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Puppies need guidance to learn good manners and develop a pleasant nature – after all, they are very similar to infants and toddlers. That’s where you come in! While it’s true that puppies receive much of their socialization from their mothers and litter-mates in the first 12 weeks of life, you will pick up where the mother left off in teaching and reinforcing proper behavior.

Puppy Fundamentals

Bark Busters trainers offer puppy training in your home. We help build a basic foundation of trust and respect in a safe and nurturing environment, including crate training, potty training, and leash training your puppy.

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Bark Busters’ Puppy Management and Training Program gives you everything you need to successfully train your puppy at home, including how best to deal with the many common problems that occur in the first six months. It can be started a few days after your puppy has settled into their new home, but please note: puppies can get tired very quickly, so some training may only be able to be explained and not demonstrated on the day of your training session.

Bark Busters Puppy Training Can Include:

  • Effective house-breaking
  • Successful crate training
  • Diet and good food manners
  • Recall (coming when called)
  • Gate and door control
  • Basic command training (sit, stay, down)
  • Proper leash control and leash manners
  • Distance control (staying with you when there are other distractions)
  • Puppy socialization skills
  • Grooming and vet visit preparation
  • Bad behavior management and prevention (jumping, mouthing, biting, chewing)

Puppy Training Tips & Advice

Bark Busters Puppy Training

Choosing Your Breed

As dog trainers, we receive all sorts of inquiries from future pet parents about the best breed for them and their families. Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer – a lot depends on your desires, needs, and lifestyle.

Know Poisons

Protect Your Pup

Dogs are naturally curious creatures. But their inquisitive nature can sometimes lead to trouble: common items inside and outside of the home can be life-threatening if ingested. Avoid unwanted trouble and keep your inquisitive pooch safe with this handy list of potential poisons.

Toilet Training Puppy

Toilet Training Basics

There’s no way around it: toilet training is vital for pet owners and dogs. Establishing a toilet training routine with puppies (usually at around three months old) requires time, effort, and consistency to yield results, but the benefits are well worth it.

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  • 4.97 Average Rating Average rating 4.97 out of 5 based on 15964 reviews.
  • 99.6% 4 or 5 stars 99.6% rate their experience with Bark Busters as 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.
  • 99.8% Would Recommend 99.8% would recommend Bark Busters to their friends and neighbors.
  • 99.7% Dog Responded 99.7% think that their dog responded to the training.

Hear from our Clients about Puppy Training with Bark Busters

Don't walk, run to work with Bark Busters. Please read my review if you relate to any crate-anxiety issues.

Here's my story: I have a puppy GSD who's shockingly lazy, but his shepherdation (separation) anxiety was really out of control to the point where he could break out of his crate AND open my front door.

I would describe myself as highly dog knowledgable so I am VERY particular about the methods used by trainers. To each their own, but e-collars, prongs, etc are band-aids (or worseners) for most problems since most dog-owners don't really understand the timing/utility of these tools enough to ween off of them at any point. If your dog is a 100/10 lunatic, then I guess I get it :|

Anywho, I was honestly shocked to learn they don't even rely on clickers or treats, just straight up dog behavior and psychology, yet have the reviews they have.

Here's my summary. I am only 2 days post training, have received a comprehensive training plan with new crate recs, have gotten 5-7 minutes of a CALM dog in his crate once I've left (a miracle), and did nothing but learn to amend MY body languages and sounds.

Bonus that Anthony was an absolute delight to work with.

Hire them - you're welcome in advance ;)
A life-changing experience. John provided the most thorough, extensive lesson and training which had immediate effects on our puppy. John's patience, expertise and professionalism made the session productive and positive while training our dog. We are very grateful for John's help and understanding in helping us properly train Milton.
When we met Amber we were very impressed with her knowledge and with her enthusiasm we had just acquired a 10-month-old German Shepherd puppy and we needed to be able to not only integrate her into our family but she had a very bad habit of jumping on us and as a very large puppy, It was something we needed to address quickly .She gave us the tools and the steps we would need to not only accomplish this , but to also address some of the issues with our other dogs. We see this training as ongoing as the need arises. The total support that we get from this organization is ongoing for the life of our dogs and that was very impressive to us. We see this as a investment into our future and the future of our dogs and we know Amber will be there with us all the way.
It was a pleasure meeting Jeri for our first training. I learned so much on how to relate to Reiff. I was so happy to see a improvement only with the first lesson and it made me very hopeful and excited to know that Reiff will be able to be the best obedient and happy puppy that he deserves to be. Jeri was down to earth but very professional and you could see she loves and cares deeply of all pets.
Thank you so much and I’m looking forward to the future with Reiff.
Just had my first training session with Jerry from Bark Busters. The 3 hours went by quickly. I received an intensive tutorial on dog behavior, and the impact of becoming a pack leader on their training, comfort level and happiness. I was shocked at how immediately effective the training was and continues to be several days later. This has greatly increased my confidence. Looking forward to seeing what’s possible with the next training session.
Excellent!! Joshua is very knowledgeable, great trainer! Luma's behavior instantly improved. Very impressive!! Thank you, Joshua!
Josh listened to all of our concerns and addressed them. I have more confidence in training my Cavapoo!
Calling Bark Busters was the best decision and best investment I could’ve made for my dog. Kevin was patient with her and I and worked with us on how to make the behavioral changes and saw immediate results just after the three hour initial training. Very practical techniques and easy to remember. Kevin worked with her on leash training, preventing jumping on people and so much more. He also gave great advice on all of my questions. Kevin is extremely knowledgeable really does an exceptional job. He far exceeded my expectations.
Worth every penny!!! Kevin is amazing. We are very pleased with our session. He was knowledgeable, took his time to listen to us, and we saw improvement in our dog's behavior right away. We have a VERY hyper Standard Yorkie with a lot of energy and sometimes he's over excited and has a hard time controlling his impulses but after our first session we have improvement. He saved my relationship and sanity with my puppy. We will continue to follow his instruction and hopefully have the happiest family and furbaby possible.
I was amazed at how quickly the techniques worked for my frenchie, Abby. I was very skeptical about getting her to achieve the goals I set for her (which were minimal). During one 2 hour training she was doing so great. I can’t say enough great things about Doug. He was very clear in his instructions and I was able to carry out the tasks with great results. Thanks so much!
Doug has been absolutely amazing! One of our main concerns was leash walking. Both of our pups would just drag & pull us wherever they wanted to go. In a matter of minutes with Doug, their behavior completely changed! They began to walk beside us & not pay as much attention to the distractions around. With time & consistency this will only get better. A huge thank you to Doug & the Bark Busters team for giving us the tools to continue to work with our pups. THANK YOU!!
The training was informative and structured while still being personable.
Learned great tools to help Dixie be neutral with others in house and tools to help curb her reactivity at windows and on walks.
Heather did a wonderful job training my Dixie Lou! We always have difficulty walking her. She pulls constantly and is reactive to other dogs. We saw a massive improvement after the home visit. We're putting in the work and it shows. Highly recommend!!
I called bark busters in need of help with two new puppies. They were so quick to get back to me and answer all the questions I had. When they came out I was skeptical that neither dog would respond to the training. After the first exercise the dogs were already listening to me. I love that they teach YOU how to train the dog rather than them doing it for you. My dogs have already made a huge improvement from just the first session. I can’t wait to see how they continue to do.
Bark Busters was an incredible experience to properly communicate and train your dog! Doug helped us fully understand what needed to be done in a proactive manner.
The training methods were so simple but immediately effective! Thank you Doug!
Jeri has been very kind and helpful with our two 1 year old shih tzu puppies. I felt comfortable with the company from the moment I called in and the training methods made sense
to me. Jeri was very thorough at our initial training session and has been readily available by email for all of my questions. We have seen some improvement with the dogs behavior and we still have more work to do. It is a relied to know that I have Jeri available for support as needed.
Doug is amazing. After the first visit, Nugget was noticeably better behaved. We were nearing our wits end with her, but using the methods that we have learned has made all the difference. We are so grateful for Doug and Bark Busters.
I cannot recommend Bark Busters, and specifically Patrick enough. We have seen such an amazing improvement in Tully already in just a few short days! He walks better on the leash (I thought he was ok but was told I walk too fast so he was just keeping up) :-) I slowed down and now he's doing great. Door manners are almost a complete turnaround! Before we couldn't even let anyone in the house without him barking nonstop. We've had company stay over the weekend, and had someone come and do some work in the house and he was just amazing. i can't wait to see the continued improvement over time. The investment is so worth the stress removal. We already feel like we have a new dog and a better relationship with him.
I have an amazing dog, really. But, we had an issue with manners, boundaries and walking. The first session we had with Amanda, teddy wasn't as involved. She took time with the family unit to understand our dynamics and how we interact with not only each other but with Teddy. I love how she called out human behavior that impacts a dogs stability and made real (and realistic) recommendations that made such a huge impact in the first session. I mean, I feel like I have a lot more power in my household and boundaries while still loving my Teddy as intensely as I do. We have our next session tomorrow and I can't tell you how excited I am to hit the next milestone under her direction. Are you thinking about getting a dog trainer? Call her. She's amazing.
It was amazing to see such a change in the first session.We started with four barking dogs and ended with being able to talk and move around in a silent house.
We feel so much better prepared to tackle our sweet dogs behavior issues. We are looking forward to implementing the method. Karen gave very clear directions, easy to understand. Now our work begins.
Doug Rountree is a pleasure to work with. He's professional & knowledgeable. We searched around and called many places before we made our choice, and we are so grateful we chose Bark Busters!
We have seen almost immediate improvements with our 11month old puppy since starting to work with Doug and Bark Busters. We feel more confident to talk our pup on walks in the community and have friends and family over with the dog out of his crate. I cant imagine where we would be had we not found Doug and Bark Busters!
Doug was easy to work with, and the results were almost immediate. We continue to see progress and have even more tools after follow up visit. We couldn't be happier with the entire experience.
Tank showed improvement on control. He improved on showing he understood no means no.
Doug is extremely patient, kind and a great listener! We saw instant change in our 1 year 8 month old bernedoodle. He has helped us create a stable and comfortable home. Doug will offer to help you with anything at anytime and checks in on your progress frequently, being sure to answer any questions you have. Cannot recommend Bark Busters enough! Would give 6 stars if I could!!

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