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Aileen B Tucson, Arizona | September 21 2022
Jeff did an excellent job explaining methods and expectations regarding training. Techniques seemed doable and dog responded fairly quickly. Feeling hopeful about program going forward. Pleased with follow up support and availability offered. Permalink
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Dylan S Tucson, Arizona | September 21 2022
Very informative. I got the exact training on exercises I was looking for, and I now have a solid plan to execute with my dogs. Permalink
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Sam & Chris R Tucson, Arizona | September 16 2022
We saw an immediate response to the training exercises after struggling on our own. It gives us a lot of hope to become a more functional family. Permalink
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Rayanna & Connor B Tucson, Arizona | September 14 2022
Everything was addressed amazingly! Everything was broke down so we understood. I loved the methods used for correction and Cash is already really taking to the training. Permalink
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Tabitha B Tucson, Arizona | September 07 2022
We could see some improvement in our dogs behaviors even after the first session and all felt empowered to continue with reinforcing the behaviors we want to see. Permalink
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Patricia and Chad B Oro Valley, Arizona | September 02 2022
Our experience was thorough & immediately effective. Jeff gave us the confidence & hope for a happy life with Jax. Permalink
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Ivy P Tucson, Arizona | August 31 2022
Spent a good amount of time leash training and focusing on reactivity towards other dogs and I feel that Apollo and I have already benefited from that on the first day. Gave really good advice / steps on managing separation anxiety. Permalink
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Veronica D Tucson, Arizona | August 30 2022
Jeff was professional, absolute in instruction for me, the queen to use for Nona, the princess. Nona reacted to training well and is already doing well. The trainer emphasized the importance of commands and walking the dog, entering and exiting doors and respecting commands. Thank you Jeff and Sylvia. We are on the road in our RV soon with our Ning II New, the cat. Also lastly, Jeff is Kind. Good, great, best trainer. Permalink
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Elizabeth & Rick H Vail, Arizona | August 27 2022
Use of "BAH" simple and effective. Given some very good / useful pointers which will be used everyday. Jeff was very personable, easy to understand and professional. Permalink
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Janet H Vail, Arizona | August 26 2022
Jeff was very professional and kind. He not only taught Remi but myself also. Permalink

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