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Meredith B La Mirada, Los Angeles, California | July 28 2021
I have an 18-month-old Aussiedoodle that I call my giant fluffy monster. Between moving around a lot, an unexpected health crisis, and lockdown, I wasn't able to be consistent with his training. His anxious behavior came off as aggressive and his barking felt out of control. After the first session with Johnny, not only did I notice a huge improvement in my dog's behavior, but I felt more capable as a caretaker and leader for my dog. I highly recommend Johnny to any dog owner who feels out of their league in training their dog! Permalink
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Rob P Anaheim, Orange, California | May 22 2021
Johnny has been great for our pup Mochi. He came yesterday for a follow up visit and has been very patient with him. He hasn't made our sessions feel rushed and is passionate about helping you with your dog. He listens to the concerns that we had to address them first. If you are worried about paying a flat fee and feeling like you're going to get a trainer that is going to dodge you, this has not been something we have experienced with Johnny. He takes pride in his work and it shows! Looking forward to more training as Mochi is about 5 months old and displaying new behaviors each week. Permalink
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Joe F Fountain Valley, Orange, California | April 08 2021
Johnny Jumper and Bark Busters have been incredible. I had issues with my Pitbull, Lola, lunging at people and pulling on the leash when we went for walks. After a session with Johnny and learning how to properly walk Lola and correct the unwanted behavior the change has been awesome. My walks with Lola are now enjoyable and relaxing. I highly recommend Johnny and Bark Busters. He is professional and knowledgeable and Lola loved him. I promise you will be more than happy with the results. Permalink
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Jenna M Costa Mesa, Orange, California | March 12 2021
We have nothing but great things to say about our experiences working with Johnny Jumper at Bark Busters. Our Australian Shepherd pup is a smart dog and we were having a lot of difficulties training him prior to working with Johnny. Prior to working with Johnny, our puppy controlled us. He barked very aggressively at strangers, was not good at walking, had horrible separation anxiety, and did not listen to us if we didn’t have treats on us. Johnny taught us how to speak our dog's language, and immediately after our first session, our dog’s temperament improved drastically. Johnny has been very responsive to all of our questions, and he is very flexible in scheduling in-person training sessions with us. He is excellent at personalizing our training to building solutions that last. We highly recommend working with Johnny and Bark Busters! Permalink
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John R Orange, Orange, California | March 12 2021
I called Bark Busters and Johnny Jumper came to my home to help with our puppy. Johnny was on time, friendly and had tons of patience. He worked with us and our puppy in a number of areas including walking on a leash. When we needed a refresher Johnny came back and helped us get back on track. I highly recommend Bark Busters and Johnny is a Rockstar. Permalink
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Jeena S Chino Hills, California | February 02 2021
We had Johnny over today for our 5 month old Shitzu. Johnny spent a few hours with us and he was very gentle but very effective. He first explained the program and goes through a small video. What's funny, is that I wasn't planning on spending much for dog training but I got the lifetime program and feel it was a great investment. Our lil puppy feels like he is playing when he opens his mouth and lunges at us, and family. Within a few hours, I have already noticed that Milo is really adjusting to the training. He no longer jumps when he wants a treat, he knows to lie down, until I get it for him. I feel so much better because Johnny explains why Milo reacts the way he does. I am very happy with Johnny, I loved his attentiveness and his patience. He answered all our questions and made it easy for us to contact him for any questions. Thank you Bark Busters, we are on our way to a great bond with our baby Milo. Permalink
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Rich V Yorba Linda, California | November 25 2020
Johnny has been amazing! Our new puppy will be BIG and we wanted to make sure he will be trained and well behaved. Wow, the steps Johnny has shown us work, no doubt about it. He is professional, extremely knowledgeable and most of all really cares about your pet. Best thing we did for our dog!!! Permalink
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Maria B Fountain Valley, Orange, California | October 11 2020
Do you all know the saying It's Never Too Late? Well I thought it was too late for my baby to learn. But Johnny assured me it wasn't . I was desperate enough to believe him so I booked our first training session with Johnny. The back story on Midnight. He is a 5yr old rescued Pit Bull. Midnight TAKES ME for a work lol I stress out everyday knowing I have to walk him. I literally have had injuries from Midnight pulling me. So here's the thing, I had to do something! I'm getting older and Midnight has a long life ahead of him. I was going to have to do something no matter what the cost. So I started my search. I was prepared to have to meet many trainers. Because Midnight, because of his hyper aggression, most people won't even go near him. Price, Reviews, nothing was going to matter. What was going to matter was seeing how Midnight was going to react to the trainer . Lol OMG Success! I didn't have to see anymore trainers! Johnny comes to the door. Midnight did not behave. Johnny was just patient. 15min in Midnight was in Love! Midnight just wanted to please Johnny. So now I have started our Homework and I am able to walk Midnight! But here's the thing lol Because Midnight was in love with Johnny I must admit, I have added it to my home training. I say to Midnight..... Let's Go On a Johnny Walk lol Midnight gets all excited lol if Midnight starts to stray, I say the command and it works 8 times out of 10 so in those other times I say to Midnight, It's a Johnny Walk! And he gets in line. Midnight and I are looking forward to our second training session. So the moral of the story is It's Never Too Late Thank You Johnny! Permalink
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Marge P Santa Ana, Orange, California | September 25 2020
Johnny was a lifesaver for us! We learned (and continue to learn) how to train our sweet but rambunctious puppy. Like many other dog owners, we knew what we should do, but not really how. We're still working with our fur baby, but see progress ever day. Thanks Johnny, for being patient with out fur baby and her parents! Permalink
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Nicole L
Nicole L Fullerton, Orange, California | December 07 2018
Frank was amazing. He was so kind to me and Rune right away. I was blown away by his training. I had never seen my dog listen to someone so well. He helped with technics for my dogs barking, jumping and pulling. We did a few exercises in the house to go over basic fundamentals and then we also spent some time outside going over how to walk. I feel Rune responded really well to the training. I highly recommend Frank for any of your training needs. My family and I will continue to go with him for any of our training needs. Permalink
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