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Are you experiencing behavioral issues with your dog? Our dog-friendly training methods can help you overcome these issues quickly. We train in your home where you and your dog are most comfortable. With our efficient, results-oriented training program, you can achieve the communication and leadership you want with your dog.

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Common Dog Behavioral Issues We Address:

  • Aggression
  • Barking
  • Biting
  • Change in Address
  • Chewing
  • Destruction
  • Digging
  • Focus & Listening
  • Housebreaking
  • Improving Confidence
  • Jumping
  • Leash Pulling
  • Marking
  • New Baby Preparation
  • Obsessiveness
  • Respecting Other Pets
  • Running Away
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Sibling Rivalry – in House Tensions/ Fights


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About Luis

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Best Dog Training in Greater Miami, FL!

While my clients love that I am fluent in two languages – English and Spanish - dogs don't understand English any better than Spanish, Portuguese or Russian. Why? They simply don’t speak our language. They "Speak Dog"! Not having clear communication between dog and pet owner adds stress, anxiety and, frustration to your relationship.

Welcome. I am Luis Escobar, your Bark Busters Dog Trainer and Dog Behavioral Therapist in Miami. I have been a Bark Busters trainer since 2002 and Bark Busters is the largest and most trusted dog training company in the world.  I have successfully trained thousands of dogs with virtually every issue throughout Miami.

I graduated from Medical School at 21 and while I was doing my Masters in Sports Medicine in Australia, I was introduced to my wife, a fellow dog lover, and to Bark Busters Home Dog Training. We then, 16 years ago, decided to bring this revolutionary concept to Florida. I am often asked why an MD, with 2 Master’s degrees, is a Dog Behavioral Therapist for Bark Busters and the answer is simple: I love dogs and helping people, Bark Busters does both. From a medical point of view, I can customize the training for dog owners with disabilities or special needs in a way that is realistic for you and your dog.

I will work with you, at your home on how to effectively communicate with your dog without having to use food or physical methods (no prong, electronic or shock collars). You will learn how to use your body language and voice tones in a way that ultimately lead to a fun, happy, and well balanced relationship between you and your dog. In no time at all, your dog will begin listening to you and you and your family will start living a happier life together with your dog!

Bark Busters is the worldwide leader of in-home dog training. We've trained more than 1 million dogs and their pet parents using natural communication techniques. I resolve the most challenging dog behavior issues - aggression, destruction, separation anxiety, sibling rivalry - as well as barking, jumping, and more. I also teach dog and puppy obedience, all in your home. Any breed, age, or issue, we help clients live happier lives together with their dogs.

We Come To You. Dogs learn best in a familiar, safe environment, free of outside distractions and disruptions. That’s why we come directly to your home, on your schedule to build an effective foundation for better behavior.

Custom Plan. We customize programs that achieve your specific goals and meet your dog’s unique needs. When you Learn to Speak Dog the Bark Busters Way, you get real results – and nurture positive relationships and lasting emotional bonds with your canine family member.

Lifetime Support. We'll start with your initial lesson, which may last approximately 2 – 3 hours. And we offer a unique-to-our-industry Life of Dog Support Guarantee. If you purchase this training, I will continue to work with you to tackle recurring or new problems for the entire life of your dog, free of additional charges.

Homework. Want the best results? Practice what you’ve learned with your dog(s) for 10 – 15 minutes/day.

Positive reinforcement. My nurturing, dog-friendly approach teaches pet parents the same natural communication methods that dogs understand instinctively. No shouting, hitting or use of prongs or shock collars.

Immediate results. You will see results by the end of the lesson! Our efficient, results-oriented training program prioritizes clear communication and leadership while addressing issues in the locations they occur. This means faster, longer-lasting solutions for you and your dog.

Recommended. Bark Busters has been recommended by numerous vets throughout Miami, as well other dog trainers dealing with dogs that have severe behavior issues.  See our customer ratings and reviews on for Bark Busters Miami.

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What Makes Bark Busters Miami Unique

Bark Busters is the worldwide leader of in-home dog training, helping over 1 million families and their dogs around the globe since 1989. We wholeheartedly believe in our methods and 30+ years of results. At Bark Busters Miami, we clear up the miscommunication between dogs and humans at the root of many behavioral issues by teaching everyone to speak the same language – dog!

Our nurturing, dog-friendly approach teaches you, the pet parent, the same natural communication methods that dogs understand instinctively. Our efficient, results-oriented, training program prioritizes clear communication and leadership while addressing issues in the locations they occur.

This means faster, longer-lasting solutions for you and your dog.

Dogs learn best in a familiar, safe environment, free of outside distractions and disruptions. That is why we come directly to your home, on your schedule to build an effective foundation for better behavior. We work first to build an effective foundation for better behavior. We teach you how to communicate with your dog. Dogs naturally live in families and look to their family leaders for guidance, safety, and love. Most people don't know how to appeal to a dog's natural sense of leadership or communication. We teach you how to use friendly, canine leadership and to "speak dog" using your body language, voice tones, and timing so you and your dog communicate better! You will see results. You want to see a change in your dog’s behavior, preferably sooner rather than later.

Any Breed. Any Age. Any Issue. Get Started Today!

We customize our training sessions to achieve your specific goals and meet your dog’s unique needs. When you learn to "speak dog" the Bark Busters way, you get real results – and nurture positive relationships and lasting emotional bonds with your canine family member.

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Home Dog Training

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Bark Buster trainers conduct the one-on-one training in your home, without the distraction of other dogs or the stress of being sent away for dog obedience training at a kennel. After learning in your home, our behavioral therapist and trainer will work with you as needed outside and around real distractions, once you and your dog are ready.

Life of Dog Support Guarantee

Life of Dog Support Guarantee

Bark Busters Home Dog Training provides a Life of Dog Support Guarantee that is unique in the industry. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behavior and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind.

Behavior Issues

Tips & Advice

We're here to help. From general dog training tips, to puppy toilet training best practices, to learning about various dog breeds we've worked with, Bark Busters offers our free tips and advice on common dog behavior problems and more.

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Miami Client Reviews

See what our clients have to say

Luis helped me with my golden retriever Lucky. I now have no issues with Lucky at home. Luis showed me how to communicate with my dog in a way that he understands which has allowed me to correct behavioral issues in an effective calm stress free way. I highly recommend Luis.
Luis is amazing! In addition to being highly communicative, he really understood our Shiba Inu, Roscoe, and gave us practical training tips that yielded immediate improvement. Highly recommend!
Luis has given us a variety of dog training techniques that have greatly improved our relationship with Chapo, making our lives together more enjoyable and harmonious.

Additionally, Luis emphasized the importance of consistency in our training efforts. By being consistent with our commands and expectations, Chapo has learned what is expected of him and has become more obedient and responsive. Moreover, Luis taught us the significance of understanding Chapo's body language and using it as a communication tool. By paying attention to his cues and signals, we have been able to better understand his needs and emotions, leading to a stronger bond between us.

Furthermore, Luis shared techniques for managing Chapo's behavior, such as redirecting his attention and providing mental stimulation through games and interactive toys. These techniques have helped to reduce and prevent undesirable behaviors, making our living environment more peaceful and enjoyable for all. Overall, the techniques provided by Luis have greatly enhanced our relationship with Chapo, contributing to a more fulfilling and satisfying life together.
Luis is truly exceptional! It’s our third time calling him, he responds so quick as the guarantee promises, and is very efficient on confirming appointments. He helped our now 13 month old dog with recall after an unexpected escape last week. He is very patient, very kind and very thorough. I HIGHLY recommend him. He is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with. Please note, the reason for the third appointment is our fault, not his. Every time we follow his instructions exactly, the behavior is fixed permanently within a few days. He really is special!
I had a great experience with Bonnie. She gave me the tools to elevate myself to become the leader of my pack. She worked very well with my two Bostons and I, and changes in their behavior were immediately evident. This was the training I was looking for to help my pack start thriving.
Thanks Bonnie!
Thank you Luis for helping with Lucky. Luis trained my Maltese back in 2019 and Luis did a great job. Had other issues with my Lucky and had to call Luis back last week and it was great having Luis back to help with my puppy.
If it were not For Luis I don't know what I would have done. After 2 and a half years of trying EVERYTHING (including other trainers), Luis managed to fix all of my problems within a couple of hours. Kaipo (pitbull mix) used to rush through doorways, bark and cry for everything, pull so hard for every walk I would get injured, and have anxiety aggression towards other dogs. Going on walks with Kaipo became so anxiety inducing and physically painful that it became intolerable and I eventually had to stop walking him altogether. He would bark, scream and pull whenever he would see another dog, and Luis was able to fix it all. I know it is hard trusting reviews, especially since I know a lot of companies make fake ones or whatever, but I am saying this wholeheartedly that Kai's behavior would be so bad that I would cry to myself at times, and now he's a completely different dog. Thank you so so so much! Please, if you have any inclination that your life might be better with training, do it. You don't know how much you'll appreciate it. Kai is now a dog that I can leave the house with, without fear. He's finally behaving like the good boy I've always known him to be.
There aren’t words to describe the experience my dog and I had with Luis. I was on the verge of a mental breakdown and had scheduled an appointment to remove my dogs tail. His behavior was getting out of control and I was very overwhelmed especially being pregnant. Luis helped save my dogs tail . He helped us communicate and discover that we just weren’t utilizing the proper tools to train my cj . I did the homework and cj is a whole new dog. Everyone has commented on his new behavior and patterns when they visit the home. I am confident we will manage when baby arrives and cj can continue to be our beloved first born. I cannot thank you enough Luís and wish we would have met you 6 years ago.
Luis is such wonderful trainer and person! Within seconds of meeting him, we could immediately tell how much he loves dogs. He was so kind with our girl and took the time to get to know her and our family. Luis really listened to our concerns so that he could ensure that all of our dog’s needs would be met. He provided a clear understanding of what a dog needs to be happy and how we can provide that to our girl. Within minutes of using Luis’s techniques, we noticed instant changes and comfort in our girl. He takes as much time is needed to really observe and modify our behaviors to prevent any mixed messages that we may have been sending. Luis provides you with the tools needed to give you and your dog a happy and stress-free life. Our lives will forever be changed because of Luis and we cannot be more grateful! I would highly recommend Luis! If you stick with his program and follow his recommendations, you will absolutely live the best possible life with your furry friend. Thank you again!
It's been almost 4 years after our first session With Luis Escobar. It was one of the best investment I ever have done. Very helpful and educational for dog owners. Luis is a great trainer, definitely will recommend him. Every dog owner should get your training. Thank you big time Luis. Blue have been a great dog. Thank you again
Luis is such a wonderful trainer! He’s funny, kind, concise and fair. He doesn’t judge previous training mistakes and gently helps to correct while injecting humor in everything he does. He is full of stories and examples that help keep dog parents engaged. He adores dogs and it’s plain to see. Not only is he an effective trainer, he is also a wonderful person. Please call him immediately if your dog needs correction. Best investment we ever made!!!
My first visit with Luis was yesterday and the change in behavior with my puppy Mickey, were practically instant. Luis took the time to throughly explain the process and things I needed to do to achieve my goal. After he left I practiced with Mickey and by mid afternoon it seemed that my puppy had been replaced. My parents visited at night and could not believe how changed Mickey was. I highly recommend Luis and the Bark Busters style of training.
Bark Busters has, by far, been the best investment I have made! As a college student, I have moved across the state of Florida frequently and Bark Busters trainers have always been there. Their lifetime assistance is real! Now that I am in the South Florida area, Luis came for a training session after a two year hiatus (life got busy) and within minutes my dog’s behavior improved. I received great corrections and a plan on what to continue practicing moving forward. Make sure you are willing to take a good look at yourself and how you are commanding your dog’s attention because the responsibility ultimately falls on us. Thank you Bark Busters for giving dog owners tools that actually work and thank you Luis for your guidance??
I just finished my initial training session with Luis. I have 5 dogs in my house and my main issues are 2 things, 1 is that when ever there is someone at the door, our boys go nuts barking and running at the door wanting to jump all over our guest before we can even say hello to them and the second thing is that I can no longer take my dogs out for a walk or run because they have become impossible to walk together, they will pull me to the point that I can’t handle them because they pull me to the ground that’s how strong they are.
Well, with our first session we practiced ringing the doorbell and having guest walk in, after the second exercise, the boys did not run to the door or barked at the door, instead they stayed completely away and so I was able to greet my guest and have them come in with no dogs jumping all over them.
My second issue of walking the boys together, we did some exercises of walking them together in my backyard around the pool and they seemed to do great, now the real test will come after I’m done doing this for 10 days, then I get to take them out on the street and see how they behave.
I truly believe in his program, I believe it’s very effective and will work as long as I am consistent with the training and follow all his instructions.
I can honestly say, I would recommend Luis to anyone that has a dog and wants to have the best relationship with them and not a frustrating one.
Luis is the best. The time and patience he took to train us was unbelievable. He provided all the right tools to have a well behaved puppy/dog. He definitely is THE dog whisperer. Thank you Luis!!!!
Our cavalier was lunging and barking at cars on walks and Luis was able to train us and KC so that I can now enjoy walking him. We really enjoy working with Luis and really like his training methods. We have learned a lot and feel that we can now extend the training to other issues that may arise.
Excellent, calm, informative and guided training. Very explicit and great with Pepe and us! Had to call Luis back today to help Pepe adjust to new puppy in home. Luis is great and gives valuable and useful guidance. Definitely worth every penny! Highly recommend
I have two very willful, opinionated, tenacious and simply "I don't care what you say" Miniature Dachshounds. Luis Escobar came to our home for the first time. I was extremely skeptical that my family members and myself would be able to get these two Divas, Mina age 3 and Mazey age 7 months, to do anything or to stop barking and to stop the pushy behavior without begging them in my "mommy" voice or offering food, which is their main reason for living. The excessive barking made us "screaming" parents. Well, I don't know if Luis sprayed them with fairy dust when I wasn't looking, or had a hidden Harry Potter magic wand somewhere but the results were instant. Not perfect, but pretty amazing for the first time introducing these two willful dogs to any type of formal training. They need to learn good manners. He truly taught us how to speak "DOG" in the first hour he was here and how to establish ourselves as pack leaders. Dog's don't speak human, so we had to learn "dog" and it works beautifully. We just started and will continue our exercises daily and behavior modification "homework" and look forward to being amazed daily with their progress. They have caught on quicker than expected. Bark Busters' training philosophy makes total sense yet is not obvious to most people. Dogs communicate with each other, establish dominance and follow directions with NO WORDS SPOKEN. We have learned how to convey that communication with body language, a simple low gutteral sound to get their attention and it totally works! NO WORDS NECESSARY! They know what we expect by simply watching our body language. Thanks Luis, you are a life saver. We look forward to watching the positive results happen with what you taught me and my family. Our girls will be happier and more well adjusted as will our family because of what you taught us.
This training program is a have to see to believe experience. Amazing results the very first day! Luis Escobar taught me and my family members how to take control and become pack leaders in our home. Both my Dachshunds responded immediately with no food bribes or the usually begging on our part. They are learning their place and responding well to the training techniques. Truly amazing results! Luis, thanks for teaching me and my family how to speak "Dog".
Luis has been amazing teaching us everything on how to train our Mini Goldendoodle.
It was incredible to learn the amount of things we were doing wrong. Now we have a plan and are enforcing it daily.
It was remarkable to see our fury friend behave so well.
We really loved the personalized attention and real engagement.
Luis really cares about what he does and is super knowledgeable.
He also taught us some things about teenagers so we are now preparing.
Luis is an absolute pleasure to work with and gave us great tips and training guide. We are looking forward to working with him again and making great progress with our boy! So far, we are doing a lot better!!!! :)
We were taught the language that my Zoey understands. I was give the power to guide and control my dog. I am the alpha!
I just have 1 word about our first session: AMAZING!!!!!
No treats, no commands whatsoever, and I got results I had never had before in only 1 session. I know this can sound unbelievable because when I was reading Luis’s reviews I thought so too, but believe me when I tell you that Coco behavior changed completely after Luis taught me how to “speak dog”. If you are thinking about trying Luis as a dog trainer, then think no more and contact him , because he will change your life and your dog’s too.
I can't say enough good things about Bark Busters! We hired Luis Escobar, and he was extremely professional, friendly and knowledgeable at all times. My dog was having major behavioral issues, barking and lounging at people anywhere we took her (even on her daily walks), we couldn't even have people walking in our home. I watched so many training videos for months trying to take matters into my own hands without seeing any results. The first training session with Luis was incredible! I have never imagined to see results like that so fast. I have a well behaved dog now thanks to Luis and I am still in shock!!! We were able to walk her for the first time without her pulling or barking/lounging at other people. We can't thank you enough Luis!!! If you are having issues with your dog, don't even think twice and hire Luis, best experience ever.
Excellent. Very thorough and clear explanation and obstruction to a group of three people whose experience with dogs ranges from substantial to none. Made it very comfortable to ask questions and practice. All three of us feel adequately prepared to start our training journey with our two puppies
Luis is absolutely amazing, he taught me and my family how to keep our dog calm, and be a well behaved puppy when family there is visit at home. Luis is very detailed and understanding to everything that was asked. 100% recommend

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