2016 Holiday Dog Gift Guide

Here are some great holiday gift ideas that can benefit both your
dog and other pooches : Waggwalker, Vetalogica Treats, Game Changer
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Many of us run out of ideas on what to purchase for our friends and families around the holidays, especially our canine companions. After all, how many tennis balls can one dog have (the answer is an endless supply)? They get bored with Frisbees and tug ropes (unless you are on the other end), so how to keep them entertained and mentally stimulated?

Here are some great holiday gift ideas that can benefit both your dog and other pooches:

  • The GameChanger . This toy has been a true 'game changer' in the pet industry, combining a chew toy with the mental stimulation of a puzzle. Your dog must figure out how to get the treats out of the holes. It will keep him occupied for hours and helps to prevent boredom and stress. Made of a durable, non-toxic Flexa-Pure. And the best news? It's not noisy. It will bounce right off the floor yet be gentle on your dog's teeth. Coming in four vibrant colors (red, blue, yellow and green), The GameChanger is best suited for dogs over 15 pounds.
  • WaggTagg. More than anything, this pet identification tag will bring you peace of mind. Although microchipping a dog is highly recommended as a supplement, what happens if the vet does not have the right technology to 'read' the chip? The WaggTagg works off a QR code and notifies you and your other contacts should your dog be lost. Developed by Bark Busters, the WaggTagg has already reunited pet parents and their pooches throughout our locations throughout the world! It comes free with a Bark Busters training lesson or can be purchased for a small price.
  • WaggWalker. Are you tired of your dog walking you versus the other way around? Have to walk at odd hours so your dog doesn't encounter any other dogs? The Wagg Walker will help your dog to walk gently by your side. If your dog begins to pull ahead, simply use a "flick and release" of your leash and the harness employs a zipping sound through its chain that lies across the dog's chest. This sound is used to communicate with your dog so that he learns to focus on you and knows exactly where you want him to walk as you guide him to your side. Read the great reviews this walking harness has received.
  • Medical Insurance. What happens if your dog has a serious illness and needs an expensive life-saving surgery? Or if your dog gets injured, the last thing you want to worry about is how much the right treatment will cost. With Trupanion medical insurance, you will be reimbursed 90% of covered healthcare expenses for your dog. You get to choose your own vet plus there are no payout limits.
  • Vetalogica Treats. Many cats and dogs are afraid of thunderstorms or become anxious when their owners leave. Vetalogica has developed a fast acting treat formula (made with Chamomile and Taurine) called VitaRapid that has a calming effect. Vetalogica also produces supplement for joint, oral, skin and digestive care.
  • Dog Training. If you have a family dog in need of training, consult your local Bark Busters dog trainer. You owe it to yourself and your dog to have a well behaved family pet. Remember, your dog wants to please you ... he just may not know how!
  • Donation. Many of us spoil our dogs and cats. However, many animals are less fortunate and could benefit from extra blankets, toys and food. Make a donation to your favorite pet charity in your dog's name.


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