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Morgan G henderson, Nevada | August 02 2016
Miracle workers! Just met with them today about my new French bulldog puppy. They taught me things I would have never thought of. The best thing is, my puppy will no longer control my sleep schedule at night highly recommend! Permalink
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Lee L las vegas, Nevada | August 02 2016
I can't express how much we appreciate Lissette and Derek's assistance with our new puppy. She wasn't the terror you hear about, but we decided to nip some bad behaviors in the bud. My wife and I had dogs before, but I can tell you, the old school training methods do NOT work. There is no such thing as just sending the dog away or training the dog in a vacuum. Training is more for the fur baby's parents, than the animal. We noticed results, amazing results in just the first session! Their new generation techniques are the ticket! No rewards and treats, no negative reinforcement, but immediate results! It was like an epiphany for our pup! Bark Busters is not expensive, nor are they cheap, they just give you great tools, physical and knowledge based, that will ensure your success. If our 14 week old, stubborn puppy responds immediately, and actually is happier, we know it was worth it. Don't go cheap here. Spend the little extra your dog needs for a company that stands behind their methods and will come back to help reinforce. And for the record, we did a significant amount of research before deciding on Bark Busters. They were responsive, friendly and knowledgeable. Explained everything in a very understandable fashion, and what's best, it's in your home. Where you are comfortable and the routine is most likely to be successful. We highly recommend them. HIGHLY! Permalink
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Brandon M henderson, Nevada | July 26 2016
We were very happy with Derek and Lissette's services. We have a Shar Pei/Terrier mix who we were worried was going to get aggressive after an incident on the 4th of July (fireworks probably didn't help). They also helped with a variety of other things like his separation anxiety, leash walking, and door manners. All of this so far was addressed in a single meeting with them, which works out great for us on our busy schedule. The visit lasted nearly 3.5 hrs and they only left when they felt comfortable enough with us taking over from there, and they are only a call away if we need them or have questions (they have responded very fast to any questions we have had). Aside from their work (which they do very well), they are very genuine and down to earth people who are very passionate about what they do. We look forward to continue working with them and our puppy. Permalink
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Mark G henderson, Nevada | July 17 2016
Derek and Lisette are miracle workers! Our two dogs have been so timid and weary of strangers and other dogs that we have been afraid to have people over or go anywhere where we may encounter other dogs. Within one session, the ball was back in our court. Derek and Lisette gave us the tools we needed to be great parents for our dogs. They take as much time as needed and never look at the clock. They even came over to train our recently hired dog sitter to make sure our dogs were getting the proper care, attention, and training while we were away. Their services are good for life, so the price is MORE than a great value. We would highly recommend Bark Busters, Derek and Lisette are kind, responsive, knowledgeable, and extremely professional. We are SOO glad we found them. The peace of mind we now have is incredible :) Permalink
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Kelly D las vegas, Nevada | July 15 2016
So helpful! I loved how positive it was! Plus they helped me see that I can be a calm pack leader. Permalink
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Kay K las vegas, Nevada | July 14 2016
Bark Busters did a great job. In my first session I saw my dog make real progress. By the end of the session she was walking on leash and responding well. My dog Maggie is 7 months and a rescue dog. She has significant anxiety issues. She's only been a part of my family for about 3 months and is only very slowly coming out of her shell, but she responded to Derek and Lissette and the training very well after only one session. I am very pleased with these early results. Permalink
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Mark S las vegas, Nevada | July 03 2016
Last Wednesday night, Derek and Lissette came to our house after we picked up Boomer. Both of us are first time dog owners, so we know nothing at all. We were very nervous and felt helpless. They stayed with us until after midnight, training Boomer, and more importantly, they trained us. If they hadn't come, we would have had a panicked, sleepless night. They helped us with confidence and knowledge, and we were able to make it through the the first night. Since then, they have texted us and talked on the phone, and emailed us, with encouragement, advise, and answered all our many questions. They are very supportive. we have been doing our "homework", and when things didn't go as planned, we would call them and they patiently explained how to get the right results. They have advised us on everything from, grooming, training, discipline, vets, food, you name it. As I said, we knew nothing when we got Boomer, so we needed more training than he did. They're help and support have been priceless. We highly recommend them to any new parents of a puppy. Thanks to Derek and Lissette. Permalink
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k D henderson, Nevada | July 02 2016
They helped me understand more about being the leader over my pack, which makes the dog listen to me. I think with practice many of the techniques I learned will help me communicate with my dog better. I like the lifetime guarantee they have so that if problems pop back up, or new ones start you have support! of course no one likes doing homework but it really does make a difference. Thanks bark busters! Permalink
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adriane A las vegas, Nevada | June 17 2016
Just a few weeks ago we added a new addition to our crazy little family named Charlie aka Carlos, Carlito, Charlito, or whatever you wanna call him. We soon realized we were way in over our heads and had no clue on where to start on training a puppy. So after stepping in a few little puppy puddles, some sleepless nights, and plenty of curse words we put the magic on the internet to work and found Bark Busters. After a long phone conversation We determined that this was the help we desperately needed to restore some sort of control in our home. With a knock at our door our new puppy and giant Swissy charged the front door barking and clawing at the door. After wrestling my way to open the door I was surprised to see a familiar face. I had already met Derek at a local gym so it was a little more comforting to let him and Lissette into our home. After analyzing us they came to the conclusion that or older four legged friend may be the one that needs to be trained and her bad habits could rubbing off on puppy Carlos. Within a few hours they showed us some pretty useful and amazing things to train not only our puppy but our monster of a dog. They gave us suggestion on diets, showed us trick to walking them on a leash, and even left us with with a few treats and a lifetime warranty. Permalink
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Laura B las vegas, Nevada | June 10 2016
Hire Lissette and Derek - you won't regret it! My dogs are my children and my world. But my leniency had resulted in them running amuck, and none of us were happy. After thorough online research, I found Lissette and Derek. The reviews were oustanding, and their and Bark Buster's humane training fits my outlook. After the very first session, the dogs were already behaving better and were clearly more relaxed. No whistles or shock collars - just some easy exercises that provide instant results. With 5 minutes of "homework" a day, my dogs are quickly developing good habits. Lissette and Derek are thoroughly knowledgeable about dog behavior and explained why the dogs do what they do. With that information, I understand what is happening and why Lissette and Derek's exercises work. We are on the way to a very happy home and I am extremely grateful! Permalink
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