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Are you experiencing behavioral issues with your dog? Our dog-friendly training methods can help you overcome these issues quickly. We train in your home where you and your dog are most comfortable. With our efficient, results-oriented training program, you can achieve the communication and leadership you want with your dog.

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Common Dog Behavioral Issues We Address:

  • Aggression
  • Barking
  • Biting
  • Change in Address
  • Chewing
  • Destruction
  • Digging
  • Focus & Listening
  • Housebreaking
  • Improving Confidence
  • Jumping
  • Leash Pulling
  • Marking
  • New Baby Preparation
  • Obsessiveness
  • Respecting Other Pets
  • Running Away
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Sibling Rivalry – in House Tensions/ Fights


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Meet Justin, Jenna, JD & James, Your Professional Dog Trainers in Greater San Diego

Justin Scher Dog Trainer Bark Busters San Diego

About Justin Scher

Welcome. I am Justin, your certified Dog Behavioral Therapist and Master Trainer with Bark Busters. Dogs are my life passion. I am the reigning 2014 & 2016 International Trainer / Therapist of the Year, as well as the 2010, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2020 U.S. Trainer/Therapist of the Year. These awards are both an honor and acknowledgment of having found my calling and all of the work I’ve put into mastering this craft.

With over 15 years experience as a dog behavioral therapist and having worked with thousands of dogs, I can essentially help any dog with any problem! There’s nothing more gratifying to me than finding a solution for every single client that calls me. The beauty is that every day, I continue to learn and improve and my clients are the beneficiaries as a result.

Jenna Finch Dog Trainer Bark Busters San Diego

About Jenna Finch

For over 6 years, Justin's protégé and wife, Jenna Finch, has been mastering her skills as a Professional Dog Behavioral Therapist.

As a team, we are so excited to help you solve and guide you through your dog's behavioral issues in an extremely simplistic and primal methodology of communication. Bark Busters is an International company that started in Australia by Danny and Sylvia Wilson over 30 years ago.

Because of Jenna’s passion for dogs, she is also the Director of Operations for the Cantu Foundation, a non-profit dog rescue organization that was started in 2020. Their mission is rescuing homeless dogs off the streets of Mexico. Last year alone, they were responsible for adopting out close to 500 dogs into homes.

JD Chapman Dog Trainer Bark Busters San Diego

About JD Chapman

JD is your North County San Diego Dog Behavioral Therapist and Master Dog Trainer.

For the past 20 years Justin and JD have known each other and because of his passion for dogs, decided to follow in his best friend’s footsteps to become part of the San Diego Bark Busters team.

After being mentored by Justin for several years, JD has devoted his life to mastering his craft, and helping his clients transform their dogs lives utilizing this proven Bark Busters formula. 

James Cresswell Dog Trainer Bark Busters San Diego

About James Cresswell

James is your Bark Busters North County San Diego Dog Behavioral Therapist and Master Trainer.

James discovered his calling to become a Bark Busters dog trainer through his brother-in-law, Justin Scher. With years of mentorship and education from Justin, James has taken his passion and natural abilities to another level. His work with both dogs and their owners to successfully resolve the most extreme and challenging dog behavior cases, have dramatically changed their lives as a result. 


Greater San Diego Client Reviews

See what our clients have to say

While my dog, Rupert, is beyond cute, he is remarkably stubborn, and nothing my boyfriend and I tried in the past to correct his behavior worked for us. Coupled with our roommate's anxious and reactive dog, Benny, they formed a little pack that was completely out of our control. After stressing over their barking, begging, clinginess, and general unruliness for too long, I was desperate for change by the time I contacted Barkbusters for help.

We started working with Justin one month ago, and by the end of our first lesson alone, we had two different dogs. Justin gave us all the knowledge, tools, and confidence we needed to take on the daily training for these pups, and they have only gotten better each day. Before starting our training, the dogs would bark randomly at noises outside throughout the day, anxiously follow us wherever we moved around the house, and were unruly and reactive on walks. Now, we are able to control the random barking, they are noticeably more relaxed (as are we), and they walk calmly next to us on walks. The skills Justin taught us are so effective and simple that we can easily correct them as needed. Recently, Rupert and Benny spent the night at our roommate's parents' house and behaved so well that they reached out to Barkbusters to train their new puppy, Juanita. We are so proud of Rupert and Benny for adapting to this change, and of ourselves for committing to this daily practice of changing our behavior to improve their lives and ours!

After working with Justin, our house is calmer, and we have a sense of control that would not have been possible without his help! He is friendly, communicative, knowledgeable, and professional. I could go on and on about how great his service is! Scheduling follow ups has been quick and easy, and he is available to answer any question that comes up in between our lessons. Myself, my boyfriend, and our roommates are beyond grateful to work with him and know he is just a text away if we ever need anything.
I am truly so appreciative of Bark busters and Justin! After rescuing my dog in October 2022, I tried at home training through books, podcasts, etc., but I couldn't make any progress in helping my dog with his *severe* separation anxiety and protectiveness of me/our house when guests came over. I couldn't leave my dog home alone for more than two minutes before he would scratching the front door impulsively, barking nonstop, and ultimately trying to escape which meant he always needed daycare or someone with him at all times, even if it was just a quick grocery run. Finally a year after having him, in October 2023, I reached out to Justin and he instantly gave me the hope, support, and tools that I needed. After our first visit, I knew Justin was right for the job. He taught me many many things, helped me better understand the psychology of my dog and his separation anxiety, how to make my dog feel safer and happier. We both knew it wouldn't be a quick fix, but after a few months of working with Justin, my dog has made HUGE strides in his separation anxiety. My dog now greets guests with his sweetness, looking to me for instruction. With every session, Justin was either at my house walking me through our simulations (practicing separation) or responding to my texts/calling within minutes, and we started making really good progress. My sweet dog is happier and way less anxious and actually SLEEPING while I'm gone, and I am SO appreciative of Justin and his steadfast support of my dog and me as we continue to navigate all this. Reality is, it is not always a quick fix, especially with dogs who come from backgrounds we cannot even fathom compared to the life we give them. It might take time and consistency, but it is SO SO worth it. Justin, my dog, and I have been working on this for months, but it has been so worthwhile and informative! My dog is happier and healthier with less stress and anxiety. Quick fixes are nice, but not always the case. There is something very satisfying about seeing the results from hard work!
My 4 year old Pomeranian had a lot of behavioral issues that I was struggling so hard to correct. He was always territorial of his food, places in the house and me and would even resort to biting to guard these things. He would also bark nonstop in the house when he heard dogs outside and no command could stop him. He would also be very reactive to other dogs in public which would always stress me out when we were out to the point where I wasn’t able to enjoy being out with him. This always made me so sad to have to leave him in the house all the time because of his reactivity. I was desperate for change and was so scared that he wouldn’t be able to change since he is already almost 4 and has very severe habits. However, Justin has completely changed him. I was skeptical when they said we would see results within the first session but it was absolutely true. After just one session, he became the quietest dog on our block. He wouldn’t respond at all to the dogs barking around our neighborhood. He became so well behaved, some family members became worried because of how quiet he stayed. The biggest miracle is him not being territorial anymore. This has ensured my family of complete safety around the house. I never thought my dog would be able to learn how to heel, but Justin showed him how in the first session which completely astonished me. A few days after our first session, I was able to take my dog out to the mall and it was the first time I was able to enjoy being out with him. He would quietly wait under the table while we ate and didn’t react to dogs he would come across while we were walking. Justin has been absolutely amazing. It is so comforting to have someone of his caliber and expertise guiding you and genuinely caring about you and your dog. He makes every effort to make sure he is able to help with whatever you need and always emphasizes that he is only one text away. He always finds a way to fit you into his schedule and is a complete joy to be around. When they say he is the last trainer you’ll ever need, they mean it. Investing in training my dog has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Both me and my dog have become less stressed and are both now able to enjoy life to the fullest.
There aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am for Justin’s help with training Ranger. Here’s a bit about Ranger when we first started:
- He was 90 lbs and pulled on a leash, even with a prong collar.
- He was extremely reactive and could not contain the malamute in him. He just HAD to say hi (bark) at every person and dog to meet them.
- He was constantly on high alert, and his solution for every situation was the craziest solution.
Walks were unpleasant for both of us, I would constantly just yell and be frustrated and he didn’t have the correct guidance.

The first session with Justin, he was able to get Ranger to loose leash walk next to him in 5 seconds. That’s when I realized, it’s not Ranger. It’s my fault and our miscommunication. I didn’t know how to tell him properly that he shouldn’t be pulling on the leash. I didn’t know how to tell him that he has to be calm to be able to great people and dogs.
We’ve only had about 4-5 sessions, 30 mins each. His teaching style is very clear and super EASY! Ranger and I now have better communication and work better as a team. Ranger is now my service dog in training, he comes to my classes with me every week and flies with me. He can now:
- Loose leash walk, and heel properly.
- Ignore people and dogs when we’re out
- Be CALM everywhere we go.
- Realize the difference between play time and work time.

Justin doesn’t teach service dog tasks, but he WILL make sure your dog can become calm and confident. He was able to help me turn my reactive dog into a service dog. I am so so grateful for everything Justin did for us!
I highly recommend BarkBusters. This is the best decision we ever made! Both Ranger and I now have a better and happier life with better training and communication.
Last evening we were able to have dinner out with friends and leave Wally at home without worry…a first in the year since we adopted him! Thank you Justin for your help with Wally’s separation anxiety!

This sweet 8-year-old little dog would always want to be near us, but could be skittish, shy, and somewhat distant. He was quiet, calm, and well behaved until left alone. Then the separation anxiety caused non-stop barking and howling and we would return to find him wide-eyed, panting, and agitated. Our activities became limited to those that could include Wally, basically avoiding and likely worsening the problem.

Justin spent nearly 3 hours at our initial visit, listening patiently to our worries and frustrations and evaluating Wally’s behavior. He explained his approach and demonstrated some techniques, then left us with a solid plan for the coming week. Justin participated in these “homework assignments” via text or phone call and we saw immediate steady improvement in the first week - Wally went from barking & howling to a little whining & panting. Now three weeks out we hear a quiet sigh or moan in the first few minutes and that’s it. He’s happy to see us when we return and he settles down quickly.

An unexpected benefit of this work on Wally’s separation anxiety has been a reduction in his general anxiety. He’s no longer skittish, doesn’t run after us if we leave a room, and has become a lap dog. We can’t thank Justin enough and recommend him highly. His work is not just about solving an annoying problem – it has created a whole new much healthier dynamic for this little dog family and we are so grateful!
Sharing some tail-wagging success I’ve had with my fur son, Maverick (Maviboy) and our dog behavioral therapist, Justin! Maverick was a bit of a wild child (rescue pup -- got him @ 8 weeks old) with his barking, crazy walks (zig zagging all over the place), and his knack for turning every greeting into a jumping party. Spoiler: Justin came in and worked some serious magic.

First off, let's talk about the barking situation. Maverick is an excited pup and would 'play bark' at almost any dog that was bigger than him (50lb Boxer Pit) to get their attention, but Justin gave us the tools to dial this down tremendously.

Secondly, our walks… Maverick really bodied the, "I'm gonna pull you everywhere on our walks" mentality. Justin came with a game plan that turned our strolls into a focused dog walk that didn’t involve any pulling (on our very first session). Night and day difference.

Lastly, when it comes to Maverick’s greetings… he is a big lover and would jump on every guest that entered the house. With a bit of ‘pawsitive reinforcement’ and some corrections (‘Bah’s and throw pillows’), now Maviboy greets our friends without turning everyone into his personal launchpad.

But what really sets our therapist apart is the ‘Scher’ love he has for animals/genuienly wanting to understand ‘YOU’ and your furry friend as individuals and a team. It's not just a job for Just; it's a passion, and you can tell. He is truly a dog whisperer.

So, if your fur baby needs a behavior boost or if you just want to understand how to communicate with your pup best friend, Justin is the man, hands down. Thanks for all that you do for pups, Justin! Big licks from Maviboy.
The team at Bark Busters is truly unique in all aspects of their training. The in-depth understanding of canine behavior and the connection to the training method is why all these reviews are so great. We realized very quickly that this process was going well below the surface level symptoms, identifying the root causes and then utilizing the techniques to change the behavior. The amount of nuance and insight applied to every detail is remarkable.

Justine, JD and Jenna are 100% committed to solving the issues, making the pup happier and empowering the owners through knowledge and tools. Their communication and availability is superb and if you commit to doing the work, the results will bring a smile to your face. This is an investment into the relationship you will enjoy with your dog for a lifetime and without a doubt would recommend Bark Busters.
I had the absolute pleasure of working with Jenna and Justin, and I cannot recommend their services highly enough! From start to finish, they ensured that my experience was absolutely exceptional. Their kindness and compassion were evident from the very beginning as they took the time to answer all of my questions and explain their training methods in a way that made sense to me. With their deep understanding of dog behavior, I saw incredible results right from our first session together.

What truly sets Jenna and Justin apart is their ability to create a positive learning environment for both myself and my beloved dog, Benji. They employ effective techniques that build trust, respect, and cooperation between us. Never once did it feel like we were using harsh or punishing methods on Benji - instead, it felt like we were finally speaking his language! They effortlessly understood each of Benji's unique quirks when it came to his reactivity towards other dogs, tailoring their approach accordingly for maximum our success.Not only did Jenna and Justin address specific behavioral issues such as dog reactivity but they also equipped us with valuable tools for maintaining harmony inside and outside our home. It was abundantly clear from day one how much they genuinely cared about both Benji's progress as well as mine!

Their ongoing communication has been outstanding too! After our initial session ended, Jenna immediately asked about my availability so we could schedule follow-up sessions with both her AND Justin present - talk about dedication! She even provided me with her personal phone number encouraging me to not hesitate reaching out if any questions arose between sessions. And let me tell you - she followed through by messaging daily just to check up on Benji's progress! The level of support continued after subsequent sessions when she initiated a group chat including Justin so they could stay updated on how things were going. They also quickly followed up with a third session the following week! If you are looking to be ghosted by your trainer, LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE. They checked in like clock-work from my morning walks to my evening walks and I never felt alone during the whole process. When they say unlimited sessions, they mean it whole-heartedly - it’s not just a marketing ploy!!!

Jenna & Justin are true professionals who mean business when it comes to helping dogs reach their full potential. If you're searching for a top-notch dog trainer who combines expertise with compassion, look no further than Jenna and Justin at Bark Busters. Working with them has been an absolute joy, and I am incredibly grateful for all the work they've done with Benji. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Justin Scher is amazing. Enough said.

I moved to San Diego temporarily for work, and was looking for training for Leo, my rescue pup. I was desperate to find help for Leo since his separation anxiety was inhibiting us from living a happy life. He couldn't stay in the house for more than 5 minutes alone before howling at the top of his lungs. As a pup, he destroyed my books, and plants. Justin trained us to guide Leo and empowered him from feeling safe and happy at home alone. With Justin's help, we are able to leave Leo to go to the grocery store and run errands as well as date nights! I've contacted Justin for follow ups and he's always available for me for advice to guide and empower
Me to help Leo live his best life. Justin and Barkbusters is hands down the best choice I made since rescuing Leo. Thank you so much Justin!
I contacted Bark Busters after seeing changes in my Frenchie that weren't resolving, regardless of what I tried. It seemed my girl was probably experiencing some type of anxiety. She had admittedly been spoiled along the way. She had become aggressive on a leash, frequently barking at the door, jumping up & down during her food prep & acting out when she didn't get what she wanted. Walks had become stressful, as I found myself regularly apologizing for her behavior.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't initially a bit skeptical. I appreciated the time Justin took to talk me through why their methods were successful, as it really helped reassure me. I also appreciated that Justin didn't blame me for what was happening. I felt enough guilt as it was.

It was truly amazing seeing how quickly CoCo responded! Within an hour of Justin arriving, she was responding well to my cues. She immediately walked well, with no leash aggression. She now sits quietly at my side as I prepare her meal. It's rare for her to bark at the door.

The greatest outcome has been seeing CoCo more relaxed! Frankly, I'm more relaxed. It's also incredibly reassuring that Justin is a text or phone call away! He's been very supportive.
I am astonished! My trainer JD accomplished a miracle within the first three hours (1st visit). I have 2 behemoth american bulldog puppies weighing in at 220lbs total at 18 months--strong willed and protective. Pre JD, they walked all over me: I wasn't able to take them in my car, go on hikes with them, or walk them together.
I am in control now of their barking and behavior. Today, my dream of walking them together at Calavera Lake came true--3 months later. I am so grateful for JD teaching ME how to be the alpha and thereby giving them more than a backyard life.
juliana de beers, vista I am astonished! My trainer JD accomplished a miracle within the first three hours (1st visit). I have 2 behemoth american bulldog puppies weighing in at 220lbs total at 18 months--strong willed and protective. Pre JD, they walked all over me: I wasn't able to take them in my car, go on hikes with them, or walk them together.
I am in control now of their barking and behavior. Today, my dream of walking them together at Calavera Lake came true--3 months later. I am so grateful for JD teaching ME how to be the alpha and thereby giving them more than a backyard life.
juliana de beers, vista
Our 5 yr old rescue, Rav, is a VERY anxious pup who is especially fearful of strangers (men in particular), cars, and loud noises. She started demonstrating fear based aggression, even going so far as nipping people when she was feeling especially afraid. Whenever we'd have guests over, we'd have to put her away in another room, where she would bark and cry until everyone left. We would try practicing taking her out to public places, but she would be so visibly stressed and scared that we worried we were actually doing more harm than good. We felt overwhelmed and lost about what to do!

We worked with various trainers over the years, but nothing comes close to the progress we've made because of BarkBusters. Jenna has been so kind, patient, and knowledgable. In just two sessions, we've seen major improvements and we continue to practice the skills and exercises she taught us. Together we worked on Rav's leash reactivity, keeping her in the "green zone" when guests are over, and stopping her resource guarding when it comes to our house. Shortly after our second session, we had friends stay at our house for several days. Ordinarily, we would have to hide Rav away the whole time, especially because one of our friends is male. However, Rav was able to keep her distance and actually lie down comfortably in the living room while we all socialized together-- something that wasn't even possible before!

I actually considered Bark Busters a few years ago when I was researching different training options, but balked at the price. Now, having tried several different programs, I can wholeheartedly say the cost is absolutely worth it. It's so comforting to know that we can continue to train with them for the rest of Rav's life, which has undoubtedly improved by leaps and bounds because of the progress we've been able to make so far. Thank you Jenna, and thank you Bark Busters!
Back in February, I rescued Maple, my 3 year old pitbull mix from Mexico. She is the sweetest dog and loves humans, but immediately I noticed her anxiety and aggression towards other dogs. She was making accidents in the house daily, growling/pouncing/air- biting at other dogs on our walks and would jump on people when they tried to say hello. After multiple complaints of her behavior from my neighbors, I was at my wits end- frustrated and extremely anxious especially when I would take her out, scared I was going to come into contact with other dogs. I found Bark Busters on Yelp and connected with them immediately. The intake process was extremely thorough and I was set up to work with Justin a few weeks after I reached out.

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect when I booked the appointment. The reviews on Yelp seemed promising so I was hopeful, but still very worried that Maple wasn't going to be receptive of help. I. Cannot. Rave. About. Justin. Enough. I don't think there is anything I can say that will explain how grateful I am for him. JUSTIN IS BEYONNNDD INCREDIBLE. Not only is he one of the most personable people ever, but he took time to explain to me the psychology behind Maple's misbehavior. I was able to understand what was going on and why my other attempts in correcting her behavior weren't working/ why what he was about to teach me was going to be successful. Justin exudes confidence and made me feel empowered when modeling how to redirect her. He was patient with the both of us, encouraging and validating all my anxieties though the whole process, the list goes on... He is clearly so knowledgeable about his craft and I honestly do not know how I got so lucky to be paired with him. In just two days, I have noticed major improvement. She no longer lunges at dogs and she walks right next to me on our strolls. I know it may sound absurd that he was able to create this much change in just a 2- hour session, but he is a MIRACLE WORKER!! I am just blown away!

Thank you, Justin for being so passionate and helpful with us. You changed our lives!
We've had our family dog Zeus for 7 years now. When we got him as a puppy, the breeder warned us that he was the "bully" of the litter and had a very dominant personality. Fast forward, and we had a dog that peed all over the house whenever and wherever. He jumped on people and had no boundaries. It was fine for the first few years, but then we did an expensive remodel on the inside of our home a needed to make significant behavior changes in the dog or give him up. Enter Bark Busters.
In One visit, we learned how our dog communicates and how we could begin to speak "dog.". One month later, Zeus is not only housebroken (COMPLETELY!), but he is calmer and more compliant. We also have the reassurance that we have Justin as a support for the life of our dog. Thank you so much! I don't write reviews usually, but Justin went above and beyond to help us with our dog. I highly recommend Bark Busters.
We reached out to Bark Busters for help with one of our dogs - issues included extreme leash pulling, reactivity on leash and in general, resource guarding and aggression/in-home fighting with our other dog. After years of trying to train on our own, we felt defeated, fearful about the future for our dog, and desperate for guidance. While we knew it was a significant investment, it was one that we felt was necessary to provide our dogs with a safe and full quality of life, and to relieve anxiety for us as owners.
When we met Justin, he was calm, confident and transparent. He took the time to walk through our challenges, listen to our concerns, and provide kind but honest feedback as to the root of the issues. He educated us on how to best communicate and set boundaries with our dogs in a way they would understand and respect.
His training methods are not only extremely effective (seriously!), but they are meant to create a lifelong trusting connection between you and your dog. Within the first session, we saw marked improvement and walked away with tangible training tools that we continue to implement daily. Justin remains committed to our dog’s training by checking in consistently via text and holding additional training sessions as we need them.
The relief and joy that we feel to be able to live life with calm, happy and trusting dogs is hard to put into words. It may sound as though we are exaggerating when we say that Justin changed our lives - but it’s simply the truth.
Reaching out to Bark Busters and Justin has been a great decision and I would 100% recommend it to anyone looking to improve they’re relationship with their dog.

We reached out for help with our 4 month old german shepherd's pup a couple months ago. We were constantly being bit at home and dealing with leash reactivity towards other dogs outside. This created a lot of stress and frustration for us. We didn’t want these things to get any worse so we had to take action.

Justin has been so understanding since the first encounter and was very honest with us. An advanced dog requires advanced leadership skills and we needed to build those. He gives us homework and exercises to do at home and constantly checks in with us.

We have a very sensitive pup, but he is also very stubborn which can sometimes serve as a barrier to progress. Justin has been super understanding and humble enough to try different things. His focus is on finding techniques that will help our dog and not forcing a technique to work. I’m most grateful for his eagerness to help and having constant open communication with honest feedback. We don’t need someone to sugar coat everything for us, we need someone to be assertive and tell us what it is we need to fix.

Our boy is a work in progress but we cannot be happier. He walks so much better, reacts significantly less to other dogs, and most importantly has a new found respect for us as leaders.
Allow Jenna and Justin to guide, advise, and encourage you to give your pup the best life.
I first met Jenna in February 2022. At this time, I was waving a flag of surrender. Anaya, my Doberman, American Staffordshire terrier, and Rottweiler mix, would bark uncontrollably. There were times when she would pull me with all of her strength. She would come off as an aggressive dog, and truthfully I was scared she would hurt another person or dog. I was a first-time dog owner. I did not know what to do!
I met other dog trainers before falling upon Bark Busters. Something different about them as dog trainers is that they learned my dog's personality and worked around what worked best for her. Another thing I appreciated was that they informed me WHY my dog would behave the way she did.
From my experience, my dog had needs that I did not know how to meet. Ultimately they helped me understand my dog better and helped me build trust with Anaya.
Today Anaya can befriend other dogs, appropriately welcome guests into our home, walk on a leash correctly, and more. Something that gives me confidence is that if by chance we backslide, I know Jenna is a phone call away.
Justin is not a dog trainer. He is a literal dog (and lets be honest, human) behavioral therapist. We reached out to Bark Busters when our now 11 month old Dogo Argentino puppy started showing sings of anxiety driven aggression towards other dogs. Our lives became extremely high stress. It was impossible to walk her, or even have the windows open in our home without her aggressively barking at other dogs. After ONE session with Justin, she is a completely different dog. Walks are calm and easy, and we get to see the sun in our home again. Unlike other trainers, he doesn't train the dog, he gave us the tools to train her. So when he left, we were able to use the tools he gave us to continue training.

He is also extremely friendly and responsive. Within a week of our first training session he reached out to us to check in. We explained a small issue we were having and he came over a few days later to help us out.

He has restored peace to our home and we can happily love on our baby girl again. I cannot stress enough that Bark Busters is worth every penny.
I absolutely recommend hiring Justin as a dog trainer! He is incredibly passionate about what he does, and has transformed our Chili into a calm well behaved dog.

We’ve been working together since she was a very small puppy and we couldn’t get her to stop barking in her crate. He showed us how to fix that in our first session. Along the way Justin has shown us how to keep her in a calm and relaxed state. He’s shown us how to fix her reactivity and barking which was driving us crazy, both in the house and on walks.

He has been so helpful and responsive along the way, and I’m not sure how we would have had a shot figuring out this stuff without him. Couldn’t recommend him more!
Justin in San Diego has been AMAZING. It's been 4 days since we started training with him and the results are already so drastic!

Ranger has a problem with pulling when on leash. Justin was able to get him to stop pulling within 10 ft of stepping outside. I've never seen him that calm and walking slowly on a walk before!

Ranger is also reactive to the doorbell. Within the second doorbell test, Ranger was calm, away from the door, and no barking. Back then, even if I get him to quiet down, as soon as the door opens he goes berserk again. But with Justin we were able to open the door, let the guest in, and Ranger didn't get up to greet whatsoever.

Our biggest concern was that Ranger liked to herd my niece and nephew by nipping at their ankles. The first day, we weren't able to recreate it. After 3 days, we finally went back to my sister's. He has not herded the kids ONCE. He's been sooo nice to them. He's been going up to them and laying next to them on his own. He's been giving them kisses instead of nipping at them. I have NEVER seen Ranger like this before. This is such drastic improvement in just one session!

We can't wait for future sessions with Justin. Can't recommend BarkBusters enough! If you're looking for a behaviorist, I HIGHLY recommend BarkBusters!
Oh. My. Dog.

Seriously. They're not enough words to describe how amazing Bark Busters was.

We had a 10 yr old 70 lb rescue (pitbull/rhodesian ridgeback mix) who had a checkered past (had been used as a bait dog). We have had her for 9 years and she's been good. Iffy with some dogs so we just kept her out of dog parks. Mid January we rescued another dog (pitbull/staffy/? Mix) He is about 1yr old and was found running in a parking lot, emaciated. Well introductions didn't go well. He was partially house trained and knew how to sit but had NO doggy manners at all. He'd pull horribly on the leash, jump and climb all over us and the other dog. At which point she'd growl and then he'd try to bite her Throat. It was at the point we had baby gates installed and had to keep them separate. We were desperate And worried we might have to send the new dog back to the Humane Society.

ONE SESSION with Justin, at our home and the difference was LITERALLY night and day. I even had the two of them laying in our bed together! He walks nicely on the leash now, and we can even FEED them together!!! I can't say ENOUGH about this trainer. NO shock collar/prong collar/choke chain needed. And no excessive use of treats needed. I know. sounds like voodoo or something but IT WORKS. He's pricier than your standard "obedience" training but it's worth it!!! He works with you AND the dog. He comes to you so your dog is being trained in the home environment.

Justin's great to work with! He's so patient with my pups which is definitely needed because I have 3 (Nala, Baxter, Chloe) that he's helping me work with. My main concern was their barking but during training I realized that my youngest pup Chloe was starting to get aggressive with other (stranger) dogs on the leash. It was awesome to see immediate results after the first day. Even better is that it wasn't hard to get follow up appointments. In addition, Justin is easy to reach through texts if I have questions in between appointments.

His methods work really well and he takes the time to make sure I'm doing it correctly (half the battle is me implementing the corrections correctly lol) and is patient and good about correcting me when I lapse and do something incorrectly. When one method doesn't seem to work well, he's got another one we can try. My aunt even commented that she noticed a huge difference in Chloe's behavior when she saw her. She hasn't seen the others yet but I'm sure she would say the same for them. I'm super glad I went with Bark Busters and Justin and I'm definitely going to be working with Justin again for any future pups!
Justin from Bark Busters was 1,000% more than we could have hoped for. We called Bark Busters after our initial trainer recommended finding a dog behaviorist for our 8 month old male Red Heeler rescue puppy, Koa. After scouring Google, we stumbled across Bark Busters's site and are so glad we did! We rescued Koa at 5 months old and he was very anxious, nervous, territorial, protective, distracted on the leash, and clingy .... but super cute so gotta love him. An example of our issues was extreme alertness and aggressive barking anytime someone came up the stairs to our apartment, including barking at the neighbors that have lived next door for a month. Koa could not deal with strangers in the house, but with Justin's guidance we were able to correct and calm Koa down within 60 seconds. LITERALLY 1 MINUTE! Our dog went from "psycho" to calm and smiling within just 1 minute!

Justin showed us how to correct unwanted behavior, become the pack leaders our dog needs, and keep our dog in a calm state. He showed us how to walk our pup the right way and now walks are more pleasant than we could have imagined. This training was worth every penny and I would recommend Justin (and his whole team) to anyone who needs serious help with their pups.
It has been about 1 year since our first training session, and we are still using and loving the tools today' It's not like a one time lesson and our dog was instantly fixed. In fact, we fell off from using the tools we'd learned for a few months, then realized we needed to get strict with our behavior so Koa could go back to his relaxed state of mind. The onus is on us as Kia's humans to do the work so he's a happy, healthy pup, and that was one of the biggest lessons from Justin. A year later I still think the training was worth every penny and I recommend it to anyone even slightly interested.

Thank you again, Bark Buster's!!
I cannot recommend Justin enough for anyone struggling with their dog's behavior. He has been a game-changer for us and our dog Ziggy. We came to Justin when Ziggy was exhibiting leash reactivity, separation anxiety, and excessive barking, which was making it difficult for us to enjoy walks and even leaving the house without worrying about our neighbors complaining.

From the very first consultation, Justin was incredibly patient, knowledgeable, and kind. He took the time to listen to our concerns and understand Ziggy's personality and tendencies. He explained the psychology behind dogs' behavior and how we could communicate more effectively with Ziggy to help him overcome his challenges.

Justin also gave us easy-to-follow homework and guided walkthroughs that helped us build confidence and trust with Ziggy. We saw significant improvements in Ziggy's behavior after just one session. He is much more relaxed and comfortable being left alone and coming in contact with other dogs and people.

Most importantly, Justin was always available to answer our questions and provide support whenever we needed it! He truly cares about his clients and their dogs, and it shows in his work.

Overall, I cannot recommend Justin enough for anyone looking for a knowledgeable, patient, and effective behavioral dog trainer. Best decision we could’ve made to help our dog, and we are so grateful for his help!
Jenna Finch is a miracle worker!! My two Havanese dogs, ages 5 years and 7 years have had numerous classes and private trainers over their lives. Despite being affectionate and friendly each had developed behaviors that made them less than desirable neighbors in high rise buildings. No trainer was able to change those negative behavior. Rushing the front door, going into frenzies when guests arrived and being very demanding of attention from those guests were the most frustrating behaviors. In one visit, Jenna eliminated all of those actions and the new behavior has remained consistent with reinforcement homework by me. I discovered by accident that my older dog barked constantly when my husband and I are both gone from home. Jenna showed me how this was classic separation anxiety behavior. With the assistance of a nanny cam and Jenna's patient guidance and support, my boy has stayed quietly in his bed during our absences. I had to make sure the camera was actually working I was so astonished! All of these incredible results after only a week! Jenna is a pleasure to work with, explains everything then gives you very clear guidance in writing. She has been unfailingly available , including on nights and weekend. I couldn't be more delighted by the results of her training!!

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Life of Dog Support Guarantee

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