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Are you experiencing behavioral issues with your dog? Our dog-friendly training methods can help you overcome these issues quickly. We train in your home where you and your dog are most comfortable. With our efficient, results-oriented training program, you can achieve the communication and leadership you want with your dog.

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Common Dog Behavioral Issues We Address:

  • Aggression
  • Barking
  • Biting
  • Change in Address
  • Chewing
  • Destruction
  • Digging
  • Focus & Listening
  • Housebreaking
  • Improving Confidence
  • Jumping
  • Leash Pulling
  • Marking
  • New Baby Preparation
  • Obsessiveness
  • Respecting Other Pets
  • Running Away
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Sibling Rivalry – in House Tensions/ Fights


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About Buck & Ruth

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Best Dog Training in Southeast Michigan!

Welcome. We are Buck and Ruth Skinner your Bark Busters Dog Trainers and Dog Behavioral Therapists in Southeast Michigan. As natives of this area, we are passionate about making a difference in your life and your dog’s life. We understand that both you and your dog are unique; and we will find the right approach that fits for each individual in your family. Right now it might be stressful, but soon you and your dog will be more relaxed as you begin to communicate in a way that your dog understands.

Since 2005, we have successfully trained thousands of dogs throughout the state, so we know our dog training methods work. You will start to see immediate results at our first session. Your dog will learn the rules of your home in a simple way that is gentle but extremely effective.

We only use positive, dog-friendly methods. We do not believe in getting physical with your dog – no shock collars, prong collars or choke chains. Our methods have succeeded where other methods have failed. We use a customized approach because every client/dog is different. Together, we will find the right approach that helps you and your dog connect and develop a relationship based on trust and respect.

You’ll be amazed when you see how your dog starts to respond at our very first session. We will show you how to consistently improve and fine-tune your leadership communication, achieving long-lasting results. Let’s get started!

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What Makes Bark Busters Southeast Michigan Unique

Bark Busters is the worldwide leader of in-home dog training, helping over 1 million families and their dogs around the globe since 1989. We wholeheartedly believe in our methods and 30+ years of results. At Bark Busters Southeast Michigan, we clear up the miscommunication between dogs and humans at the root of many behavioral issues by teaching everyone to speak the same language – dog!

Our nurturing, dog-friendly approach teaches you, the pet parent, the same natural communication methods that dogs understand instinctively. Our efficient, results-oriented, training program prioritizes clear communication and leadership while addressing issues in the locations they occur.

This means faster, longer-lasting solutions for you and your dog.

Dogs learn best in a familiar, safe environment, free of outside distractions and disruptions. That’s why we come directly to your home, on your schedule to build an effective foundation for better behavior. We work first to build an effective foundation for better behavior. We teach you how to communicate with your dog. Dogs naturally live in families and look their family leaders for guidance, safety, and love. Most people don't know how to appeal to a dog's natural sense of leadership or communication. We teach you how to use friendly, canine leadership and to "speak dog" using your body language, voice tones, and timing so you and your dog communicate better! You will see results. You want to see a change in your dog’s behavior, preferably sooner rather than later.

Any Breed. Any Age. Any Issue. Get Started Today!

We customize our training sessions to achieve your specific goals and meet your dog’s unique needs. When you Learn to Speak Dog the Bark Busters Way, you get real results – and nurture positive relationships and lasting emotional bonds with your canine family member.

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Home Dog Training

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Bark Buster trainers conduct the one-on-one training in your home, without the distraction of other dogs or the stress of being sent away for dog obedience training at a kennel. After learning in your home, our behavioral therapist and trainer will work with you as needed outside and around real distractions, once you and your dog are ready.

Life of Dog Support Guarantee

Life of Dog Support Guarantee

Bark Busters Home Dog Training provides a Life of Dog Support Guarantee that is unique in the industry. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behavior and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind.

Behavior Issues

Tips & Advice

We're here to help. From general dog training tips, to puppy toilet training best practices, to learning about various dog breeds we've worked with, Bark Busters offers our free tips and advice on common dog behavior problems and more.

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Southeast Michigan Client Reviews

See what our clients have to say

I'm so glad we continued our Bark Busters training with Ruth. We recently moved from out of state and our session with her was a great reminder of techniques we had learned previously. She is clearly an experienced and effective trainer, addressed our needs, and made us much more confident having guests over and walking our puppy. Thank you!
Ruth was kind, observant and compassionate. I saw results very quickly with her hands on instruction and easy notes to help me practice. She helped me understand how my behavior and tone affects the dogs. Everyone comments on how much calmer and relaxed my boys are.
Ruth Skinner came to our home to train our dog. She gave me instructions and the tools to use to train him. She followed up with me today, and I told her that he caught on very fast and that i will keep working with him using the instructions she gave me. She did a great job, and I highly recommend her.
We’re so pleased with the knowledge we gained from our first 2 hr. session. We were introducing a younger dog to an older dog who will be living in the same home. The older dog was not happy and we didn’t know how to deal with the situation. The dogs are making progress in acclimating to the new changes. We gained confidence and our dogs were very responsive to the training that Ruth provided.
We have 3 dogs (1 older and 2 younger) They are relatively well-behaved around us, however, they had a habit of barking loudly and aggressively at other people. It got to the point that we actually felt we couldn’t have people come over to the house.

We had a a construction project coming up at our house. Knowing there would be different strangers in and out for a period of weeks, we knew it was time to do something. We did some research on dog trainers and after some anxiety and a poor phone experience with a different trainer, we found Ruth at Bark Busters.

Ruth comes to the house which we felt was important. We also saw that there were a lot of positive reviews mentioning her specifically.

Our experience was very positive. I could tell almost right away that not only was Ruth very experienced, but she really cares about dogs and understands them.

The training method is positive for the dog (not negative). It is not cruel and it is very effective. The goal is to train the people in the house to train the dog(s), which appealed to me. Ruth gave us some simple, yet effective tools to help us get the dog’s attention so you can communicate to them what you want them to do.

Her communication is great. She takes the time to be sure you understand what she is explaining. She also strongly encourages clients to text or call her right away whenever there are questions or frustrations.
it is not just lip service, she responds !
We were so pleased with our time with Ruth! She gave us some great tips and was so encouraging. Colt is a pit bull living with three golden retrievers who are best of friends. He stays to himself most of the time but when they are in a group he can sometimes get aggressive. Ruth taught us to say “easy” to the goldens which calms Colt down from the activity and let’s him know he is not threatened. We are seeing results from this!
I highly recommend Ruth to train your dog.
If you are like me and looking through countless reviews before you schedule an appointment for your dogs behavior issues, I remember how overwhelming it felt but I truly believe you are making the right choice with Bark Busters. After my very first visit with Ruth at Bark Busters, I knew this was what my dogs were missing and my only regret was that I didn't reach out sooner because my house is so much more peaceful now.

I decided I needed help of some kind when my three dogs started to get aggressive with each other out nowhere, or so I thought. Their behaviors were otherwise tolerable for our family, they jumped and barked a lot but I thought this was normal and it only bothered me when I tried to have guests over. Ruth has taught me though that I was overall just slacking as the pack leader by not showing my dogs what behavior was accepted and what was not. This led to chaos as my oldest dog was trying to be the boss and guard the household essentially and also led to aggression between the three because I didn't know how to stop them when they ganged up on each other. Ruth taught us simple ways and tools to take back the control and literally all the issues have been fixed because of that, no more sibling rivalry and aggression and my guests can walk in the front door without being mobbed by my crazy dog kids!

I could not be happier with the training we recieved and that I didn't spend thousands boarding them at a puppy school like I origianlly feared I would have to. Ruth is so knowledgable and caring, always a text away with tips, and will make sure all your questions are answered and everyone in your house learns these skills and you and your dogs can find peace!

Thank you Ruth and Bark Busters!!!
I understand that there is already one Dog Whisperer, but I am convinced that Ruth is the Midwest's version! My Luna is a rescue dog and she is very anxious. She would always approach a situation with barking and aggressively pulling the leash to get to whatever has made her feel anxious. After two sessions with Ruth, Luna is already behaving less anxiously and aggressively. We had our second session today and we met at a park. Fortunately there were people, dogs and squirrels around to present the usual challenges we encounter everyday. I understand that both Luna and I have undergone this training, and honestly so far we are both doing so well. Ruth, and the Bark Busters program is very easy to follow and it works. That is the bottom line, this works. If you want to have the dog of your dreams, but need a bit of assistance getting there, Ruth and Bark Busters is really the way to go.
I don't think I really realized how stressed and overwhelmed I really felt about my dogs' behaviors or my inability to effectively lead them until Ruth came to our home. I knew my dogs were anxious and I knew I needed to learn how to help them, but I didn't know much more than that. Every time I thought about someone coming to my home, I would become tense. I dreaded having friends or family over. Anyone who came to our house knew how the dogs barked, jumped, and created a sense of chaos, and I didn't know how to make it better. Ruth saved the day. After five years of stress, she turned things around in one visit. I've learned how to keep my boys back from the door, quietly waiting for me to signal that they can come to greet our guests. I wouldn't have believed it if you had told me, but they are like new dogs. Calmer, happier, and more confident. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone, and Ruth specifically. She was kind, confident, and patient, taking in a lot of information very quickly and teaching three members of my family how to work effectively with three dogs. It was a lot, but she managed it beautifully. Thank you, Ruth, for giving us hope and relief. We look forward to more sessions with you, so we can continue to learn and help our boys.
Ruth was very helpful to my husband and myself on how to help Angel. Was a great experience.
The day of the lesson I saw results but was concerned it may have been because the trainer was there, however, the dog has continued to respond all week now. We have made significant progress in resolving the issues the most important one being the aggressive behaviors toward me since my husband died. I am very impressed at how well the methods taught have worked. Ruth, my trainer, demonstrated a high level of knowledge in evaluating & interpreting my dog's behavior & providing/demonstrating the associated way to change the dog's behavior in an appropriate manner. Ruth made sure that I understood the dynamics of the dog's behavior, what he was communicating, and how I needed to respond in order to demonstrate that I am the leader not him. I am so grateful to have found bark busters and Ruth to help me with my dog.
Ruth was extremely kind and detailed. The behavior was already different by the time she left. Looking forward to seeing results after some time implementing ideas. I think us humans over complicate training dogs and she made it clear and concise.
I can't say enough good things about Bark Busters training, and Ruth in particular. Our dog Jake is a good dog, but a big puppy (now 85 lbs at 10 months), so the normal puppy things like pulling, shoving by us on the stairs, and jumping up on people were a problem. The change was immediate during Ruth's first visit, and she had Jake waiting to let us up the stairs before him, waiting on the rug while we opened the door to visitors, and well on his way to not pulling on our walks. The tools and resources she provided us, both in terms of knowledge and equipment, meant that we had what we needed to continue the positive behavior and keep Jake's respect going forward. This training is so welcome in contrast to treat-based training, which left us stranded (literally) when our dog would do things like lie down and refuse to leave the park when it was time to go home, unless we had treats with us to lure him home. I'm so happy we chose Bark Busters, and am very pleased with impact on relationship with our puppy.
I adopted my rescue sweetie on June 30, 2018; he is a poodle mix about 4-5 years old. We’ve been working with Ruth from Bark Busters for about four months. We needed help with greeting people, especially children, and appropriate leash behaviors. Bentley has come such a long way, and I have become much more confident in communicating effectively with him. From the initial in-home intake visit and training session, it was clear that Ruth’s kind and understanding approach was the one for both of us! The training, while comprehensive, is not a one-size-fits-all. It is tailored to an individual pet and owner’s needs at the outset and on an on-going basis. I appreciate the flexibility of being able to work with Bentley at our own pace and being able to schedule the next training session when it works for us. I highly recommend Bark Busters training!
We had one 2 hour session today with Ruth. We already see noticeable improvement in Hugo. No lie. He is taking cues, responding to commands, and seems calmer. My husband and I are very inspired. We really thought it was hopeless. I'm so happy we found Ruth! Don't wait as long as we did to do this,
Boomer and I have needed a lot of help for some time now with our communication and with our first baby on the way I knew that dog training was something that needed to be done and FAST. I found Bark Busters on Google and inquired through their website. The response time was AMAZING- Ruth got back with me after only half an hour and answered any questions I had about their programs. Ruth was so great to work with, so personable and our FIRST training session went so well. Boomer is already on his way to better behavior/manners, and I have a feeling him and I are going to get along a lot better. She gave me the tools I need to have the confidence in communicating with my him. Keep in mind this is only after ONE session. I cannot wait to keep doing sessions and keep seeing improvements!
Nickel is a wonderful pet who barks loudly at other dogs and many people including our neighbors. I wanted help controlling some of this behavior without using aggressive or negative reinforcement techniques. I had previously been through other forms of training with Nickel. Ruth Skinner taught my husband and I how to communicate with Nickel in a way he understood and to change some behaviors without punishment or denying Nickel from his natural tendencies to be a dog. After only one session Nickel was calmer, more relaxed and related better to me at home, in the yard and on walks. He still is able to act out certain dog behaviors when we allow them but we can help him to stop other behaviors we don't want from him -- without treating him badly, yelling at him, or in any other way diminishing him. We are very pleased with the BarkBusters technique and Ruth's training; it is well worth what we paid.
My family loved Ruth and the manner she presented all of the information. It was a lot to take in but she had such a calm, relaxed approach it made my wife and kids feel very confident. The basic skills and knowledge Ruth gave us after our first session has produced great results. I am the dog person in the family, my wife doesn't have the experience or confidence when dealing with dogs. Until now! I have not only witnessed great results while dealing with Woodson but my wife has been stepping in in a greater role and handling him as well. I can see that the skills Ruth brought to us have built my wife's confidence too. My younger kids are taking a leadership role as well just at a slower pace but they are displaying increased confidence! This has been an amazing experience to this point after just one training session, I look forward to the future with Ruth and future training.
I can't say enough about the great skills Ruth taught to Jerry, and Buster and I! We had a ten person dinner party this evening which was a complete success thanks to you Ruth! God bless you! Buster exceeded our expectations and was quiet the entire evening and even enjoyed a bit of petting! We gladly endorse Bark Busters and refer to anyone we know who could benefit from your amazing skill set. A big thanks!
Buster is an accomplished student of Ruth! He has transformed into a wonderful host at parties instead of a nervous bark all night puppy! Grateful for Bark Busters! 💜🐾
The training session was informative and hands-on. It has been easy to follow the instructions.
Muncie has really bad separation anxiety. I had to take her to work with me, and couldn't do simple tasks around the house without her right by my side. With Ruth's help after a few days it is already night and day with her. Granted we still have a lot more work to be where I would want but Ruth gives you all the right tools to be on the right path to success! I'm so happy with the results I'm seeing after just a few days. I can go to the bathroom by myself, and take the trash out with out her having a melt down. It is the little victory's already I'm so happy with. Ruth really goes over and beyond for her clients making sure they have all the tips to have great results. She has already called me to check in and gave me more ideas to help. Hands down the best experience I think I have had with any company. I would recommend this to anyone. This is worth every penny to have that one on one in home experience and to get my life back. Thank you!
We loved Ruth and so did our puppy! We thank her a million times over for the help with our puppy! We've only had one training session so far and we're 100% satisfied !
Ruth was very encouraging and explained everything in good detail. Theo responded well as did my other dog. I used the technique a few hours after Ruth left and I was able to cook dinner without Theo being right there trying to stick his nose in all the food. I was able to easily communicate to Theo to stay outside of the kitchen. This was a first and a much appreciated outcome!
Ruth is amazing! She's very knowledgeable and helpful. In just 1 1/2 hours with her here showing us techniques and giving us a different perspective on how to deal with him, he was a different dog. We've continued to use her techniques and they are working! When I have any questions, I can call her and she answers them quickly. I wish we would have given Bark Busters a call years ago when we got him. I highly recommend Ruth and Bark Busters!
My fiancé and I have 2 pitbulls, Miley is 8 years old and Bogey will be 2 this year. We have had our hands full! = Sibling rivalry became an issue, our oldest would become more aggressive specifically with food and toys. Neither have shown aggression towards humans, nor was there an issue with being territorial over myself or fiancé. We quickly identified food and toys as an issue but had no idea how to handle them! From the first phone conversation with Ruth and the advice she offered I knew we had made the right choice in calling Bark Busters. Ruth provided suggestions that have made a huge impact on how we manage our dogs behavior. She explained that our oldest dog was essentially disciplining the puppy, who has now grown to be the same size as the older dog. We had to restablish who was the pack leader and make it clear we would not tolerate their aggressive behavior. It has worked wonderfully! We spent time walking and working on leash pulling as well as how to keep the dogs from jumping up on people when they come in the house. Money well spent! Thank you so much Ruth!!

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