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Are you experiencing behavioral issues with your dog? Our dog-friendly training methods can help you overcome these issues quickly. We train in your home where you and your dog are most comfortable. With our efficient, results-oriented training program, you can achieve the communication and leadership you want with your dog.

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Common Dog Behavioral Issues We Address:

  • Aggression
  • Barking
  • Biting
  • Change in Address
  • Chewing
  • Destruction
  • Digging
  • Focus & Listening
  • Housebreaking
  • Improving Confidence
  • Jumping
  • Leash Pulling
  • Marking
  • New Baby Preparation
  • Obsessiveness
  • Respecting Other Pets
  • Running Away
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Sibling Rivalry – in House Tensions/ Fights


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Meet Adrienne, Your Local Professional Dog Trainer

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Home Dog Training & Dog Behavioral Therapy in Aurora & Southeast Denver!

Welcome. I am Adrienne Greene your Bark Busters Dog Trainer and Dog Behavioral Therapist in Aurora, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Parker, and the Greater Southeastern areas of Denver.

Why Choose Bark Busters Home Dog Training?

No treats, no shock collars, no prong collars - We teach you how to build respect and trust with your dog to get the results you want through leadership, affirmation and praise.

Your dog’s behavior is driven by its innate nature. Your dog’s main needs are to feel safe and secure. All its “bad” behaviors – barking, aggression, leash reactivity, separation anxiety (and more) are driven by this. We teach you how to communicate with your dog to build that safety and security. This training allows them to “let go” and be a dog. 

Benefits of our Training

We teach you how to use the two things your dog understands – your body language and your tone of voice – to speak your dog’s language. Your dog then gets to “let go” of the leadership role. This means your dog is happier and healthier and you are happier and calmer. I have worked with numerous clients with significant challenges with their dogs. They are leading different lives today. I have also saved over a dozen dogs from being euthanized. Give yourself and your dog the greatest gift you can - the gift of feeling safe and loved.

Call us today so we can get you on your journey. 

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Client Reviews

See what our clients in Denver Southeast have to say

Gracie is a bouncy 20 mos, 80 lb Pyrenees/Lab mix. She has a sweet disposition, is incredibly smart and has a mind of her own. Given her size, it was imperative to be able to keep her under control (I’m 97 lbs). Adrienne came to work with us and the change was almost immediate. Mind blowing. There are still areas which need work, but this session alone has made her considerably more manageable.
When we rescued our pup Nala, she showed severe dog-anxiety/aggression on and off leash. It was definitely a struggle a first time dog owner to be working with a dog with a serious prior underlying issue. We had tried to work with few trainers prior to Dan whom did not fix the problem. Dan is an incredible trainer. He clearly explains key principles about dog and human pack psychology as well as exercises to work on with your dog. Now, Nala is such a well behaved dog. I have confidence that using Bark Buster principles and Dan's instructions I'm able to work with Nala by myself. He has made the lifetime training fee very well-worth it.
Adrienne is AWESOME! Who knew that our fur son was feeling like he needed to take care of us. Adrienne came in and started training us to let Sugga Ray (our 1-year 11-month-old Boxer) know that we are taking care of him. I was amazed at the training techniques. So simple, that it made us feel really stupid. I guess you don't know, what you don't know. We are working on his reaction to other dogs if they bark at him or get in his space, but of course when we need dogs to pass by us on the trail that bark, there are none to be found. Adrienne gave us a great start and left us with plenty of homework for Sugga Ray. I know we have more things to work on, but we feel so good about his progress in just a week. We had overnight company this past weekend and he did not jump up on anyone not once. We are super proud of his 1st week of progress and our parent progress. I look forward to a very long relationship with Adrienne and Bark Busters. You all have been a blessing to us. I wish I would have found you all years ago with past fur babies, but I am definitely looking forward to a long partnership with Bark Busters.
We were blessed with a rescue dog with high energy and in high need of training. We were told he was six years old, but our guess he was about three when we started fostering him. He is a rescue and we have no knowledge of his previous life before coming to us. He had two surgeries to treat his hip dysplasia followed by physical therapy sessions. Ruben has been a part of our family for two years now. During the time we fostered him, the animal rescue did provide a trainer to help us with Ruben’s behavior, but we knew we needed much more. Our daughter found Bark Busters and we met with Adrienne at our home about a year ago. Adrienne knows how to get a dog’s attention so the dog will follow through with her commands. Adrienne may be identified as a ‘dog trainer’ but actually she is training us as the ‘dog parents’. She is teaching us the tools that will help Ruben to become happier and less fearful of the people he meets. Ruben is a ‘work in progress’. At our first meeting, Adrienne did a fabulous job teaching us how to be our dog’s leader. We have worked on ‘claiming’ the front door when guests arrive. Some of our dog’s issues (baggage) include separation anxiety, trust issues, and biting. Adrienne does not think Ruben is vicious. He just needs to know we are the leaders in his ‘pack’. Adrienne helps us with current needs at the time and she has noticed how much Ruben has improved from the first day we met. Adrienne knows Ruben is a work in progress. He is getting better as we work on the tools she has provided. Please consider Adrienne as your dog trainer. She is awesome.
Adrienne did a fabulous job training our two dogs (80 pound Great Pyrenees and a 50 pound Australian Shepard mix) After one session, the behavior of our dogs was completely changed. They no longer blocked the door trying to get out, and their incessant barking lessened. The second lesson provided us with more techniques with leash management. We went from not being able to walk the dogs to taking long walks around our neighborhood within in a matter of weeks. We couldn’t have trained our dogs without Adrienne’s help. Thank you, Adrienne!!!!
If you are skeptical about training or struggling to find a trainer you feel like you can trust to help with your furry family members, you need to read this!  Adrienne Greene with Bark Busters absolutely changed our lives!  She is a professional, charismatic trainer and very knowledgeable about our 4 legged furry friends behaviors.  The training she provided is simple, was a bit counterintuitive for my human mind at first, and dare I say, magical!  I would recommend her 100 times out of 100.  But let me give you a little background on our particular situation so that you can make the best decision possible for you and your situation.  We got our family’s first ever dog in October of 2019, a beautiful Australian Labradoodle named Millie.  Then the world shut down from Covid.  So, like many people in our situation, Millie lived at home with us while kids went to online school and adults moved to a work from home environment.  When the world started to normalize again, we took Millie out to the kids sports, to the park, and other places.  My poor little pup acted like Cujo around other dogs, people or any animal in general.  She responded to any encounter with out of control barking, growling, teeth gnashing, lunging and just all around aggressive, out of control behavior.  We had no idea what to do.  So we started to research dog trainers. We talked to a dozen different trainers that all had different philosophies and in the end they all made us a bit uncomfortable. So we did nothing.  We just continued with the status quo and either brought Millie with us and endured the crazy aggressive behavior by trying to avoid other people and dogs, or we left her at home.  Those awful encounters just encouraged us to limit her interactions with other people and dogs even further.  Millie is super affectionate and loves all of us and we love her dearly.  I knew she needed some kind of training if I was ever going to be able to take her with us and have her enjoy being out and about with us.  So, we started looking for trainers again.  We waded through countless web pages reading about different training systems, reviews, methods, and pricing models.  We tried some socialization and behavior training and had a horrible experience because nothing changed with her behavior.  So once again we decided that we would just continue with the status quo, and sadly, that we might not be able to take her with us anymore.  Then came August 2022 and my family started to talk to me about getting another puppy.  I love Millie and she brings so much joy to my life.  I was extremely hesitant to get another puppy because I was worried about how Millie would respond to a new puppy in our home.  I did not want to bring a new dog into our home and make her miserable, nor did I want to make the rest of my family miserable.  So we started reading about the right way to introduce a new puppy to an existing dog.  Once again, there were several different opinions regarding the right way to do this and it felt impossible to know which way was correct.  I kept reading about needing to be ready for an outcome where the dogs just refused to be around one another and needing to isolate them from one another forever.  Talk about going from bad to worse.  I just could not imagine putting Millie and my family through that.  I knew that if I agreed to get a new puppy, I could not get the introduction process wrong.  Ultimately, I agreed to get a new puppy.  

That brings me to Adrienne and Bark Busters.  My wife came across the Bark Busters website and asked me to look at it.  After looking at 30 or 40 different training sites over the years, and having a bad experience with one, I was naturally skeptical about the process in general.  I liked what I read on the Bark Busters website and like many training sites they had some good reviews that seemed to mirror the behaviors that we saw with Millie.  Even after all of that I said no at first.  Then I slept on it, and the next morning decided that I just could not afford to get the introduction process wrong and I needed help with that so I called Bark Busters.  I made an appointment with Adrienne and explained my situation to her.  She scheduled us for our first training, which was the day after we were picking up the new puppy and asked that I not introduce the two dogs until she was there and we worked with Millie first.  After all of the bad interactions we had with Millie and other dogs I thought to myself, there is no hope of fixing Millie, but at least we can get the new puppy introduction right.  BOY WAS I WRONG!  Adrienne came into our home and began to teach my family how to speak dog, without Millie being involved yet.  Now I was really skeptical.  I came into this process with an open mind but as she described this simple process of correcting all of Millie’s aggressive behaviors, I was telling myself that there was no way this was going to work and that I had made the wrong choice.  Then we brought Millie into the training environment and started working with her and to say that my mind was blown is an understatement!  As we worked with Millie over the next hour or so, I witnessed a dog that started to show impulse control, was in the room with a stranger and wasn’t showing any signs of aggression, met another dog on leash and showed no signs of aggressive behavior, etc… My son asked her where she learned her black magic because our dog was acting like a completely new, much better behaved dog.  Then we moved on to introducing Millie to our new puppy Maverick.  It went okay, but Millie showed some aggressive behavior and was not comfortable with it.  We bought into the super simple training that Adrienne gave us and over the next day, we had very good interactions between the two dogs keeping Maverick in his puppy pen and Millie outside of it.  So the next day we moved to interactions with both dogs on a leash in our front yard.  And to my surprise Millie was amazing.  After one day, she had no growling, barking, lunging, nothing.  She was a completely different dog!  Now she was not used to playing with another dog so she is learning to play less aggressively, but after 2 days of my family working with her, she is no longer showing any signs of aggression toward our new pup.  So by the end of day 2 we moved onto on leash interactions in the house, which went very well.  Day 3 we had both dogs interacting off leash in the house, but still with very close supervision.  We had a stranger come to our door and Millie just stood in the other room and watched the interaction.  No barking, growling, nothing!  Seeing how well Adrienne’s training is working for our almost 3 year old dog and our new puppy, I wish we would have found her and trained with her years ago.  But you don’t know what you don’t know and if you are like me, you love your dog, and there is a lot of different information out there about training methods, and you don’t want to do the wrong thing with your best friend.  Or you have tried some training and it did not work.  If any of this resonates with you and your situation, please call Adrienne at Bark Busters.  She did nothing short of change our lives.  4 days ago we had an adult dog that was extremely aggressive toward other dogs and strangers.  Today, I have her in my office with me and have introduced her to several new people.  Using Adrienne’s training I had no problem introducing them and Millie greeted each of them happily.  Yes you read that correctly.  4 DAYS LATER, my once aggressive dog is meeting strangers in a strange environment and enjoying the experience.  I took her out to walk in a strange environment and she walked well on the leash, relieved herself, met a new strange dog, all without incident and she did so well!  Now she was still a little uncertain about meeting the new dog today, but she did really well.  No barking, growling, lunging, nothing.  Just a little tentative to meet the new dog, but she did so well!  Now you know why I described Adrienne’s training as magical.  I don’t know how to describe it any better than that.  It is super simple, seems a little counterintuitive at first, and just flat out works like nothing I have ever seen before.  By the end of day one, I was telling my self what an idiot I was for not doing this years ago.  Listen the bottom line is that her training works, and it works better than I ever imagined it would.  I had sadly given up hope of being able to take Millie out in pubic with me and 4 days later she is meeting strangers like a happy dog and sitting by my side in my office.  I am not here to convince you to use Bark Busters.  If you took the time to read about my situation and you made it this far, you know that I understand the apprehension that is involved with finding a trainer for your best friend and trusting that what they are doing is the right thing.  I am only here to share my story of success and hopefully empower you to change your life and the life of your furry friend(s) for the better.
8.2021 There comes a point in every dog lover’s life when you have to get REAL honest with yourself about the successes you want your furry loved one to have while interacting with people, animals, the delivery person at the door, the rogue, “super friendly” off leash nightmare, the neighbor they see through the window, the “new” furry addition to the family or just taking a general walk to the mailbox.
I adopted a 3yr old deaf Australian Cattle Dog (currently 7 yrs old) with a very questionable past we shall say, we went through 3 years together just her and I ruling our roost like two girls would. I gave her the best training I knew how (and I thought I knew how – I mean, I grew up on a ranch, we always had cow dogs, what didn’t I know about this breed) - (fast-forward a year) 2 surgeries for the cow dog, a bad motorcycle accident for me, a new boyfriend and a 2nd deaf dog combined our worlds. (A little knowledge on the 2nd deaf dog, she is a 4y old boxer who was attacked by a pitbull and left her with staples in her front and back leg. This dog feared everything in her world and was brought into a new home with a girl human and a cow dog she didn’t know) The Cow Dog was having NO PART of a 2nd dog in this house – Nope, not even a little bit – we went from smooth sailing to barking, biting, fighting, whining, territorial, unpredictability overnight.
In walks Adrienne Greene – Bing Bang Boom, 3 hours later, lots of homework, lots of grace for us humans and our furry counter parts, lots of education and I personally learned the things I thought I knew was in part, me trying to humanize/rationalize a dog’s reactions logically instead of getting on their level, learning their language – one morning spent with Adrienne was a Game Changer for both dogs, and both fur loving dog parents.
The end result of a 3-hour session: Cow Dog was calm, relaxed and focused on me for direction (being deaf that is huge in our communication skills) no longer looking to try to rule this roost. The Boxer dogs anxiety was melting away in front of our eyes, she is and continues to gain confidence and looks to us for direction and security. (And we are just getting started, but we are starting now in a peaceful, cohesive, trainable household)
I can honestly say you are doing yourself and your furry family member a huge disservice if you have any issues/questions surrounding dog behavior in any stage and do not engage Adrienne Greene for help.
PS – do yourself a favor and stay off the “worlds best training web sites” you will thank yourself later (or like me, mid-session) I was doing the preverbal forehead slap for wasting so much time thinking I was doing the right thing for my dog.
Pupdate: 5.2022 Almost a year later we needed to do an in-home session with Adrienne again to help our boxer dog with a new set of anxious behaviors, it took less than an hour to address and redirect her anxiety and help her to calm herself down and become a quiet dog again.
Wish I had done this sooner. Two days after moving cross country, we had our first session with Dan. We saw results the same day. Dan was patient & explained how to get the intended behavior results. This training was worth the investment. My Buddy is no longer a maniacal barker. As a result, we are both much more relaxed in public settings.
I had tried several other methods for my dog who had pretty bad separation anxiety not only when left alone but even when I was not in the room. So bad he chewed through the bedroom door and rug trying to get out of the room alone. The other methods used treats and I was desperate enough to try a shock collar which only made things worse. I emailed Dan and within an hour I had a booking on his calendar, albeit a but down the road due to how busy he was.

What can I say. He arrived on time and took the time to ask lots of questions. He explained me something called the circle of symptoms which at first seemed a bit different but the more he detailed it I stared to understand the why of Abba's anxiety and how we were going to treat it. He was VERY honest about what it would take and that this wasn't an easy case but if I was willing to put in the time, about an hour per day which isn't terrible, that we had a chance.

I am happy to report that his method has almost totally cured him and only in two visits with him. Abba is calmer, more relaxed and not constantly panicked about where I am. He is even WAY better walking outside on a leash having lost his reactivity to other dogs on walks. I am so grateful to Dan for his guidance, he is always available actually calling me back while he was away on a short vacation. Thank you Dan and BarkBusters for all you've done. It is apparent that you care about the welfare of your customers and highly recommend him for your dog challenges.
Adrienne was so great with our dogs!! She was also so great with us! Always giving us encouragement as well. We saw immediate change in our dogs. Also Adrienne was always available and willing to make more house visits!
Sadie the dog was about to go to inpatient training camp until we talked to Adrienne. The 3 week inpatient program used e-collars and other harsher training techniques, Adrienne’s approach is much more compassionate to the dog.

Adrienne came to the house and within 2 hours had Sadie acting like a different dog. Sadie had been barking at the kids, chasing the cats, lunging at other dogs and barking at all new people. No exaggeration, two hours working with Adrienne, and Sadie was behaving like a different dog. Importantly, we did the training at Adrienne’s instruction and were left with the knowledge and tools to reinforce the new Sadie.

Two month’s later, and Sadie continues to display great behaviors. Do yourself (and your dog!) a favor, work with Adrienne in your home, with the stimuli that produce bad behavior, and find yourself amazed like I was. Thank you Adrienne!!
We adopted our Naughty Gnocchi in August, and he immediately showed us fear aggression, separation anxiety...the gamut. Adrienne's help has made DRASTIC improvements in our and Gnocchi's lives. He's no longer afraid of meeting new people or dogs, he walks next/behind us on walks, he doesn't have separation anxiety accidents...he's like a whole different dog. The shelter behaviorist AND the vet told us we should probably have to put him down, but after two training sessions with Adrienne, our little Gnocchi is on his way to being a gentleman. Seriously, we owe his life to Bark Busters. I cannot say enough about the drastically positive influence this training has had on us as dog owners and our pup. Thank you so much!
Adrienne was fantastic! I adopted a 3 year old shepherd mix and he came with a history of aggression (explained to me as leash/dog reactivity). Within a few days of adopting him, he exhibited some other signs of aggression that concerned me. I contacted Adrienne/Barkbusters and she worked me in to her schedule almost immediately. Toby quickly responded to her techniques, and in a matter of hours, I had a far better behaved dog. It was amazing! It is clear I need to work on my "leadership" skills so my dog sees me more as the leader, but Adrienne provided me the tools, the knowhow, and helpful explanations so that I can be the leader my dog needs me to be! Adrienne is a confident, compassionate, patient, and effective trainer - I would highly recommend her.
Been at this method for a few weeks now and wow is it working. I was referred to Dan, finding he had sold his area and was initially disappointed but Adrienne is amazing. She is detail oriented and focused on solutions with explanations. I'm very satisfied and would recommend anyone to use Adrienne or Dan in his area with whatever.
DAN WORKS MIRACLES!! I had tried three trainers prior for an aggressive Husky who had bitten two people, mostly nips but still went after two friends in my home. My vet mentioned Dan and his method and when I called his staff handled my fear and anxiety really well. I felt at ease speaking with them. Dan confirmed his appointment the day before as he books out a bit, showed up early and immediately let me know I am not the issue. He also shed some VERY interesting light on some things that most dog owners wouldn't even think about as the cause of some of the issues I faced.
We started and within an hour my dog was sitting next to him on the couch relaxed and enjoying Dan's affection. I was blown away and frankly so happy I couldn't wait to continue. He made it clear what it would take and that even though what I saw day one was real I couldn't rest on not leading my dog for as long as Kona was alive.

Thank you so much Dan for your help. I will be referring to to everyone I know that needs help. A true dog whisperer.
I have a Rottie mix named Roscoe who, over time showed lots of leash aggression to dogs on walks, in the dog park although it didn't start right away. I did some research on the why and tried some things people gave me and from the web but nothing seemed to work. I contacted BarkBusters and they were in touch that day and detailed how they could help. Adrienne showed up and spent time to understand the issues and explained they why. Apparently Roscoe wasn't as social as I thought and the dog park could have been a major cause of this.
Within 2 hours he was a totally different dog. He no longer barked as people passing by the house, he was more relaxed on leash and we were able to pass multiple dogs at a small distance without any reactions. I was shocked and frankly in disbelief. I was told that practice was required but it was laid out in a simple way using methods that you can do while you live your daily life. Thanks to Adrienne and her team everyone in the home is much happier and more relaxed. Highly recommend this company and Adrienne.
Amazing process, very prompt and professional. My dog had aggression and axniety and Adrienne practically made it disappear. I am highly recommending her to people who need help.
I was so quickly amazed at how fast Adrienne was able to help with my dog Jelly. She can be very leash aggressive with other dogs and had bitten a dog that snuck up on her. Adrienne came in and explained the why, made me realize that some of the things I was doing to help were actually making things worse, but did it in a way that didn't make me feel bad about it. The extra time taken to explain the details of the why, she sowed me the method and we saw immediate results We had Adrienne back for a quick follow up based on some challenges that were immediately addressed. She responds quickly, shows up on time and gets the job done. I am writing this to help others know I would only call her if you need help.
So I did some research on methods and went with Barkbusters for it's holistic and dog communication based approach. I was assigned Adrienne who has extensive experience with dogs and told me she joined BarkBusters after being a client for over 10 years. My dog Mylo is sweet but scared and VERY reactive to other dogs outside of the home. Adrienne arrived and immediately made me feel like she cared. She seems just as good with humans as she is with dogs.
She detailed the method and how it uses dog speak to teach Mylo that I lead the pack and I can make him feel safe by teaching him that through this leadership he feels protected and no longer needing to protect his den.
Within 2.5 hours Mylo is TRANSFORMED!! We worked inside first as that impacts the walk and in setting up the scene to leave the house Mylo encountered a dog within minutes and he had zero reaction, actually looking relaxed during the encounter. I am so impressed with her professionalism, caring nature and skill with dogs.

I highly recommend her for any challenges you face with your dog. Thank you Adrienne. You have made us all happier.
We were doing well with our first dog, but then got a puppy who turned the tables on us a bit. We were shocked at how much growth our dogs made between the 1st session with Dan and the 2nd. There is less random barking inside, we can have the front door open and not have to play guard to keep the dogs inside, and they know their place in the house. I never thought we'd be able to take one of the dogs for a walk without a harness, yet here we are! Walking side by side with a collar! We are still in the process of training and will continue to learn from Dan, but we have also gained more understanding around how the dog brain works. Dan is incredibly patient and keeps it real with how he interacts with us and the dogs. He is quick to respond to questions we have, but what I appreciate most is that he asks questions to get to understand the situation better because he's the expert. Sometimes, we don't know what we don't know. If you need a trainer for your dog(s), we highly recommend looking into Bark Busters and working with Dan!
INCREDIBLE!!!! My Willie was aggressive when strangers entered the home. I had tried two other trainers with no luck. When Dan arrived I was really hopeful he could help as he came referred by someone I know. He detailed the why, allowed me to ask LOTS of questions and was very patient and informative when it came to the why of his technique.

We started training with Willie in a bedroom. Within minutes Willie was invited outside the bedroom an d he could care less that Dan was even in the house. More than blown away bu this given he has bitten multiple times. We continued to claim spaces and own the home letting Willie know he no longer needed to lead the pack.

the detail around the zones of the brain are very helpful. It's been two months and the results are sticking. I have about 30 or so minutes of homework daily, very easy to follow and Dan does a great job of giving you chances to teach just while living your daily life.

Thank you Dan. You have saved us and allowed us to have people over again, we are all so much more relaxed and happier daily. Give Dan a chance. You won't regret it one bit.
My two rescue dogs and l had a “good enough for me” set-up in our home in Vermont. The Husky mix couldn’t be left alone in the house without eating through Sheetrock and window sills. I couldn’t walk the Shepherd mix because he literally pulled me off my feet when on leash. We made do because we had a fenced-in backyard- Orla stayed outside when l was gone. She had a warm dog house and she loves the snow. Perry got his exercise in the backyard or at a dog park. Our recent move to a second floor condo in Denver changed everything. I had to walk both dogs together 3-4 times per day. Perry came close to dislocating my shoulder with his pulling. With wintery weather coming, it was only a matter of when l fell on the ice, not if. Neither could l leave the house without taking the dogs with me. Orla could easily chew through a second floor window in an attempt to escape. I read countless reviews of dog trainers and know that l struck gold with Dan Gusmerotti. He has provided me with the education, skills and support to become the Alpha my dogs so desperately needed. The unacceptable behaviors driven by anxiety are no longer evident. I honestly would not have predicted this level of success. I would not have believed that l could give my dogs the continued training to keep us all on our best behavior. I give Dan Gusmerotti of Bark Busters my highest recommendation. If l could give ten stars, I would.
OMG what to say. We have a very aggressive and fearful mixed breed we adopted in March. Covid caused no guests and no socialization at all. Once that started to ease Rudy had bitten 3 people who came through the door, all friends and our neighbor over the fence line. Wow.....we realized we couldn't do this with just videos and or asking for online help so we contacted Dan. His office responded with an hour and detailed all of what we should expect. We took the lifetime package because with Rudy being younger and the chance we move we wanted to know we had the support.

Dan arrived early and we met for about 35 or so minutes going over it all. GREAT INFORMATION. He explained why Rudy felt and acted this way because by accident really we were forcing stress upon him by making him lead the pack.
We were shown the method, different for sure but we knew it would work because Dan has a way about him that says trust me. We trusted him and within one hour Ruby was relaxing on the couch with Dan sitting within 3 feet of him. Rudy even approached Dan asking for affection. Our mouths hit the floor as we couldn't believe what we were witnessing.
He showed us how to claim and protect the front door and just by making one sound how Rudy would look and return to us.

We know work is needed and practice is required but it seems to be about 45 minutes or so per day and all while living your life. Forget the TV dog whisperer. Dan is more than that......and all done without treats or shock collars.

Call Dan ASAP to go over what you need. The results are incredible. Dan many thanks for your live saving technique, your patience and your guidance.
I can’t begin to say how amazing Dan is!!! During our first visit Dan sat and talked with us for an extended period of time about what was going on with our dog. When we got to the exercises with the dog, there was absolutely no doubt that Dan understood the behavioral issues because by the time he left, there was a huge difference in my dog’s behavior. The best part is that he didn’t do any correction with my dog, it was all us. So when Dan left, my dog still responded to me and I knew exactly how to properly correct my dog’s behavior. It has been almost 3 months since this meeting, and I finally have the dog I wanted all along. Dan is incredibly knowledgeable and has always responded quickly to emails. No matter how bad the case is, I truly believe that Dan is the go to guy for dog behavior issues.
Dan has an innate gift of understanding how a dog communicates and what drives their behavior; he instinctively knew the best way to get my dog Jake’s attention and to sustain it to teach him new skills. It’s also nice that I can now have friends over again, people couldn’t come over before because of Jake’s terrible anxiety and aggression...he’s now cured! I highly recommend Dan G.
Dan at Bark Busters is awesome!! This training is a GAME CHANGER for anyone looking to have an obedient dog. The process was simple and we got major results after the 1st and 2nd visit... Our 3 year old pup is a different person and a much more relaxed and non-stressed pet!!

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Does My Aggressive Dog Need Training?

Aggression, whether directed towards humans or other animals is not an inherent trait, it’s a learned behavior. Fear is often the cause of aggression, which coupled with adrenaline and incorrect education can be a recipe for disaster. At Bark Busters Denver Southeast we firmly believe that no dog is beyond help.

Understanding the Cause of Aggression in Dogs

If your dog displays aggressive behavior, for any reason, it’s important to get the help of a professional dog trainer. Our Denver Southeast team is equipped to help you pinpoint the cause of your dog’s aggression and help you implement strategies to resolve these issues and reduce the stress it causes.

There are many different types of dog aggression, including:

  • Aggression with other dogs or other animals
  • Aggression towards humans
  • Food aggression
  • Possessive aggression
  • Territorial aggression

Bark Busters Denver Southeast has successfully dealt with an array of dog aggression issues with many of our clients. If you’re struggling with dog aggression, in any form, we are here to help!

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What Makes Bark Busters Denver Southeast Unique

Bark Busters is the worldwide leader of in-home dog training, helping over 1 million families and their dogs around the globe since 1989. We wholeheartedly believe in our methods and 30+ years of results. At Bark Busters Denver Southeast, we clear up the miscommunication between dogs and humans at the root of many behavioral issues by teaching everyone to speak the same language – dog!

Our nurturing, dog-friendly approach teaches you, the pet parent, the same natural communication methods that dogs understand instinctively. Our efficient, results-oriented, training program prioritizes clear communication and leadership while addressing issues in the locations they occur.

This means faster, longer-lasting solutions for you and your dog.

Dogs learn best in a familiar, safe environment, free of outside distractions and disruptions. That’s why we come directly to your home, on your schedule to build an effective foundation for better behavior. We work first to build an effective foundation for better behavior. We teach you how to communicate with your dog. Dogs naturally live in families and look their family leaders for guidance, safety, and love. Most people don't know how to appeal to a dog's natural sense of leadership or communication. We teach you how to use friendly, canine leadership and to "speak dog" using your body language, voice tones, and timing so you and your dog communicate better! You will see results. You want to see a change in your dog’s behavior, preferably sooner rather than later.

Any Breed. Any Age. Any Issue. Get Started Today!

We customize our training sessions to achieve your specific goals and meet your dog’s unique needs. When you Learn to Speak Dog the Bark Busters Way, you get real results – and nurture positive relationships and lasting emotional bonds with your canine family member.

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Home Dog Training

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Bark Buster trainers conduct the one-on-one training in your home, without the distraction of other dogs or the stress of being sent away for dog obedience training at a kennel. After learning in your home, our behavioral therapist and trainer will work with you as needed outside and around real distractions, once you and your dog are ready.

Life of Dog Support Guarantee

Life of Dog Support Guarantee

Bark Busters Home Dog Training provides a Life of Dog Support Guarantee that is unique in the industry. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behavior and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind.

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We're here to help. From general dog training tips, to puppy toilet training best practices, to learning about various dog breeds we've worked with, Bark Busters offers our free tips and advice on common dog behavior problems and more.

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