10 Reasons to Adopt a Shelter Dog

Looking for a furry companion? Adopting from an animal shelter can be the perfect way to find your new best friend.
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Dog in Shelter Adopted by Family

Let's Help Clear the Shelters and Give a Lucky Dog a Home

An empty shelter warms the heart of any animal love. It means pets have been adopted into happy homes, full of love and attention! While it may be tempting to buy a dog from a breeder, adopt from a pet store, or use another source to find your new canine companion, we have 10 great reasons why you should adopt from an animal shelter instead.

  1. You will be saving a life. According to the ASPCA, approximately 390,000 dogs are euthanized each year in shelters.
  2. You can experience unconditional love. Shelter pets often have an uncanny sense that you saved them from an uncertain future.
  3. Dogs are good for your health. Science and studies have shown that owning a dog offers substantial emotional, physical, and psychological benefits.
  4. You will likely have a large selection to choose from. Many shelters have dogs of a range of ages, breeds, colors, sizes, and temperaments.
  5. You help break the cycle of overpopulated shelters. Over 1 million more dogs enter shelters each year than are adopted into happy homes.
  6. Many shelter dogs are older and better behaved than puppies. Older dogs tend to be house trained and understand basic obedience, creating a great foundation to build on with additional training (if needed).
  7. You assist a nonprofit organization. Many shelters provide an invaluable service to the community, taking in dogs that are unwanted or discarded through no fault of their own, then keeping them safe and healthy until they can find a happy home.
  8. You will save money. Shelters usually cover spay/neuter costs, vaccinations, and sometimes even microchipping. Buying a dog from a breeder can cost a small fortune before the additional vet bills to take care of the basics.
  9. Pets purchased from a pet store are complete unknowns. Rescue groups know the personalities and quirks of the dogs living in their shelter and often want to make a good match. They even will help you through the familiarization with each dog and provide any history if they know it.
  10. You become a role model. Your adorable photos with your new dog mean friends will ask, “Where did you get them!?” You can proudly say they were adopted from the shelter, and your adoption may encourage others to do the same.

Adopting a pet is a serious decision, and a little research is vital to making the right one. When you adopt from a shelter, you make a real difference and see real benefits – and give a lucky dog their “furever” home!

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