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  • Maggie B.
    49 days ago — Granada Hills, CA

    Without Stephanie, I'm not sure we could have kept our dog Pete. He was very aggressive -- on leash, to visitors, and other dogs and I was afraid he might bite someone. Particularly men -- my husband included. I did not know that many of these behaviors stem from fear, and once I assumed the role as leader of the pack, Pete's trust and respect for me would immediately change his behaviors. And I mean immediately -- within the first 3 hours of our lesson. Stephanie gave us the tools we need to overcome his bad behaviors and really taught me how to communicate with Pete. I wish I had called her sooner and not let it go on so long.

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    Trainer Note:
    Thanks so much Maggie, I have loved working with Pete and his pack!
  • Joy B.
    2 months ago — Granada Hills, CA

    I have two crazy dogs named Lucy and Leo that LOVE to bark their faces off. :) We have a big family with people in and out of the house a lot, so it can get loud quickly. The Bark Busters method is almost instantaneous. Stephanie was an amazing trainer. She was extremely kind and very knowledgeable. They do not use treats since it can affect your dog's respect level, which was news to me. Everything was communication based. My pug Leo has had issues with potty training in the past, and tearing up the furniture. We worked on managing the situation even when I'm gone. And my pit Lucy responded immediately to the leadership exercises with her barking. They also both used to pull on the leash, but now they walk behind me calmly. Bark Busters is like magic! The change we saw in just one training gave me hope for these little guys. I would 100% recommend Stephanie to anyone with dog behavior issues!

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    • #Separation anxiety
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    Trainer Note:
    Joy, thank you for your kind words! It was such a pleasure working with you, Lucy and Leo. They are such sweetie pies.
  • Cintia A.
    2 months ago — Granada Hills, CA

    Bark Busters is amazing! Stephanie has been such an angel! Just one session and the change in my pups is astonishing! I HIGHLY recommend everyone to allow these wonderful group of people to guide you in forming a better relationship with your pup(s). I can’t say enough how grateful I am to have met them.

    Trainer Note:
    Thanks for this great review on Google. So happy we could help you!