Kona through Zoom virtual video then any of the three other trainers I have been to!

And those three prior trainers were all in person !!! In only two virtual sessions with Michelle . Kona dramatically changed for the better! :-) Michelle understands how dogs think and live in a pack and s

he trains humans how to be in the dog world. Guess what it 100% works! Kona now looks at me as if she is saying "finally mommy..YOU..understand ME❣"

I absolutely love these people!

Who would have thought through virtual Zoom I would have gotten these results! But I did! And I have never been happier in my life :-) Kona is a happier & more relaxed dog as well that "I get it".. I now have the dog that I have always wanted and I am now the owner I have always wanted to be
I was impressed and hopefully while working with my dog will dramatically improve. Looking forward for excellent results. Excited after one virtual lesson Kandi responded good.
We are virtual clients. It was amazing how fast it worked. We feel such relief having a way to help dogs fit better into your lives. It was so easy and simple to get the dogs to respond.
We have had an excellent experience using BarkBusters with Karen. We were hesitant about a virtual experience, but desperate because my dog was becoming increasingly anxious and aggressive and we didn’t know what else to do. After just a week of using Karen’s techniques and following her advice, we have already seen a huge improvement in both of our dogs. The approach is intuitive, simple, and effective. We are so thankful to Karen for literally saving our dogs life.