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Are you experiencing behavioral issues with your dog? Our dog-friendly training methods can help you overcome these issues quickly. We train in your home where you and your dog are most comfortable. With our efficient, results-oriented training program, you can achieve the communication and leadership you want with your dog.

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Common Dog Behavioral Issues We Address:

  • Aggression
  • Barking
  • Biting
  • Change in Address
  • Chewing
  • Destruction
  • Digging
  • Focus & Listening
  • Housebreaking
  • Improving Confidence
  • Jumping
  • Leash Pulling
  • Marking
  • New Baby Preparation
  • Obsessiveness
  • Respecting Other Pets
  • Running Away
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Sibling Rivalry – in House Tensions/ Fights


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About Donald

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Best Dog Training in Philadelphia, Ardmore, Havertown, Media & Wayne PA!

When people ask me what do you do for a living, I smile and tell them I am a Dog Behaviorist. Usually they will say, "you mean a dog trainer?". I then respond, "no, more of a people trainer for their dog".

Welcome. I am Donald Cohen, your Bark Busters Dog Trainer and Dog Behavioral Therapist in Philadelphia. Before becoming a Bark Busters trainer, I was a television marketing director for 10 years. Then I obtained a Masters Degree in Education and spent 13 years as a principal and teacher in private schools. At that point I went on a personal adventure to decide what I wanted to do with the remainder of my working life. In reviewing my primary interests, I realized how much animals had played an important part in my life both as a child and an adult. I remembered how animals were always attracted to me, seeking comfort and affection. And since I had always had a dog in my life, I began to look for a way to have my own business that involved helping people and their dogs.

After many months of research it became clear to me that Bark Busters Home Dog Training offered me the opportunity for a satisfying new career helping both people and their treasured pets using the most humane and natural methods. There's not a day that goes by when I don't use my educational background in working with my clients and their dogs. Because I am educating the humans in the household on how to be their dog's leader, I am giving them the lifetime tools for a wonderful and fulfilling relationship with their dog.

I often ask my clients a question: "What was the worst day you spent with your dog?" After they answer, I ask them, "what was the best day you ever spent with your dog?". Then I tell them I am going to help experience far more of the later than the former!

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What Makes Bark Busters Lansdale, Havertown, Media, Wayne Unique

Bark Busters is the worldwide leader of in-home dog training, helping over 1 million families and their dogs around the globe since 1989. We wholeheartedly believe in our methods and 30+ years of results. At Bark Busters Lansdale, Havertown, Media, Wayne, we clear up the miscommunication between dogs and humans at the root of many behavioral issues by teaching everyone to speak the same language – dog!

Our nurturing, dog-friendly approach teaches you, the pet parent, the same natural communication methods that dogs understand instinctively. Our efficient, results-oriented, training program prioritizes clear communication and leadership while addressing issues in the locations they occur.

This means faster, longer-lasting solutions for you and your dog.

Dogs learn best in a familiar, safe environment, free of outside distractions and disruptions. That’s why we come directly to your home, on your schedule to build an effective foundation for better behavior. We work first to build an effective foundation for better behavior. We teach you how to communicate with your dog. Dogs naturally live in families and look their family leaders for guidance, safety, and love. Most people don't know how to appeal to a dog's natural sense of leadership or communication. We teach you how to use friendly, canine leadership and to "speak dog" using your body language, voice tones, and timing so you and your dog communicate better! You will see results. You want to see a change in your dog’s behavior, preferably sooner rather than later.

Any Breed. Any Age. Any Issue. Get Started Today!

We customize our training sessions to achieve your specific goals and meet your dog’s unique needs. When you Learn to Speak Dog the Bark Busters Way, you get real results – and nurture positive relationships and lasting emotional bonds with your canine family member.

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Home Dog Training

Our Services

Bark Buster trainers conduct the one-on-one training in your home, without the distraction of other dogs or the stress of being sent away for dog obedience training at a kennel. After learning in your home, our behavioral therapist and trainer will work with you as needed outside and around real distractions, once you and your dog are ready.

Life of Dog Support Guarantee

Life of Dog Support Guarantee

Bark Busters Home Dog Training provides a Life of Dog Support Guarantee that is unique in the industry. It is designed to help owners resolve their dog's behavior and obedience problems and to provide customers with the satisfaction of ongoing support and peace of mind.

Behavior Issues


We're here to help. From general dog training tips, to puppy toilet training best practices, to learning about various dog breeds we've worked with, Bark Busters offers our free tips and advice on common dog behavior problems and more.

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Lansdale, Havertown, Media, Wayne Client Reviews

See what our clients have to say

Don has been over for one session and we are already seeing some improvement in behavior! Don gave us simple commands and detailed instructions to help train our dogs. Donald was very patient and kind and made everyone feel comfortable and well educated about the materials and training he presented us with.
Very pleased with Barkbusters. They do not use any physical devices such as shock collars, for instance, and this is very important to us. We had a lovable rescue dog who developed one bad habit, he became overly protective and possessive of my wife, and would growl and bare his teeth whenever anyone approached her in our home (including me). Through the use of Barkbusters dog psychology and dog language techniques (which are very impressive) this behavior continues to gradually diminish and currently is now reduced by about 75%. He also charged the door everytime the doorbell rang, and he is coming along nicely on that one as well. For dog behavior problems, I highly recommend this firm - Thanks Donald C.
Donald has been extremely helpful with Nomar's training. He is very patient and Nomar has been picking up the commands surprisingly quickly. Donald is always checking in and is very accommodating. I would highly recommend Donald and Bark Busters to family and friends!
Jager was becoming increasingly more protective and possessive of me when I was on the couch or on my bed. He would growl at my husband and show his teeth. When I wasn't around Jager was great with my husband. One day when we were eating in our family room and Jager was at my husband's feet, my husband leaned over quickly to see our granddaughter on whats app and he accidentally stepped on the dogs tail and he lounged at my husband and caught him on the lip. We have a young grand daughter and were very concerned with the dog around her. So I researched and discovered Bark Busters and read great reviews of Donald Cohen the dog behavior expert for our area. He came out and taught us behavioral basics and we can't believe the difference in Jager. IF he does growl slightly we immediately correct him and he lays down. He is very good with our grand daughter and will walk away from her if she gets very active around him. We highly recommend Bark Busters and Donald! Bark Busters is a life long training program.. Call anytime and Donald wiull come out and observe and train.
We had a great experience with Donald! We started with a training session without our precious pup where we were able to discuss the issues we wanted to work on at length and learn about the training method before we even involved Speedee! The methods started working right away. We also had the opportunity to bring Donald back a year later to work on a new issue. The lifetime guarantee makes Bark busters very worth it!
Our dog was starting to show signs of fear aggression toward people and aggression toward dogs while on the leash, she pulls flips out and barks. She has a little anxiety. We did everything Donald asked (to the best of our abilities) and we see the changes! She loves her new cage, it’s like her little den. On walks we past 2 bikers and 4 people, she only got aroused once, and was easily corrected... the second day. She still has a little ways to go, but we know Donald will be there to help! He is patient with us and is available when we email or text him with answers to help us!
Donald has been helping us with our three dogs working on jumping less and not rushing the door and he has made a world of difference! The dogs are much easier to calm down and they do not jump on guests anymore. The training techniques have been so helpful and Donald is always there to answer any questions we have or help with any difficulties.
Our dog has issues with reactivity/aggression and has overall basic obedience needs. We really liked the exercises that Don has given us to build a strong relationship with our dog and to get him to look at us as the pack leader. Don continues to work with us and is wonderful about getting back to us and reaching out for updates. We thoroughly enjoy working with Don, and we would highly recommend him to anyone who is having a hard time training their dog.
We’re very happy with our sessions from our Bark Busters trainer Donald Cohen! From the beginning, he was very responsive to our questions and specific training needs, and he taught us a lot of useful techniques with regards to puppy management. He is very friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and always has a great presence with our puppy during our sessions. He explains and demonstrates the techniques we’re learning in an easy and understandable way. Our puppy has made significant progress and we highly recommend Donald from Bark Busters!
Our Bark Busters trainer Donald has been so helpful with our 2 dogs and with us :)
We have been at it for 5 weeks and have seen quite an improvement! Our pups are almost 6 years old and we never did formal training...our mistake! Our dogs are listening better and actually enjoy the training. They have learned to "NOT rush the garage door entrance to the house" when we come home and patiently wait for us to allow them to come greet us. We have just started using the click collar today and the pups were GREAT!! minimal pulling and very easy to correct with the collar. We all had a great walk and the pups were exhausted so we know their minds were very stimulated by this new technique. We look forward to doing further training with Donald...he is the best.
Having constant trouble with our sheltie barking.
Don was prompt and courteous. We saw a marked improvement in many of Fiona's behaviors after Don's first lesson.
Don has been over for one session and we are already seeing an improvement in behavior. Don gave us simple commands and detailed instruction to help Milo with his excessive barking and aggression towards our other dog. He was great with the dogs and helped us to understand all the training material. We look forward to seeing continued improvement.
Two weeks ago, before meeting with Don, walking Pippi was a bit of a chore, she pulled me along and when an exciting animal or something peaked her attention she worked hard to chase after. But i cannot tell a lie, it was one lesson with Don and walking instantly got easier and more enjoyable. And yesterday Pippi walked without pulling once; when she saw three chipmunks chasing each other she started to get eager to check it out but i followed my lesson plan and she stayed calmly by my side, next it was a bird and then a squirrel. It was quite amazing!

She is also starting to listen to me more all the way around. I'm practicing what Don taught me and we are making really solid progress on all fronts.

I want to be able to take Pippi with me to work events and for a long time i just didn't see the progress necessary to believe i could get there, but now i am excited at the prospect because she is making real progress and very quickly.

The method Don teaches makes so much sense and is easy to implement.

I'm thrilled and looking forward to having a better and better relationship with Pippi because she will be more well behaved and so can join me in more and more aspects of my work and life.
Donald was great to work with! Our dog Brownie is a rescue Australian cattle dog/terrier mix and has a lot of energy. We are due with our first child in November and noticed a change in his behavior once we got pregnant. He became more protective and nipped at family on three different occasions. We wanted to get Brownie back in line before the baby arrives and tried two other trainers before contacting Bark Busters and working with Donald. After the first session we already felt more comfortable. Donald explained exactly why we were doing what we needed to be doing and addressed Brownie's behavior instead of just giving him treats to do what we said. Our appointment was only two weeks ago and we've seen a DRASTIC change in our dog and are so thrilled with the results. Brownie also pulls on the leash and gets overly excited when passing other dogs. After our second session, we are already noticing Brownie responding better on the leash and putting his attention on us as opposed to others walking by. We can't recommend Bark Busters and Donald enough! Coming from someone who was terrified of dogs until getting my own, we are thrilled with the progress thus far and looking forward to continue working with Donald. Donald was very easy to get along with, we instantly felt comfortable with him, and he made us feel at ease.
We are first time dog owners, and Donald helped us get started with the basics. Great trainer and Bark Busters is very effective.
My boyfriend and I reached out to Donald after adopting Mo in May. He was constantly pulling on the leash during walks, jumping and barking at visitors to the point it was scaring our friends and family. After the first visit, Donald gave us homework to do with Mo everyday that we saw an immediate difference with. We just had our second visit and are excited to continue working with Donald!
We were very lucky to have found Donald to train our new puppy and our 7yr old dog who was very much set in her ways. Donald is a very patient, kind, and dedicated trainer. Since our first training session with Donald there has been a very noticeable difference in both of our dogs’ behaviors. Our puppy who is very stubborn, needed a lot patience and time which Donald not only recognized but followed through with us. He was very active in communicating with us when necessary and even came by when we needed a quick refresher. It was his knowledge and dedication that really helped us with our dogs and we are very thankful. Definitely recommend!
Donald has been working with us and our goldendoodle puppy. He has been a big help in teaching us techniques to train her. He follows up with us and has continued to give us support through the process. We are seeing some positive progress in her behavior.
Me. Cohen was so helpful in showing me how to understand how a dog learns through consistent commands and how to correct through “language” =Baa! That dogs understand. Training was thorough and reassuring.
Donald worked with us closely to help us reduce the amount of barking in general and the separation anxiety that our dogs experienced when we left. He gave us very easy and simple methods that we were able to use and practice in little increments on our own time. He was very calm, assertive, and great with both our dogs.
Don was very helpful and patient with our dogs and with us. Hopper is our first puppy, and our chihuahuas are basically grouchy old ladies, so we have an oppositional dynamic right now. Don gave us many tools and strategies to reduce our dogs' anxiety and to instill confidence in everyone. Bark Busters is great!
We are working with Donald to improve the behavior and obedience of our lab, Koda, who was about 14 months old when we started. By working with Donald in person and by working on his training on a daily basis we’ve seen large improvements in only 2 months time. He used to pull ahead of us on a leash, and now he walks by our side. He used to have poor gate/door behavior, but now responds every time to “stay” until you instruct him to follow you through the door. He responds to corrections of bad behavior much better. While he still has room for improvement in walking and chewing, I’m confident that in our continued work with Donald we will get there. Donald is skilled and calm, and is great at training you to train your dog. Good luck in your pet training endeavors!
I adopted Daisy and Ria within a short time of one another. As rescues, they both came with their own set of behavioral issues. We had completed basic obedience classes, but that didn't help with the issues we had - barking, jumping up, basic recall, anxiety. Barkbusters and Donald helped teach me to speak dog and to train them. After meeting Donald and implementing his suggestions, my girls are already so much better behaved! Walks have become more enjoyable, my apartment isn't a giant pee pad, and I'm not getting notes on my door saying my dogs are barking all day long. Best of all - I can still work on basic obedience without bribing them with treats!
Donald is amazing! He is so patient both with us and with our dogs. He is knowledgeable and understanding. He really takes the time to make sure he fully understands the issues, and that he provides you with methods to address the issues that actually work. We started seeing a difference in our dogs immediately. They no longer jump on us when we walk in the door, they are listening better, walking better on a leash and are overall better behaved. Donald happily makes sure to go over everything he teaches us multiple times so we know exactly what we need to do, and why we are doing it/ how it works. Donald has also introduced us to several Bark Buster products that are great too, including puzzle toys and training collars. Overall wonderful experience.
Donald has done an incredible job helping us with puppy management. He is punctual, patient, thorough and kind with every visit. He is available at the drop of a text, email or call and always gets back to us quickly. Donald has been an incredible resource that is available whenever you need! Penelope has been very responsive to all of the commands and exercises Donald has taught us. Thank you so much Bark Busters! We couldn’t have gotten through this process without your help! This has been an incredible experience and I would recommend to anyone.

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