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Helping you communicate with man’s best friend.

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Our methods focus on creating a positive relationship between you and your dog to improve your dog's behavior and obedience. Our expertise is in understanding how a dog naturally thinks, learns and communicates and then using this to show you how to be your dog’s leader. Once this relationship is established, behavior change is a natural next step. Our techniques work with any age, any breed, any issue. You and your dog get one-on-one attention, an individualized plan to suit your family AND guaranteed support for the life of your dog.

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Breed Of the Month

The Pug

The Pug is Bark Busters In Home Dog Training's Breed of the Month! Intelligent, easy-going, friendly but requires mental and physical stimulation! more

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Latest News

May 30 2019
Tips on Bringing Your Dog to Work

  Read our 5 important tips on how to celebrate Bring Your Dog to Work Day so that you and your pup can have a great and safe day together. more

May 24 2019
Summer Tips!

Summer has officially arrived! That means as temperatures rise, we flock to the outside to soak up the warm weather, and of course, we take our pups along with us. Because who doesn’t love being outside in the summer? However, while you and I can voice when we get too hot and can find ways to cool ourselves down, our pets cannot. Keep reading below for some important reminders about your dog and the summertime heat and how to keep them cool and comfortable. more

May 11 2019
Are You Prepared to Help Your Pets?

National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day is a day meant to bring awareness to the importance of creating a plan of what to do in a natural disaster for not only your human family but also your pets. more

April 29 2019
Does Your Dog Dig?

Digging. All dogs do it! It’s a well-known behavior of dogs that many people have come to accept as “it’s just what dogs do.” But is it? Learn more! more

April 03 2019
Bark Busters USA relocates U.S. headquarters to Northern California

Nine Months after the transfer of ownership of Bark Busters USA, the company is moving its operational headquarters to Danville, CA more

March 29 2019
Why Do Dogs Pull on a Leash?

Dogs pull on a leash because dogs are natural pullers! It's in a dog's DNA! How do you avoid this common behavior? Learn more! more

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