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The nice thing about dogs is you don't have to buy them a present on Valentine's Day, reserve a four-course meal at your favorite restaurant, or send a big bouquet of flowers to make her co-workers jealous. Instead, the best present you can give your dog is more time with you.

However, like many relationships, you and your dog might be in a rut, taking the same walking path every day, throwing the same ball to the same place so your dog can eagerly fetch. It's time for a change and Valentine's Day is a perfect day to start.

Build an obstacle course. There are some dogs that are skilled at agility trials where their owners lead them through a series of obstacles, like see saws, tunnels, balance beams and more. You can make a DIY course at home, with your dog's safety being uppermost in your mind. You can build jumps with PVC pipes, repurpose a child's playground tunnel, and construct weave poles with orange traffic cones. Here are some suggestions to make your own.

Backpacking. Wouldn't you love to get away from it all and relax in the woods? So would your dog. Think about taking your dog on a backpacking trip. However, before you go make sure your dog is in shape to climb or walk for long distances. Take shorter walks in advance of your trip and make sure to check with the park that dogs are allowed. Make sure you bring along a first-aid kit for you and your dog and even think about taking a dog CPR course ahead of time.

Day trip. Most dogs love to ride along with you in a car. Think about taking your dog to a pet store or his favorite place to visit. Visit a friend that has a dog that makes a good playmate for yours.

Frisbee. Is your dog a disc dog? If your dog loves to play fetch, he may also fall in love with this form of entertainment. All you need to get started is a Frisbee. Some areas even have 'courses'. Here are some great instructions to get your dog started.

Tracking.Playing hide-and-seek with a toy or item of clothing can be a tracking challenge for your dog. In winter, a fun game is to place a glove (with a treat inside for extra enticement) just under the surface of the snow.

Does your dog's bed need a good fluff and puff? Does he love to go to the groomers? Whatever you decide to do, just make sure you don't forget your canine companion.


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