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What You Should Know About Dog Bite Prevention

Americans love our dogs – and with nearly 90 million pups living in the U.S., there’s plenty of canine love to go around. But no matter how well integrated they are into our families, dogs still bite: whether they feel protective, threatened, scared, or are simply excited.

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Pet Poison Prevention Month

March is Pet Poison Prevention Month, here's what you should know about preventing accidental poisoning Pets can be accidentally harmed by things that are normally safe for humans.

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Helping Your Dog Adjust to a New Home

Moving into a new home can be both exciting and stressful for humans and pets While we as humans can understand and rationalize why we may have moved, canines may have…

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How To Show Your Dog Affection

Learn the difference between loving and spoiling your dog. Express affection in positive ways that don’t reinforce bad habits, or miscommunicate - since human expressions of affection can actually sometimes cause dogs stress instead of showing love!

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One Step at a Time: A Guide to Successful Dog Walking

Walking our dogs is a great source of exercise for both pets and pet parents. It not only helps keep our canine companions healthy and physically and mentally stimulated, but also strengthens the bond between us. There are several factors for pet parents to consider, however, to keep walks fun and safe for all.

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Fox News Features Bark Busters

Fox News Digital shares Bark Busters Home Dog Training's thoughts about gifting a pet this holiday season. 

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2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to Bark Busters’ 2023 Gift Guide! We’ve sniffed around for the best 12 gifts for any dog and pet parent -  fun, practical, and everything in between!

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Holiday Safety Tips for Your Dog

The holiday season is a joyful time to gather with family and friends, decorate around the home, and enjoy traditions old and new. While the season can sometimes get a little hectic for everyone, including our pets, don’t stress – we’ve got you covered with tips and tricks to make the holidays fun, safe, and festive for your dog and all its favorite humans.

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Thanksgiving Safety Tips for Your Dog

Thanksgiving is a holiday that all family members can enjoy – including your dog. Follow these tips to make sure everyone can indulge and celebrate safely.

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Rescued Dogs Training to Help Arizona Veterans

It’s a story of hope, resilience, and service, and Bark Busters is at the center. A German Shepherd was found on the side of a highway, guarding her three puppies inside a box. All four dogs survived, and they’re now supporting local veterans.

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