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Madison, WI | April 15 2007
It's working and I'm optimistic for the first time! I was ready to give Henry to the Boston terrier rescue. Permalink
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Cross Plains, WI | April 15 2007
Easy to understand and to implement what we were told. Wow! What a different dog! The techniques are easy and effective. Watching how quickly Oscar changed from out of control to a pleasant pet in such a short time was rewarding. Oscar is his own testimonial for anyone who knew him before and sees him now! Permalink
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Highland, WI | April 15 2007
Nice presentation. The charts were helpful. Linda thoroughly explained everything. Changes with both dogs immediatley, working on different problem areas. Much more confortable to work in our own home where the problems occur. The technique is effective and easy to use. Works well with more than one dog. Permalink
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Madison, WI | April 13 2007
Linda was extremely easy to work with. We saw results in the first 5 minutes of training! I almost cried when my dog Stew wouldn't budge an inch from my side while in a "Stay." Not even with when a bunch of treats were thrown in front of him! I have already told several people about Bark Busters and Linda. The entire process was very enjoyable...I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone! Permalink
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Middleton, WI | April 13 2007
The dog did fine- I was the one who needed improvement. I would recommend Bark Busters! Permalink
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Madison, WI | April 03 2007
Linda was great! It was easy to understand and very encouraging. I can't beleive the difference! The dogs just seemed to respond immediatley, like they have been waiting for the humans to finally get it. No complicated device, do drugs, nothing to harm my dog. it is just using the way a dog/pack functions. It is so enjoyable, it doesn't feel like "work" at all. It is bringing our pack much closer. I would recommend Bark Busters because it works...Who wouldn't want to use this system? Our house has never been calmer and quieter. Thanks, Linda! Permalink
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Middleton, WI | April 03 2007
I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters! Especially knowing that Linda will be the therapist. Being spoiled after having had two female Golden Retrivers in the past 26 years who practically trained themselves, we were in for somewhat of a shock with our cute, affectionate, yet overly enthusiastic (to put it nicely) male Golden Retriever puppy. It seemed that no matter what we did, he was determined to do things his way. Consequently, at the suggestion of our vet, we contacted Linda at Bark Busters. She did more with our puppy in the three hours that she was in our home than we had been able to do in the 5 months that he has been a part of our family. After a week of using the Bark Busters method, our dog's mouthing and barking have all but stopped-and when he tries to go back to his old ways, the magic word "Bah"- stops him immediatley. We are finally on the road to being able to enjoy our dog! Permalink
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Fitchburg, WI | March 30 2007
Linda was very clear in the reasons for our actions. She had us understanding things from our dog's perspective. Remarkably we saw noticeable results at the start of training! The process was fun and it was great to understand our dog and see such fast results. I am very happy with Linda and Bark Busters training. I really think it gives us a new perspective on our dog. It works! Permalink
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Madison, WI | March 27 2007
The results so far and the follow up available as well as Linda's patience, the time she took and her skill is the reason why I would reccommend Bark Busters. Linda very insightfully corrected me that in fact, Ladie was not the problem child in my pack of 5 dogs, but in reality was Buster and why. They seem like a whole different set of pooches! Permalink
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Mount Horeb, WI | March 22 2007
Linda Conrad concentrated on our particular problems and explained the procedures in excellent fashion. It was clear that the method was going to be effective immediately. It was very interesting, a little tiring for 2 elderly people, but it is an excellent system and it works! Obviously, we are very impressed with how rapidly our dog Charlie relinquished his role as pack leader. Permalink

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