Greg Reetz dog training reviews

Greg Reetz

Greg Reetz

June 04 2007
Positive behavior training. Linda is very upbeat and reassuring!...Read More


June 01 2007
The methods are very effective. I noticed significant changes in my dogs behavior during the first session!...Read More


May 30 2007
Fantastic! I have never experienced a training where I was SO pleased with the result! I laughed throughout the 3-hour training! To think that having a well-mannered dog could be this accessible!...Read More


May 25 2007
The techniques were explained in a way that made it easy to speak dog. We had two overnight guests the next day with zero incidents. It was exciting to see how easy it was to get Cosmo to start relaxing. We would definitely recommend Bark Busters. It made a huge difference with front door bell guests. We are still working on the training but feel that this will be what works -- and trust me -- we have tried lots of things! Thank you,Linda, for being so faithful and persistent!...Read More


May 23 2007
Excellent instruction & support; caring. My dog isn't perfect yet, but neither and I! I can't believe the changes in him, all because of a few simple changes in me! I never dreamed he could be like this, and it's only the third day!...Read More


May 18 2007
I was amazed at how my dog seemed so much more relaxed. I thought it was very easy to pick up the technique and it wasn't harmful for the dog....Read More


May 18 2007
The ease of learning and implementing the training techniques was great! The rapid results of improved behavior in the dogs was amazing and fantastic. I would highly recommend Bark Busters to any dog owner!...Read More


May 18 2007
Linda's explanation was very clear. The dogs were able to be in the same room with our cats . . . not on leash! Linda gave us some insight into how our dogs think. Finally we feel as if we are beginning to communicate with our dogs!...Read More

Mineral Point

May 18 2007
It was unbelievable!! My two Corgis are barkers and I have tried it all!! By the and of the session, they were not barking at the doorbell; this had never happened before . . . and so quickly! I was in shock! Very good step by step and easy to follow directions. I have never felt like the pack leader before and now I AM, and with just a growl -- it is a feeling of power and my dogs seem calmer and happier. The true test was the next morning. Annie had always barked from the time my alarm goes off until she is outside. I gave one growl and she was quiet the whole time! Incredible! I am sold on this method and will spread the word!...Read More

Mount Horeb

May 10 2007
Techniques were explained clearly and thoroughly. We noticed results in minutes! I am pleased with any technique that works this well. Linda was great, enjoyable experience! Worked miracles for our problem pup!...Read More


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