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  • Edwin B.
    4 months ago — Tucson, Arizona

    The trainer Devin Wilson had us sold after 40 minutes into the session. He is very informative and knowledgeable and although he hasn’t been doing this for many years, he shows great knowledge about the training. Our puppy clicked with him immediately and we knew right then he was the right person for this job. Very good company for deal with and very solid trainer.

    • #Puppy management
    • #Recall
    • #Toileting
  • Sue D.
    4 months ago — Tucson, Arizona

    Devin is absolutely amazing! Such a change in our dog after the first visit. Absolutely recommend this company!

    • #Aggression
    • #Barking
    • #Pulling
  • Laurel P.
    4 months ago — Tucson, Arizona

    Devin is knowledgeable about dogs and Barkbuster’s services seem to cover everything. They cover nutrition to all of my pets issues. The fact I can continue to use them throughout puppyhood is great!

    • #Barking
    • #Jumping up
    • #Pulling
    • #Puppy management
    • #Separation anxiety
  • Elliot W.
    4 months ago — Tucson, Arizona

    Our dog Shadow is a rescue who has had issues with other dogs on walks. We contacted and retained Bark Busters. Devin came out and helped us understand the special needs of rescue dogs. On Devin's first visit, we walked with Shadow and a robotic dog. He showed us how to handle Shadow better when walking by other dogs. Devin has subsequently come back out as a follow-up with Shadow, incorporating some new goals. Since the two sessions, Shadow has been much better behaved around other dogs on our walks. We're planning on another session in the near future. All of the sessions are included in the one lifetime fee. We've been very pleased with the results so far. Thank you Devin and Bark Busters!

  • Trevor L.
    11 months ago — Tucson, AZ

    Today's session exceeded my already high expectations. All questions were very well answered + I feel confident we can get to where we want to be with Bruno.

  • Reagan D.
    12 months ago — Tucson, AZ

    Very helpful. Gave clear communication + feedback. I started to feel like I had better control after a short period of time. I appreciated all the tools and suggestions to help reduce her barking. Great training session #1.

  • Tanisha R.
    12 months ago — Sahuarita, AZ

    The training session was a perfect experience. He exceeded my family and my expectations. Our trainer Jeff showed respect to us as well as our German Shepherd. He listened to all of our needs, provided very effective solutions and was very attentive. Jeff was positive, funny, and helpful throughout the entirety of the training session. Our dog also demonstrated really fast and notable improvement on her first training session. Our dog was also very comfortable with the trainer and felt safe with his presence for a dog who is highly reactive. Would 100% recommend.

  • Taylor S.
    12 months ago — Tucson, AZ

    Jeff helped us with our dog's barking, walking, jumping and recall. Our dog seems to respond well to his training methods! It was also good to better understand the psychology of our dog so we can better help him.

  • Emily E.
    13 months ago — Tucson, AZ

    The first training exceeded my expectations considering the stress in time I had with Gaia. Her first day of training was effective and I noticed immediate improvement the moment we were being guided in a positive direction! Thank You!

  • Catherine S.
    13 months ago — Tucson, AZ

    I learned a lot of different methods about being the leader of the house. That assertiveness is not the same as being mean.

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