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  • Jennifer
    5 days ago — Oxford Valley and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    We have spent thousands of dollars on other training and nothing worked. Sammy listened to them but not us. Then we found Steve. He is truly the dog whisper. Sammy would bite, jump, and just make us unhappy. Steve Showed us how to teach Sammy. He helped us understand why Sammy does what he did. Today we have a wonderful happy dog. We are so happy that we now have a dog that listens and respects us. I truly don't know where we be today with Sammy if Steve was not here to help us. I would recommend Bark Busters to anyone who needs help. Oh, and one more thing There is no Bad dog just a miss understood dog. Thank you, Steve, you really made a differance.

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  • michael g.
    3 years ago — Morrisville, PA

    Today I let my dog off the leash to walk in a safe space with complete confidence. I cant begin to express what that was like. We got our dog from a rescue, we thought that we could handle the complexity of her past. Unfortunately, we found that we could not. She was aggressive towards other dog and would pull to the point that we didn't know what to do.THIS IS THE HONEST TRUTH. We didn't know what to do but after some research found Bark Busters. Then Steve came and helped us understand what was needed. We followed his direction and spent time developing a positive relationship that allowed us to better understand our new family member. The result is that we now have a completely new interaction. This process is VERY much worth it. Steve is very friendly and will give you the appropriate guidance to establish a good relationship with your dog. Follow the guidance, it really blew our mind and we know that there is a space where without what was learned this kind creature wouldn't have the ability to be herself. Bark Busters teaches you how to create a strong relationship with your dog through establishing a confidence in them where they express trust in you. It still blows my mind. A dog that was consider a hard walker is now what she is, and that's just a real wonderful creature. Thank you Steve...Thank you Thank you.

    To whoever decides to do this, listen and allow the process to happen....It helps and it does works..SERIOUSLY.....

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  • Sherree D.
    7 years ago — Morrisville, PA

    I rescued a dog who was picked up as a stray in Kentucky, put in a kill shelter, and then transferred to a no-kill shelter in Pennsylvania. Within days I discovered that he was not trained as a puppy, and we needed to start from scratch. The animal shelter estimated that he's 3-4 years old, but I would say he's more like 2 years old. His house manners were horrible. He wasn't leash trained. He was mouthy. He's very friendly to people, but he would jump on them, which is super annoying. In addition, he's very aggressive with other dogs. After working with Steve Agocs, his behavior has vastly improved. He's crate trained. We're very much enjoying our walks together. He sits on command. It's pretty easy to stop him from being mouthy. Now we're working on staying and not to running to the door when the bell rings. Steve is an excellent trainer. He really understands dogs, and he's super patient. Importantly, he's encouraged me not to give up. I believe with Steve's help, my dog will continue to make progress and emerge as a really awesome, loyal friend.

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  • Suzanne M.
    7 years ago — Lambertville, NJ

    Photo of Puppy Steve was kind and patient and thorough. He arrived on time for the visits to my home and brought supplies, knowledge, and professionalism with him. Puppy has been very receptive to the techniques given me by Steve at Bark Busters. He is listening to my cues, deferred to my lead, and is less reactive to other dogs as he now knows that I am in charge and taking care of him.
    I am very happy with my new lovely, less stressed doggie.
    Thank you, Steve!

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