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Heidi B
Heidi B Boston, Massachusetts | March 06 2017
We called on Scot after over a year of escalating aggressive and distressing behavior by our 3.5 year-old pug. After moving into a new home, when our pug was about 2 years old, he began to showing signs of dominance, aggression and separation anxiety. For example, he perceived anything on our new, large screen TV as a threat, and he would repeatedly run at the wall the TV screen is mounted on, barking and running around the house, sniffing out a mispercieved threat. It got so bad that he was getting overheated from the distress. It got to the point that we could no longer turn on the TV without him going ballistic. This behavior then generealized to images on our laptop computers and smart phones that he would see. When we would try to put him in a separate room so we could watch TV without exposing him to the distress of the TV, he began attacking us as we would try to close the door, say, to our bedroom or office, where we would try to keep him. Additionally, he became increasingly aggressive with us (and anyone) who would try to leave our house -- jumping, barking, nipping and trying to block our exit. To try to remediate these behaviours, which were distressing to our pug as well as everyone in our family, we read books and watched videos online to try to find a fix, but our efforts yielded nothing helpful. Finally, feeling desperate, we stumbled across Scot and Bark Busters online. We were drawn to the in-the-home approach of Bark Busters as well as a number of other features of theirs that seemed more appealing than other options we had researched. Incredibly, after only a few hours of working with Scot, our pug's behaviour (as well as our family's towards him) improved. For the first time in over a year, we can now turn on and watch TV without eliciting a firestorm of barking and distressing behaviour from our pug. While we need to continue to practice and reinforce the techniques/approaches Scot taught us, we finally feel like we are on solid footing in our interaction with our pug. The dynamic between us has been reset. Our only wish is that we had learned these approaches earlier: a lot of stress and frustration could have been saved for all. Still, we are so happy to be where we are now, and we are so very grateful for the kind, knowledgeable and practical approach that Scot brought to training our pug and us -- no doubt the bulk of the education was directed at training us humans how to communicate/interact more effectively with our pug. Scot's thoughtful approach is something we hope more people experience. Permalink
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Barbara W Windsor, Connecticut | August 23 2016
Scot arrived at my house and was afraid to come in because Thelma was barking beyond viciously at the door. I ended up putting her in her crate so he could safely enter. We (me, my daughter, and my boyfriend) spent the 1st couple of hours learning about 'dog-speak' from Scot. It was obvious that he is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in communicating with dogs and teaching their owners the same. He is a most excellent teacher and made learning about how to understand your dog, communicate with your dog, and make sure your dog is well taken care of and loved in a way that was so easy to comprehend! We were all impressed with Scot's ability to present this information in such an intuitive way. Thelma continued to bark (aggressively) in her crate while Scot was educating us. When she finally stopped, we all went in to the living room. She immediately started barking viciously again. I have never seen her so aggressive - she was truly a wild animal and we were all frightened. With utmost patience, Scot showed us how to make her understand that I was the alpha and she could trust and depend on me to take care of her. After another hour or so, Thelma had quieted down and was obeying my commands calmly. We gave her rewards of love and affection when she obeyed me, Scot, my daughter, and Ed (boyfriend). By the end of the afternoon she was a different dog - Calm and quiet and most amazingly - friends with Scot! I am continuing Thelma's training the Bark Buster way and she continues to be obedient and trusting of me - her new pack leader. She is making amazing strides and responds to my commands more eagerly and quickly each day. Permalink
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Theresa D
Theresa D Springfield, Massachusetts | November 22 2015
Thank you Scott. It only has been 3 days but we see such an improvement in all 3 dogs. We actually can sit at the table and eat without our German Shepherd trying to steal our food. We don't have to put the trash up high anymore, she lays next to our rabbit's cage with out going crazy. It's so peaceful in the house. All 3 dogs have been doing much better on the barking. With a German Shepherd (5-months old) Chihuahua/Italian greyhound (2-yrs old) and a Chihuahua (6-yrs old) thy seem to get each other barking. Having Scott come to the house was the best thing. He knows what he is talking about and helped us out so much. Very nice guy and easy to talk to. I know if we keep up on the training techniques our dogs will have manners and be happy. Thank you so much Scott. You made our house a happy peaceful house. Permalink
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Nicole L
Nicole L Middletown, Connecticut | July 13 2015
Today's class was amazing. Scott came in worked with me on how to better communicate with my dog better. It was the most amazing thing. After he left I went for a walk and was able to control his barking and pulling. I couldn't believe it. Just using a few techniques and changing how I acted I was waking a new dog. It was fabulous. Permalink
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Mikkisha C Holyoke, Massachusetts | July 02 2015
Our first visit was awesome! I can't even express the relief I feel knowing that we now have the tools and support to help us communicate with Boss! I've had boss for 8 years. 8 long years of fear aggression and seperation anxiety. He is 20lb so we just put up with it. But with the addition of our first child the nipping progressed into straight aggression. He actually attacked my mothers neighbor ending up in a home owners claim! We were at our end and actually considering putting him to sleep. Scott was our last chance! It's been 24 hours since we met with Scott and it's already like I have a new boy. He hasn't barked or growled once and three people have visited our home. I knew he was a good boy deep down and now we finally have what we need to bring it out! Bark busters saved my Boss's life, literally! Permalink
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Brittanie K West Hartford, Connecticut | January 06 2015
Prior to our session, my puppies were essentially ruling the house. They jumped up, didn't listen, and were pretty frustrating to train. All of that changed when Scot walked in; I've never seen anything like it. The education wasn't just for them either; he taught us how to act and think like canines so that we could take control of our home again. Since the session they have done a total 180 and I'm still in shock. Thanks Scot for helping us take back control of our home. It's nice being the alpha... Permalink
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Michelle B
Michelle B Enfield, Connecticut | January 04 2015
Amazing! After 1 lesson, I can walk through the house without my pup biting and nipping at my feet. Scott was very personable, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. He explained why my German Shepherd was behaving the way she was, and showed me how to let her know that "I'm in charge!" His methods are extremely effective and simple to follow. It has been one week since Scott's visit, and my coach is more relaxed and doesn't bark at every person walking by my home. Scott taught me how to set boundaries and my dog clearly knows I'm the "Pack Leader" now! You won't be disappointed if you contact Scott.....I highly recommend him! Permalink
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Tom J Chicopee, Massachusetts | December 08 2014
Impressed doesn't come close to describing our experience! We contacted Scott w the intention of making our two canines better members of the family. Within the lesson we saw that was not only possible, but we were convinced it would happen. Friday they were running for the door, barking at the UPS man. A day later, I was able to keep them back from the door and their barks to a quiet whimper. We still have work to do, but I cant say enough for Scott! He has given us the tools and confidence to help ensure we have well behaved pooches! If your furry friend isn't quite the family member you hope it could be, you owe it to yourself to contact Scott/Bark Busters. Neither of you will be sorry! Scott is also easy to work with and for the result you can achieve as a result, this is definitely affordable! Permalink
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Alicia & Fred H Granby, Connecticut | October 20 2014
Thanks so much Scott!!! Your training really had an impact! I went and bought Kongs and new beds for all of them yesterday afternoon. We did pretty well with them not sleeping on the bed and the barking has diminished greatly!!! Much appreciated! I only wish we had met you years ago!!! It is hard work but what a difference! Permalink
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Kim K Farmington, Connecticut | July 01 2014
Scot was great! Very helpful and patient. Explained what we needed to do and what we were doing wrong and gave us a lot of good information. Both Lola and Sasha have made significant progress in just over a week. I would (and have already) recommended Scot to others in need of help. Permalink
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